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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Gathering, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 42 > Short Stories > Junk Collecting 6: Volcanic Sand

Junk Collecting 6: Volcanic Sand

by jimmy_91754

The guardian of fire magic was at war with some NeoPets at a small village. The villagers saw the guardian as a threat to there live and many others. They attacked the guardian with all their might and power. That was challenge for the guardian but soon more and more NeoPets tried to destroy the guardian. Now the guardian was in trouble, so he used a new creation invented by a Fire Faerie. It was the Bottle of Volcanic Sand. When the user uncorks the bottle the nearest volcano will erupt and the lava, bombs, ashes, and cinders will fly toward your enemy. From then on the guardian's battlefield was always near a volcano. The Guardian of Fire Magic and the NeoPets fought for two years and many has been wounded and destroyed. During the third year of battle a brave, peace loving NeoPet and his allies went and stopped the fighting. A while later the fighting stopped. The guardian of fire magic didn't know what to do with the Bottle of Volcanic sand so he gave it to the NeoPet who lead more NeoPets and stopped the fight. The leader didn't want such a violent weapon so he decided to throw it into a volcano and knew that it will never to be used again. But he was wrong...

Nite_jjj and Feezifrind were at Mystery Island visiting Tiki Tack Man and looking for more useless junk to collect.

Little did they know that the bullies followed them once again hoping for an opportunity to get back at Nite_jjj and Feezifriend. They followed the junk collectors everywhere.

While Nite_jjj and Feezifriend were having lunch with the Tiki Tack Man, they heard a strange sound. Then the ground began to shake and red stuff flew into the air. Feezifriend then realised it was lava that was in the air and a volcano had erupted. He went and told Tiki Tack Man and Nite_jjj.

A moment later, the eruption passed and then Nite_jjj, Feezifriend, and Tiki Tack Man went to the volcano to see if there were any Volcanic Rocks made by the eruption.

The three bullies followed them too. While Nite_jjj, Feezifriend, and Tiki Tack Man was looking for junk, the bullies looked for treasure. They came by a cave in the volcano. It had a passage in it like a hallway. They walked to the end of it and saw a Bottle of Red Sand lying on the floor.

"Maybe we can sell the sand to those junk collectors," said Pinkboy.

Pinkboy's idea made them glad they came in the cave and find the sand. They were so excited about getting the Neopoints that they forgot the way out of the cave, even though the cave was one long hallway.

Meanwhile the bullies were stuck in that cave, Nite_jjj, Feezifriend, and Tiki Tack Man were in Volcanic Rock Heaven .The junk collectors just finished taking the Volcanic Rock, Tiki Tack Man was checking that they collected every volcanic rock on the beach, he stumbled upon the cave the three bullies were stuck in.

"A hidden cave," said the Tiki Tack Man. "Hey Nite_jjj, Feezifriend, I'm going to check something out, okay?." Tiki Tack Man didn't wait for Nite_jjj or Feezifriend to reply.

He went into the cave. He walked for about 30 minutes until he saw someone and something. There he saw the three bullies and a bottle of red sand.

"What are you doing here," said the Tiki Tack Man.

The three bullies didn't reply for a long time then finally Golden Yo-Yo said, "We got lost and we can't find the exit."

"But there's only one passage," said Tiki Tack Man.

"I know, but it's a tricky passage," said Golden Yo-yo

Then Tiki Tack Man got an idea. "I'll help you find the way out if you give me Neopoints for it."

"We don't got Neopoints," said Girley.

Then Tiki Tack Man saw the Bottle of Red Sand and said, "Okay, how about you give me the sand instead?"

"Sure," they all replied.

Tiki Tack Man lead them out of the "maze" and gotten the sand as a reward.

Tiki Tack Man then went to go tell Nite_jjj and Feezifriend about the sand. The bullies followed him around. After a while, Tiki Tack Man found his fellow junk collectors. Tiki Tack Man then told them about how he got the bottle of sand.

Then suddenly the bottle of sand became very hot. The temperature rose very passing second until it was too hot for Tiki Tack Man to hold in his hand. And out of nowhere Pinkboy made a grab for the sand. It wasn't hot any more. Then Pinkboy tossed it to Golden Yo-yo and they ran of with it.

Miles away from the volcano, Golden Yo-yo, Pinkboy, and Girley were breathing very hard.

"We could sell this sand and get rich," said Golden Yo-yo

"I don't know, Yo, it seems very special. Do you think we should sell it Pinkboy?" asked Girley.

"I agree with Yo-yo and think of all the Neopoints we'll get. You can buy sets of Usuki Dolls, Girley.

"Okay now I agree with Yo, but who are we going to sell them to. Nite_jjj and Feezifriend probably won't buy it since we stole it from them," said Girley.

"Lets try to sell it to Nite_jjj and Feezifriend anyway," replied Pinkboy.

The three bullies ran back to the volcano. Luckily for them Nite_jjj and Feezifriend were still there.

"Do you want to buy this fine piece of junk, Feezifriend?" asked one of the bullies.

Feezifriend said nothing then grabbed the bottle of sand. As soon as he touched it, it became hot again making Feezifriend drop it.

Golden Yo-yo quickly grabbed the sand back.

When it dropped, the cork uncorked. Then the ground began to shake. An eruption was about to occur.

"THE VOLCANO IS GOING TO ERUPT," shouted Nite_jjj.

All the pets and Tiki Tack Man ran away from the volcano but they all knew that the lava was still going to get them. It looked like the end of them but a big and strange figure came out of nowhere. It blocked the lava making sure the pets and Tiki Tack Man were unharmed. Nite_jjj looked the big figure. Then he realised it was the guardian of fire magic.

"Run," the guardian said. "I'll be okay."

The pets and Tiki Tack Man ran far away and then looked at the guardian to see if it was okay.

They were amazed at what they saw.; The guardian of fire magic was absorbing the lava.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmm," Tiki Tack Man said as he looked at the bottle of sand. Tiki Tack Man then took it from Golden Yo-yo and put the cork back on. Then the lava from the volcano stopped coming out.

The guardian of fire magic then came running toward the pets and Tiki Tack Man.

"HE'S GOING TO ATTACK US," said golden Yo-yo

They then quickly ran to a forest nearby hoping the guardian won't be able to find them.

"Won't the guardian burn down the forest with its fire," said Nite_jjj .

He looked back at Feezifriend but he was already running away.

"Hey wait for me," said Nite_jjj. Nite_jjj then caught up with Tiki Tack Man and the other pets.

They ran to a river where many villagers died while trying to kill the guardian of fire magic many years ago. They all then jumped into the river knowing the fire guardian's weakness is water. All the pets held they're breath went to the bottom of the river just in case the guardian tried to dry up the river.

At the bottom the pets and Tiki Tack Man saw something coming out of the ground. It looked like a zombie wearing clothes from along time ago.

"I know how to destroy the guardian of fire magic," it said..

"NO, DON'T LISTEN TO HIM," someone or something shouted from above. "I DO NOT WISH TO HARM YOU."

"Give me the bottle of sand you hold," the zombie said pointing at Golden Yo-yo Golden Yo- Yo obediently gave him the sand.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE," shouted the someone or something from above. Then it quickly blew fire from its mouth attempting to dry up the river. The pets and Tiki Tack Man then knew who the fire-breathing thing from above was, the guardian of fire magic.

"Thank you," said the zombie. "Now I can rule the world. I must dispose of you pets now." The zombie went out of the river and put the bottle of sand close to his chest. He chanted a spell which made the bottle of sand go in his chest. Then he began to glow bright red..

"RUN AWAY," shouted the guardian of fire magic. The pets quickly ran away but Tiki Tack Man stayed.

"Perhaps I can help," said the Tiki Tack Man. He then took out a blue bottle of sand. (The same one in "Junk Collecting 2") Then he sprinkled some sand on himself and instantly became water. He then charged at the zombie and grabbed his chest. Tiki Tack Man's hand started evaporating and he turned back to his normal form.

"He he he," said the zombie. "The Bottle of Volcanic Sand has many special powers and I know all of them."

He looked at Tiki Tack Man and said, "This should keep you busy." Then he conquered up a human shaped flame. "Watch out for its fire," said the zombie to Tiki Tack Man. The zombie then commanded the "fire-human" to chase Tiki Tack Man.

Then the zombie looked at the guardian of fire magic. "Prepare for your doom, kind of..." he then chanted some dead language and the ground began to shake. Then a volcano rose up from the area the guardian was standing on . The volcano trapped it then erupted many times making layers and layers of lava on the top and side of the volcano.

The zombie then laughed and conquered up a bubble with a moving picture in it. It was Tiki Tack Man being chased by the "fire-human" in the forest. The zombie then sat there like he was watching television.

But while the zombie was doing that, the pets quietly tried to make a hole in the volcano big enough for the guardian to escape. They tried for a very long time and did very little damage to the volcano.

When the were just about to give up and look for Tiki Tack Man, Feezifriend had an idea. His idea was to dig under the volcano and not through it. The pets quickly started digging with all they're might but Golden Yo-yo thought it took to long and said he was going to look for Tiki Tack Man.

Then Feezifriend had a better idea. He took the blue bottle of sand Tiki Tack Man used and turned himself into his watery form. He then made the soil very wet making it very vulnerable to an electrical attack. Pinkboy then put some gun power from his prank kit on the soil. Nite_jjj then used Improved Lightning Beam to attack the soil. The electric went through all of the wet soil and also carrying the fire with it. And when you mix fire with gun power it explodes. The area of land then exploded making a hole big enough for the guardian of fire magic to go through.

The zombie didn't know this was happening because he was to busy laughing at Tiki Tack Man. The pets used this to their advantage. Took the whole bottle of blue sand Feezifriend and Tiki Tack Man used and snuck behind the zombie. He waited for the right moment then stuck the bottle of blue sand and stuck it into his chest. Then he temporarily turned into his water form. Nite_jjj then quickly got out of the way and the guardian of fire magic blew fire for along time evaporating the zombie and the bottle of volcanic sand in him. The "fire-human" disappeared later on.

Days later...

The pets went back to there normal lives and so did Tiki Tack Man. As for the guardian of fire magic, he is keeping a close look out for rain that looks like pieces of a zombie.

The End

If you like this story Neomail me. Also get info about the guardian of fire magic...

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