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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 78 > Short Stories > No Peace at All!

No Peace at All!

by unique377

Untitled Document "Guys, if you do not clear out of my room in 20 seconds, I'm gonna tell babygalz693 that both of you have not completed your homework yet," I threatened my 2 Mynci twin brothers, Bond and Sleek007, in an ultra icy-cold voice.

     "But Pearl, your room is so big and spacious and it's perfect for playing tag!" Bond whined in that sickeningly irritating whiny voice of his.

     "Yeah, besides, you know we hate doing homework!" Sleek007 chimed in. His big beguiling brown eyes that had broken many people's resistance to refuse him something now looked pleadingly at me.

     I threw up my paws in despair. Honestly, those two were real good at arguing! And although I was nearly at the brink of just giving up, I knew that I'd never get any peace at all if I allowed them to play in here.

     "Can't you guys at least play outside? Look, you'd better not test my patience or else ..." I warned, throwing them a glare that could ( probably ) melt steel.

     "Okay, okay," Bond said impatiently, looking rather unhappy. "We'll go! Satisfied?"

     I simply folded my arms and continued staring at them with unblinking cold, hard eyes until my Mynci brothers had no choice but to admit defeat and grudgingly left the room. I could not help smiling broadly when they left. The taste of victory had never been so sweet since normally I was the one who was defeated by my younger brothers' insistent protests!

     After checking to make sure that they were really gone, I went downstairs to make a cup of hot Phear Coffee before heading back upstairs. Then, settling down in a comfy armchair, I got out my brand-new, lovely thick, fat leather-bound scrapbook and my favourite pencil of the Earth Faerie.

     As I aspire to be a writer, I planned to keep all my stories and illustrations in it. However, just when I was about to crack open my scrapbook, there was a loud pounding on my door and I could distinctively hear my 2 Mynci twin brothers' loud voices. Sighing in frustration, I reluctantly crossed the room to open the door.

     "I thought I told you two to play out ..." I began but was cut short by Bond's complaining voice, saying that it was raining outside and they had nothing to do inside.

     "Don't you guys have homework?" I asked impatiently as I frowned angrily.

     "Yes, but we've already finished it," Sleek007 replied promptly.

     I raised my eyebrows in suspicion. It wasn't like my brothers to complete homework in such a short time. "Then show me your work first," I shot back, in an unbelieving tone.

     Sleek007 and Bond exchanged a sly look before Bond went to fetch their homework. Sure enough, there were answers scribbled on the pages where they were supposed to do. But I was too irritated at that point of time to observe closely and notice that all the answers they gave were complete rubbish.

     Instead I said in a grouchy voice, "Okay, so you have done your homework... now what do you want me to do?"

     "Let us play in your room," Bond answered without hesitation, grinning in a cunning sort of way. "We'll give ya something in return for letting us use your room. Deal?"

     "My room? Totally no way. But gee I wonder what's that something," I retorted in a tone dripping with sarcasm. "Let me think ... oh, I know, it must be a trick that is to be played on me! How nice! And I'm actually expected to fall for it? Yeah, right!"

     And without even hearing my brothers' protests, I slammed the door shut before snuggling back into my comfy armchair and have a sip of delicious hot Phear Coffee. However, just when I was getting all warm and snug and ready to write, there was a knock on the door again. I sighed in despair when I heard the knocking. If this continued, I'd really have no inspiration to write at all!

     The knocking became more and more insistent until I was forced to get up and shuffle to the door to peer outside. This time, it was my owner, babygalz693. I didn't really notice anything unusual about babygalz693 until my eyes travelled to a small; shy little blue Meerca who was standing beside her.

     "Say hello to your new sister, Pearl! I've decided to call her *Starlight*!" babygalz693 announced proudly, ruffling *Starlight*'s fur fondly.

     I gaped at my new sister, opening and closing my mouth like a goldfish.

     "H ... hi ... *Starlight*!" I stammered when I'd finally found my tongue. "Ni ... nice to meet you ... uh ... and ... we ... welcome to the family ..."

     "Isn't she adorable?" babygalz693 gushed in a shrill voice. "Don't you think so, Pearl?" I just smacked a paw to my forehead. To me, a new addition to the family always meant more responsibility since I was the oldest. And taking care of Sleek007 and Bond was like taking care of a whole group of young pesky Neopets! If *Starlight* was going to be like them, I really don't know how I will cope.

     There was a rather awkward pause in which everybody simply stared to the ground. "Oh, would you look at the time ... I gotta go to work already! Pearl, you must take good care of *Starlight* and the boys when I'm at work, okay?" babygalz693 chirped in a falsely cheerful voice before marching downstairs.

     "Honestly, I think that babygalz693 is real irresponsible, always and only thinking of work, more work and making money!" I thought as I stared at my new sister in a totally not interested stare.

     This was absolutely getting worse and worse. If I had to take care of *Starlight*, Sleek007 and Bond, I'd absolutely have no time to write at all and this happened to be one of the rare occasions when I was really free.

     "As if taking care of Sleek007 and Bond is not enough!" I muttered furiously.

     Suddenly, as though they had heard me, Sleek007 and Bond appeared from behind, shouting and screaming with excitement for all their worth ... until they noticed little *Starlight* still standing meekly beside me.

     "Who is that?" Bond asked in a loud voice, hardly able to contain his curiosity.

     "Oh, her ... ahem ... guys, this is our new sister," I tried my best to sound enthusiastic but failed miserably. "She's called *Starlight*. Isn't she ... uh, cute?"

     "Huh ... yeah ... she's kinda cute ..." Sleek007 murmured, gazing at *Starlight* in a fascinated way.

     "Hey ... we were supposed to be playing tag!" Bond protested in a hurt voice.

     "Well, why don't we ask *Starlight* to join us?" Sleek007 asked in an excited voice.

     *Starlight*'s eyes brightened up when she heard Sleek007 mention her. She started bouncing up and down and clapping her paws in glee. As for me, I was too tired to even sigh or groan and simply retired back into my room to listen to some M*ynci music on my Usuki Discman, my inspiration all drained out from me.

     A few minutes later, screams could be heard from downstairs, but those were not screams of excitement ... those were screams of terror! Somehow, the minute I heard those screams, I had a very bad feeling that something was very wrong and immediately dashed downstairs to investigate.

     "Pearl, save us!" Sleek007 cried out in fright as he struggled to break free from a rather familiar-looking Faerie I remember seeing somewhere before ...

     I gasped when I realized that that Faerie was none other than Jhudora! She was cackling evilly as she held my 2 Mynci brothers in an iron grip. *Starlight* was hiding behind the sofa and I could see her peeking out. Jhudora obviously hadn't noticed her yet when she caught my 2 Mynci brothers.

     "Well, well, well," she smirked, obviously pleased with herself for managing to capture 2 Neopets. "Another Neopet ... a Faerie Usul too! My, this family must be rich! How delightful ... now, I'll be borrowing your brothers for a little while to be the guinea pigs for one of my newest potions, but I can't guarantee you that they'd come back the same as before ... maybe they'll even come back as mutants to destroy you all ..." she added before letting out a high-pitched maniac laughter that made the hairs on my skin stand up. It also made me seethe with so much anger because I was totally helpless. I became so angry that I couldn't help screaming out, "You ... you pathetic WITCH!"

     Jhudora's face immediately changed from smug to angry when she heard me scream. "How dare you incur my wrath! Now you shall pay!" she bellowed furiously, lifting her powerful finger to point at me.

     I closed my eyes, ready for the blow ... but suddenly, I heard Jhudora scream in shock and pain. My eyes shot open just in time to see *Starlight* whack Jhudora with her powerful tail, causing her to fall to the ground in a dead faint. I wasted no time in tying her up very tightly.

     "Wow little sis, you saved the day! That was so cool, I tell you!" Sleek007 grinned as he gave *Starlight* a brotherly smack on the back.

     "Yeah, you were awesome! I mean, how did you do that?" I added fervently, hugging *Starlight* tightly.

     *Starlight* just smiled in a gentle kind of way, obviously swelling with pride at what she had just done.

     Only Bond was not saying anything and looked rather sullen.

     "What's the matter, Bond?" I asked in a concerned tone. "Is something wrong?"

     "Why does *Starlight* have to be so smart? Why does she get all your love and attention?" Bond suddenly burst out, full of jealousy and spite.

     "Now, Bond, you know it's not true!" I laughed at the absurdity of his statement. "We do love you! Besides, *Starlight* just did an act that we all should be proud of! She saved all of us, you know! Plus, how do you know that we are casting you aside?"

     "But when I was created, I don't remember you showering me with such love and attention before! You only treated me like an irritating pest!" Bond muttered grumpily, his anger nonetheless had cooled down when he realized that he had been too jealous already.

     It was then that I realized that I'd made a serious mistake. ( You see, I'm sort of like the mother to my siblings since babygalz693 is so often away at work! )

     "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry ... I honestly didn't know you felt that way!" I apologized, turning to hug him too.

     From that day on, our family became more close-knitted. ( Although those 2 cheeky rascals can still be quite irritating! ) I know you all are probably wondering about Jhudora, well, babygalz693 has already sent her to Fyora the Faerie Queen so that she can deal with her.

     "We probably won't be hearing from Jhudora for quite a long time!" babygalz693 had remarked when she came back.

     I felt very relieved when I heard her say that. Still, I must thank you, Jhudora, for helping to make our family closer than ever before!

The End

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