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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Dunbeak
Owner: atrophia
Breed: Pteri

About Dunbeak:

I was new to Neopia. The world was bright and shimmering, with delicious foods and interesting people everywhere, and wonders as far as the eye could see. One thing, however, was missing.

I didn't have a pet.

Oh, I looked around at the Adoption Center, but Dr_Death informed me that the pets there often get adopted very quickly, and if I wasn't sure, that I should wait to get a pet until I knew I could make a commitment. I nodded, sighed, and continued my exploring.

I went to all the exciting places first. Faerieland... Krawk Island... Haunted Woods... Lost Desert... and I was having a blast. But as much fun as I was having, I still hadn't found a pet. I was considering something exotic, like a Kougra, or Draik, or even...


Brrrrrrr. It had started to get cold all of a sudden. I looked up at the sign before me. It read: Terror Mountain, Straight Ahead. Terror Mountain, the one place I hadn't yet visited. I made my way up the stark hillside, being careful not to lose my footing.

Suddenly, I heard a strange noise up ahead. I ran to see what it was...

A small, Christmas Pteri was lying in the snow, not moving.

"Hello?" I ventured nervously. The Pteri looked up at me with bright black eyes closed to half-slits.

"I need... Healing Potion... Healing Potion Number... VI... Hurry... Please..." she gasped.

This was not good. Who was I going to ask for help? I ran to Mike and Carassa's, but the store was closed for the day. I ran to the Kiosk Wocky and ran into the same problem. I almost ran to the Snowager, but then thought better about it.

Come on, Atrophia, I scolded myself. Think! Who else...

Then it hit me. Taellia! I scurried off to the Snow Faerie's Hut. When I got there, I knocked on the door as loud as I could.

"Please help me! It's urgent!"

With a swiftness that took me aback, Taellia appeared at the door. "What do you need, mortal?"

"Healing Potion Number VI..."

Taellia began counting on her fingers rapidly. "Yes, I may have one left from when Nereid came for a visit last... but what are you going to do for me in return?" she snapped.

"Anything, I just need the Potion..."

"Alright... but it's not that often we see mortals come around here, asking for healing potions, without even having a pet of their own..."

I shuffled my feet. Taellia handed me the potion. "Remember, you've given me your word... I expect you back here tomorrow."

I thanked Taellia profusely and sped back to the cliffside where I'd seen the little Pteri. Luckily, she was still there. I tilted her head up and poured the Potion down her throat. For a moment, she was still, and I wondered if I'd been too late. Then her wings began fluttering softly. Yes! I did it! I thought with excitement.

"Are you okay? What happened?" I asked her. "Oh, and what's your name?"

"I was attacked by the Snowager... I love Neggs, you see, and he... well, that doesn't matter. My name is Dunbeak. And yours?"

"Atrophia," I answered at once. "Where is your owner? They deserve a sound thrashing for leaving you like that..."

"Ah, I, ah, don't have one..." Dunbeak chirped nervously.

Suddenly, it seemed so obvious.

"Well, that's perfect! I don't have any pets either... so you can come home with me, and you can be my pet!"

Dunbeak's face lit up, her black eyes sparkling. "Really? You'd want me as a pet?"

"Definitely..." After all, going through something like that together had made it impossible to part with her.

The next day, bright and early, Dunbeak and I went to see Taellia to ask about that quest that I owed her. Dunbeak thanked her for the potion, and Taellia asked me for a Sun-Dried Techo Claw and a Milk Chocolate Wocky. Dunbeak and I went all over Neopia searching for these things, and once we found them, Taellia rewarded me with 2765 NP, a Sticky Snowball, and a Snowbunny! Dunbeak is still thanking Taellia for her new friend.

After everything that Dunbeak and I had been through together, I started thinking about a NeoHome. I smiled, looking at the pretty trees covered in cool, scintillating ice crystals. Well, what do you know, I thought. This place isn't so bad after all...

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