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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 78 > Short Stories > Through the Forest

Through the Forest

by nyrhak

Untitled Document Kimvra stood up and brushed off her wings, preparing for flight. Her younger sister, Tszarra, glared at her from under the shade of a tree. Her youngest sister, Wildcat, chased leaves as they fell down. Wildcat and Kimvra were restless, even if Tszarra was content to lay in the shade and be beautiful.

      "Whatcha wanna do?" Wildcat asked Kimvra. Then, "C'mon and get up, lazy!" to Tszarra.

      Tszarra scuffed her and stood up. "I'll tell you what, if I race you to that tree over there, will you leave me alone?" The tree that she pointed to was a long way away, probably out of Meridell, where their owner, Nyrhak, was trying to help Meridell get back together.

      Wildcat nodded. "What about you, Kimvra?" she asked her oldest sister.

      Kimvra shook her head. "No, I'm going to go try my hand in the petpet shop. You go race, and make sure she stays near you, Tszarra."

      The Lupe nodded and prepared to run. Wildcat, a Kougra, got in the same position. "Ready... go!"

      The Lupe and the Kougra ran past Illusen, who was, alone, trying to fix her Glade. Then, they broke through the bushes and were in an area much like the Haunted Forest. However, both the girls wanted to win, so they ran on undaunted.

      Then, there was the unmistakeable howling of a mutant Lupe, followed by crashing through the bushes. Wildcat paused. "I'm scared," she told Tszarra. "I think maybe we should turn back."

      Tszarra nodded, and they turned around. However, the way was blocked by a skeletal Zafara that neither of them wanted to deal with. They kept running, and soon noticed that the exit was near. It was a good thing, too, because the Zafara, the Lupe, and something else were following them.

      Then, they broke through the bushes, and let out an audible gasp. Then, they thought to look at their surroundings.

      "Everything is so..." Tszarra began.

      "...Orange," Wildcat finished for her.

      They were right. In front of them, wobbly, jelly-like houses of orange gloop loomed. They looked as if about to fall over at any second. A cart, the only thing visible that was not jelly, rolled in front of them, with jelly foods. Wildcat went over the the cart and goggled and the person pushing it. It was a green kacheek, made out of the same jelly as the houses in front of them.

      "Geh," the kacheek began. "Who're ye be and why're ye be here?" he asked, his voice sounding almost like it was underwater.

      "Tszarra and Wildcat, sir. Where are we, though? We just ran through the forest from Meridell and landed here," Tszarra explained to the man.

      "Ye made it through the forest? Bonny good job, lassie. Ye're in the world of jelly, though I don't really know what ye'd call it in Meri- whatsit," the kacheek said. "And since ye'll be givin' me yer names, mine be Jellycarte. If ye'll follow me, I'll show ye to the Market. After that, ye're on yer own, lassies."

      The two pets followed Jellycarte into the city, which was all orange jelly against an orange sky, which was the same tint of Meridell. "How long has it been since we left Meridell?" Wildcat asked Tszarra in a slightly scared voice.

      Jellycarte overheard them. "There's no time here," he told them. "It's always daytime, and it's always 12 o'clock. Well, according to the sky. Run along now," he said, before disappearing into a crowd of jelly neopets.

      Tszarra went over to a large building and went into it. "Surely they have a battle shop here?" she asked herself.

      Wildcat shrugged. "We don't seem to be in one now, though." There were few people in this shop. A few orange, green, and purple coke bottles lined the empty shelves. The shopkeeper, another green jelly Kacheek, sighed and pointed to the bottles. "We'll be restocking in a while . . . just buy those for right now." Then he jumped. "What the - -- ?? You're weird. What did your owner do to your jelly?"

      Wildcat glanced at her paw. "Um . . . see, we're from Meridell. It's a city that's through those woods. We were wondering if there is a battle shop here. We really need to get back home, and the only way is back through those woods."

      "Meridell?" the shopkeeper asked. "I've never heard of it. We don't battle here. Our leader taught us that battling is bad, and that food fights are even worse. I'm supposing you're looking to go back to this Meridell?" he asked.

Wildcat nodded. "We decided to race to this tree, and then we were in the middle of the woods. Our owner, Nyrhak, and our older sister, Kimvra, will be wondering what happened to us."

      "Well..." the Kacheek began. "It's restock time. I'll show you to the shrine, that's where you might get help."

      They left the shop and went to the Marketplace again. This time, the Kacheek showed them to a huge jelly statue. It was orange, like everything else, but seemed to hold authority. It appeared to be a Chia, pointing towards the main walkway that Wildcat and Tszarra had walked in on.

      Tszarra turned her head up and called to the Chia, which was hundreds of feet tall, "Can you take us home?!"

      There was a rumbling, then a tumbling, and they were out of the city. Wildcat ran for the forest, with Tszarra close behind. "Hey!" she called. "I'm the one with the authority." she paused and glanced back at the Jelly Land. They hadn't spent more than fifteen or twenty minutes there, but she had a feeling that they wouldn't forget it.

      Wildcat and Tszarra walked into the forest. There was suddenly only black. Tszarra heard screams, but she kept walking. She couldn't see anything. Suddenly, there was a howl in the distance. She went from a walk to a speed-walk.

      Then, there was a flicker of light ahead. With it, she noticed Wildcat behind her. She took a few steps back until she decided she was next to her younger sister. There was another flicker, and then, Illusen, with Kimvra and Nyrhak behind her, was visible beyond the woods.

      Tszarra and Wildcat ran until they nearly tripped over their own feet to get back to their older sister and mother. "Nyrhak!" Wildcat called. "It's so good to see you!"

      "Where were you?" Nyrhak asked. "Illusen came to get me because Kimvra was about to lose her mind with worry."

      Illusen went back to her Glade with misery. Kimvra hugged Wildcat, then turned to scold Tszarra. However, her face fell when she saw the fear that her younger sister had just gotten through.

      "Well," Nyrhak said, "I think we should go home. Then you can give us your story, girls."

      Tszarra and Wildcat exchanged glances. They wouldn't tell anyone but Kimvra. Tszarra winked to Wildcat and her younger sister winked back. Their secret was safe.

The End

Authors note : Yep, these are my pets, and yep, Wildcat's name is really mzungu_kimburu, which is Swahili for amazing wildcat. However, I can't gurantee that Jelly world even exists, and certainly that I didn't discover it. I'm just at loss of names. ;).

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