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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Princess_Skyelar
Owner: Nickepoo9001
Breed: Usul

About Princess_Skyelar:

(The theme song to Shoyprah plays and the show starts)

Shoyprah: Hello! And welcome to The Hit TV show Shoyprah, hosted by Pet Spotlight, and I am your host Shoyprah. Now today on our show we are going to have a very popular guest! She has traveled all over neopets just to be here with us today! So everyone welcome Miss Princess_Skyelar!!!

(Applause, screaming)

(Princess, a young baby usul, walks over and sits on the chair beside Shoyprah)

Shoyprah: Hello there Princess_Skyelar! And welcome to today's show!

Princess: Thank you! I am happy to be here!

Shoyprah: Well we are happy to have you! Guest if you are just now tuning in this is Princess_Skyelar! A well-known actress and singer! So Princess how about I stop talking and let you tell the viewers about yourself.

Princess: Well okay, here is a photo of me, as I see you already have it on the big TV behind us (laughs) and now I will tell you some other things about me:

My Name: Princess_Skyelar
My Species: Usul
My wonderful Owner who loves me a lot: Nickepoo9001 (ALWAYS AND FOREVER)
Favorite Doll: Space Faerie Doll (But I don't have one)
I Look Up 2: My brother Jhubby or the Space Faerie!! They are about even.
Petpet: Amabelle the Powtry

(Everyone laughs)

Shoyprah: Well enough about that! How long have you wanted to be a star?

Princess: Well ever since I was born really! I love to be in spotlight! I want to earn a lot of shiny trophies for my cabinet and everyone to look at. I want to become a legend in neopia but so far my brother is beating me to it! But I star in my own adventure! Its called the baby usul, free of charge you can go see it at nickepoo9001's page. Its an amazing tail about a mutant usul and Edna. Note though, I just got in a costume of the mutant usul! And that really was Edna who starred in it. I was so happy whenever I got to meet her! My face was beaming!


Shoyprah: Well it sounds like you are going to be a star! Tell us about your singing carrier!

Princess: Well I sing and dance, and I want to start learning more about Ballet.

Shoyprah: That's awesome! Well viewers you will have to find out more about this young star after the commercial break!

Shoyprah: Well welcome back to our show! I am here with the lovely Princess_Skyelar and if you are just tuning in you can refresh the page and see what has gone on so far! Now on to our next question! What are some of your hobbies?

Princess: I like a lot of things! I like to read! Reading increases your mind and thought and makes you smarter. I don't think that there is a limit on learning I am a strong supporter of reading and learning. I also enjoy swimming. Swimming is a fun-relaxing thing to do. Its most fun to swim with friends though. My next hobby is acting and singing of course! I also like to model! In pictures for the beauty contest of course.

Singing is a big passion of mine. A beautiful smoothing voice helps clear your thought and I think its great to not think sometimes hehe. (Laughter). But I also like to hang out with my friends:


Shoyprah: Well sounds like you have some friends to hang out with in your spare time! That's great! Now what kind of food do you like? Us normal people are all wondering how a star like you eats!

Princess: Well I like Cabbage, Twin Salads, All the baby foods, Kougra Paste, and Shoyru Milk

Shoyprah: Wow you eat a lot!

Princess: I know I am kind of a pig! Hehe but I don't gain weight!

Shoyprah: What kind of items do you like?

Princess: These are items of mine that are my favorite. I like things that make me comfortable they are: Usul Dolls, The Blumfaerie doll, Usuki's dream car, Usuki nails, The Cybunny ball, The Fyora Music box, the rainbow usul plushie, and finally all the tea sets! I like to have tea parties.

Shoyprah: Well I hear you have a lot of petpets! How many do you have?

Princess: I do! And you know I can't believe I just let them keep building up! But I can't give anything away! lol! I have a noil, a powtry, a spardel, snowbunnies, and a polarchuck! I would really like an ONA though. They are cute.

Shoyprah: I agree! Well you will get one someday. But for right now! We have to take another commercial break! So we will be right back after this short break!

Shoyprah: Hello and welcome back to the show! WE only have a little more time left! So lets finish up! Now Princess tell everyone about your brothers...

Princess: The first brother on my list is Sweetscrums! He is the oldest and most mature, but he is also very fun to play with! He takes me high in the sky and goes everywhere! He even took me to Faerie Land once!!! I got to see the Faerie Queen and fall into the healing springs! Only because he dropped me! But thats ok, I still like him. But he doesn't ever play dolls with me!

My next brother is Little_Jhubby! He is very strong and and healthy. He used to be a jubjub but got put in the lab. Now he is many things! He was once even a Grarrl and almost ate me! He beat up Punchbag Bob and the Pant devil that stole my gold mirror. He said he would protect me and my brothers at all cost!

My last brother is Keonite, he isn't really my brother but I consider him to be. He was adopted when he was just one day old, and my daddy made him a cybunny from a blumaroo. He is going to be a baby like me one day. He does play with my toys and me though! He is the guy usuki's and we have fun together. He told me that if jhubby couldn't protect us then he would! Even though he hasn't ever been in a fight! Such a peaceful bunny!

Shoyprah: Very amazing! Well Princess it seems we have run out of time for us to talk! Will you perform your hit song "I am Gonna Be a Star!"?

Princess: I knew you were going to say that Shoyprah but gladly! (The crowd cheers, as princess gets ready.)


(The crowd cheers and the show is one of the biggest hits yet!)

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