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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kuropachi
Owner: pandayoshi
Breed: Chia

About Kuropachi:
" The Chokato that Could "

"Today", Kuropachi started, "is the day I'm gunna become a CHOKATO CHIA!!". "Kuro.." I say unassuringly, "You've got to be possitive you want to do this beca-" Kuropachi inturupts "Because it will change the way I look ... forever." "Yes," I state once agian. "But Mom haven't you ever thought about whats on the inside?! I'd still be the same old me, just in a new body." Kuropachi says while pointing at his small blue body. I smile and hug him. "Does that mean I get the chia pop..?" Kuropachi says while hugging me. We pull apart and I give him a slight nod, giving him a sign of approval. "WHOO HOOO~!" Kuropachi says while jumping into the air then stopping to check if I still have the same smile that was on my face just minutes ago. Kuropachi the comes up to me with a questioningly look but is soon reassured by my respond. "I just want you to be happy.." I say sadly in a soft, sweet sounding tone. "Trust me, mom, this will make me very happy!!"

Later that day..
"Well here we are, at the island trade post!" I say as Kuropachi and I get out of our boat. "Yay! Yay! Chia pop! Chia pop!" Kuropachi chants once agian as if he were only a few hours old. As he and I walk up to the counter, a nice lady with wild hair and a grass skirt asked us if we were looking for anything imperticular and before I could say anything Kuropachi blurted out "A CHOKATO CHIA POP PLEASE!!". I thought it were rather rude of him so I gave the island woman a sympathetic look but she didn't seem to mind his blurting out. Maybe she is used to hearing young neopets blurting out what there mothers or fathers had planed to get for them. After that thought I had felt better about the whole situation and decided to leave my mind to something else.
The lady nodded at us and then went in the back room. Kuropachi and I wondered what was taking her so long and after a while we became so bored we started to tell each other some pretty cheesy knock-knock jokes to pass the time untill finally the island woman returned and said "Here, this is the cheapest chokato chia pop I could find..". "How much?" I said with a puzzeling look as if I were asking her why she took so long. She took a step back as if she were a little frightened and answered "325,000 nepoints is what he's asking...would you like to place a bid?". I looked down at Kuropachi and he stared back with his baby-Glert eyes, which to me seemed enough but he still managed to stick out his bottom lip. I responded to his beg with another nod and told the woman "Yes, I'll bid 325,000 neopoints and a bottled light fearie" as I pulled the items out of my invetory. "Thank you." she said. "I will ask the owner if he accepts and get back to you somewhere between today and tomarro.". Kuropachi let out a sigh as we walked back to our boat. "What's wrong?" I said. He responded "I have to wait even longer now!". "Oh, you'll have one before you know it." I said in a persuading tone, which must have worked because he put on a smile and said "You're right..!"

Later on that night...
Kuropachi let out a long yawn and plopped on the sofa. "Why don't you just go to bed, Kuro?" I said to him. "Can't.. sleep.. too..excited.." said Kuropachi. I sat next to him and held him in my arms. Neither of us spoke, when suddenly we heard clunk just outside our door. I went to the door and found a package with a letter on top that said "Dear Yoshi and Kuropachi,
I have accepted your offer and have decided to give you the chia pop. Enjoy!". I knew Kuropachi would be so happy, so I quickly grabed the package and headed for the couch where he was resting. He was not there. Instead I found him lying in his bed, sound asleep. I smiled as I layed the chia pop next to him so that right when he wakes up he will see the prized possesion. I couldn't wait to see the exspression on his face when he wakes up and I was temped to just wake him up right then, but I didn't. "I guess I'll just have to wait and see tomarro.." I said to my self. "Good night, Kuropachi."

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