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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Vivishaii, TaintedRyoko, Phriday, and Deztao
Owner: ae0nsoul
Breed: Zafara, Shoyru, Aisha

About Vivishaii, TaintedRyoko, Phriday, and Deztao:

The dark coloured Zafara takes a seat at the desk in his room, sighing deeply as he opens a book, takes out a pen and begins writing...

Dear diary...

He chews on the end of his pen, looking at what he wrote. After a few seconds he rips out the page and tosses it into a waste basket nearby. Dear Diary, too predictable.

Yo whassup diary?!...

He rolls his eyes and rips this page out too. Calming himself once more, he writes:

Greetings Diary...

He nods silently, this would do for now. With that, he continues to write.

This is the first time I'm writing to you, and really, this isn't my choice. Ae0n says I shouldn't keep my feelings to myself ALL the time so she gave me this diary. Anyway, first you should know about me, seeing as how we'll be spending some time together...

My name's Vivishaii, but EVERYONE calls me Vivi. I dislike large crowds, lots of noise, baby Neopets, ignorant people -- actually, I'll stop there. This list might be too long. I'm not the happiest Zafara you'll ever meet, let's put it at that. I don't get along well with others, in fact, Ae0n calls me anti-social. I disagree, if I met others like myself I'd be friends with them, right? Right. Anyway, I'm the 'fighter' in the family, I'm expected to be stronger than everyone else for a few reasons: 1. The rest are too lazy to train; 2. The rest are too scared to get zapped at the lab ray; 3. Ae0n thinks I'm the only one who can handle it.

You're probably wondering by now who's Ae0n and 'the rest'. Well, I guess I'd better tell you about them too, so you know who I'm talking about...

Ae0n is my 'owner'. I can't complain about how she treats us, though (well, other than the whole lab ray thing...). She's always there to treat us when we're sick, feed us when we're hungry, plays with us when we're bored, you know, normal owner stuff. I love her because I have to, she's my owner, of course I feel attached to her, and I like her because I want to. But she's got this thing... she thinks I'm adorable. Me. The words 'adorable' and 'Vivi' should not be used in the same sentence. And she's always hugging me! Clinging to me and telling me how cute I am, I--

He stops writing and glances at the door, feeling the presence of someone else. A teenage girl stands there, jumping from one foot to the other, looking nervous.

Vivi sighs, "what is it...?"


Vivi holds up his paw to silence her, through gritted teeth he says "Ae0n....she's under the bed." He motions to his bed. Underneath of it, a tiny Aisha tail can be seen sticking out.

"Eeeeee!!!!" screams Ae0n, grinning "Vivi you're the BEST Vivi ever!" She throws her arms around him and squeezes him tightly, "You're my favourite Vivi in the whole wide world! You're sooooooo--"

"Don't. Even. Say it." he glares at her, trying to wiggle free out of her arms.

A faerie Aisha crawls out from under the bed and giggles "Awww, Vivi's so cuuute!"

"Shut up, you!" Vivi growls, as Ae0n lets go of him and turns to the Aisha.

"Dez," she begins, a serious look on her face, "YOU'RE IT, YOU'RE IT! Tee-hee!" She saunters out of the room, both Neopets looking angry.

"VIVI!" Dez screams, in a tiny voice, "You weren't supposed to tell her where I was hiding! You're no fun!" Vivi rolls his eyes as she sticks out her tongue and blows a raspberry before running out the door to catch her owner.

Vivi turns back to his diary, and begins writing again...

Okay, so I guess that brings me to the next member of the house... Deztao, the faerie Aisha. So apparently, she really likes being around me. Apparently I'm her favourite brother. She's really 'attached' to me. I dislike it very much.She's always happy and bouncy. No matter what. You could do something like rip one of her wings off, and all she'd say is, "Like, ow! That hurt. Wanna bake cookies now?!" Seriously. It's sickening, I know.

He stops writing again, and clenches his fists. Without looking up, he says, "WHAT IS IT, DEZ?!"

"So-REE, Mr. Grumpy Pants! I was wondering if you saw Ae0n, we were playing hide and seek, and--"


Ae0n crawls out from under the bed, but not before bumping her head first, and raises a hand in defeat. Dez giggles and runs out of the room. Ae0n looks back at Vivi and rolls her eyes, "It's just a game, take it easy." Before Vivi can respond, she leaves the room too.

He begins to write again...

Okay, there's Ryoko the silver Shoyru. She's not loud, or annoying, which makes her my favourite sibling. Although, she's too smart for her own good. Thinks she knows EVERYTHING. She's always reading, so you always see her with a book at hand. I mean, I read too, quite a bit actually, but to read all the time? No thanks... She's the oldest, too. Which makes her think that she's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but--

"I know you're writing about me, Vivishaii!"

Vivi turns to see Ryoko standing at the door. He shoots her a withering look, "What are you talking about?"

She walks up to him, paws on hips, and speaks in a low voice, "I know ALL, okay? So... Just stop, before I get angry." With that, she stomps out of the room.

Vivi stars at the door she entered in, long after she left. "She's lying..." he concludes to himself.

Once again, he begins writing...

Last, but... the worst of them all, is Phriday. Phriday's a Zafara like me. Unlike me though, he's hyper, happy, sociable... everything I'm NOT. Worst of all, Ae0n often tells me that I should try to be more like him. This gives him the satisfaction of rubbing it in my face, but then Ae0n tells him to stop, 'cause I could kick his butt from here to Faerie Land ANY day.

But yeah, like I was saying... Phriday is what's wrong with Neopia today. If there were more Phriday's in this world... it would be a terrible place to live in. Phriday = bad, Phriday = bad, Phriday = bad. Oh man, now I'm repeating myself... I think I should stop; you weren't a good idea, Diary. You're messing with my mind.

"Hellloooooooooo, Vivi!" says a familiar voice.

"I thought Ae0n was supposed to bring you to the pound today?" Vivi replies, shutting his eyes.

The Zafara standing at the door grimaces, "No way."

Vivi leans back on his chair and glances at him, "Yes way, Phri. This morning she was all," he imitates his owner in a high pitched, girly voice, "'Oooooh,I want a new pet. That means I have to get rid of one of mine. Hmmm... I can't get rid of Vivi, 'cause he's so strong! Dez is so cute, and Ryoko is so smart! Hmmm... I guess I'll get rid of Phriday because he's useless!'"

"She did NOT! I don't believe you." says Phriday, folding both arms in front of his chest.

Vivi raised both paws in mock defeat, "Fine! Don't believe me, but I'll miss you once you're gone, little bro. I hope your new owner treats you well."

Phriday's bottom lip quivers and he storms out of the room.

Vivi listens carefully for a few moments, until he hears voices from downstairs:

"AE0N, ARE YOU GOING TO BRING ME TO THE POUND TODAY?!" Phriday's voice rings out.

"Oh yeah," says Ae0n sarcastically, "That was on my To Do List for today."

Apparently, Phriday can't detect the sarcasm in her voice, because moments later, Vivi hears him sobbing.

Vivi laughs and stands up to stretch. The moment he was out of his chair, though, a Drackonack leaps from the floor onto his desk, and shreds his diary apart,it eats a few pages, too. Vivi stares in horror as the Drackonack belches loudly after finishing it off.

Vivi clutches his head in his paws and shudders. He then crawls under his bed and stayed there for quite some time.

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