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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Xutanio2
Owner: new_apollo
Breed: Ogrin

About Xutanio2:
My name is Xutanio2. I’m an Ogrin, and I’m usually bored, except when I’m doing the best sport in the world. Water-skiing. It’s really fun for those who aren't afraid to get soaked. Here is a story that explains why I like water-skiing so much.

Well, it starts out with my neoschool. It was lunch break. Some of my classmates said they were planning to go to a lake in Faerieland. They weren’t my friends, but When I heard that (I also like swimming) I jumped out of my seat to join the conversation. They said there was a large river, and plenty of docks to fish at. I had a polarchuck who LOVED fishing, and a brother that liked to use a motorboat. They saw me, and knew that I wanted to go with them. My owner doesn't care if I go anywhere without him knowing. They could easily catch a plane there. You of course know that in Neopia, planes are very, very, very, very, very fast. They re-explained everything, just in case I didn’t know, and said they needed someone who could drive a boat. Lee was 25, and had a lot of practice with boats. There was a long and boring test in class, some more stuff, and then school was out.

`I ran very fast toward my neohome, threw open the door, and saw lee reading a book on the beach chair. I asked him if he could come. He sat for a bit, and then said, “Fine. I’ll come with. You have to get the boat out though. How long will the plane take?” I said “half an hour. Some kids from the middle school are coming.” I was really happy when lee said he would come.

I tugged the boat out of the garage by the nose (wow, it was heavy) and set it in the yard. Lee walked out the door, and we lifted it and walked to the airport. I saw the kids from my school, all in a large group. A kacheek said “Don’t we need to put that in a box, or something?” Whoops. I forgot that. “Lee, can you run and get a large box to put this in when we bring it?

Lee ran as fast as he could through the path. After 5 minutes, we were on the plane. Our neohome was near the airport, and lee could go there quick. I’m so glad the helpers at the airport let us bring the boat. It was in the very back of the plane because it was so large it wouldn’t fit on the seat. We sat in some comfy seats and looked out the many windows of the plane. When faerieland was in sight, we all cheered.

The lake was pretty cool; there were the many fishing docks and boats you could rent. We already had a boat, though. Lee and the kacheek were riding in the boat, and I was swimming. I got bored and tired after a bit, and stood on the beach for a while. I led my polarchuck on the fishing docks, and watched him for a while. Lee and the kacheek rode to the dock and watched the polarchuck with me. The kacheek said “since you look pretty bored, I’ll give you these.” He gave me an old raft, a roll of tape and a rather long piece of string.

I didn’t know what to do until I saw two Neopets water-skiing. I looked at the stuff the kacheek had given me, and thought “the string looks pretty good, and the raft can be used for the wood, and the tape could be used to hold my feet on the wood.”

And that is how I came to like water skiing.

The 28 of December is Ogrin day, and I usually go to the pirate training place on that day. Cap'n Threelegs Is cool, but he tells me the story of how he lost his leg. I read in the neopedia that he lost his leg because he did something in tombola. That was pretty funny when I read that.

Lee is my best friend. He is also my only brother. My sister starry is cute, and she likes to eat neggs. My life doesn’t have many very exiting things in it, just water-skiing and swimming in rivers on the wonderful mystery island.


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