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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 42 > Articles > Fact or Fiction: Tombola A Cheat?

Fact or Fiction: Tombola A Cheat?

by ritz_3

MYSTERY ISLAND - Have you ever stop to think if the Tiki Tack Man was a cheater? Have you ever took time to think where he gets all his items like codestones or faeries? Does he buy them? Does he steal them? Well, I didn't know until I went to Mystery Island to get some insight for you. In this article, you'll find out if he's a cheat or Chia.

I went to visit Mystery Island as everyone else would. There were many Neopians just trying to leave. I went to the Tombola stall and when I got there, he was holding the donation bag. I decided to give 10 NP as usual because all counts right? I decided to buy a plushie from the Tiki Tack shop. The store was about to close so I hurried out. While I was leaving, I found 500 NP on the ground and picked it up. I wanted to get my daily Tombola so I donated it. There was still 103,742 NP left before he could reopen so I just went from shop to Trading Post to see what whatever. I went to Kitchen Quest to speed up time and the one thing he asked me was to go see the Island Mystic. I went over and the Island Mystic told me that I would have good fortune for my quest.

"What quest?" I asked.

"I cannot give any further information but you will have good fortune. Good luck!" he said as I was sent out. I went back to Water Chef and he raised my pets stats.

"Wow! And all I did was go to the Island Mystic. Do you know anything about a quest?" I asked.

"Yes, something fishy will happen and you must find out what!" the Water Chef said, mixing the recipe together.

"Fishy, hmmm," I questioned myself. I thought and thought what could be fishy don't including the chef and it came to me. "ISLAND PETPETS!" I screamed as I ran to the store.

"Maraquan Refugee PetPets at crazy prices!!!" said the Kougra there.

"Hi, could you..." I started to ask.

"Buy a PetPet or get OUT!" he shouted.

"But sir, I just..." I started again.

"Just what? A free PetPet! I don't think so! Now if you don't get out now..." he yelled as I heard a sound in the back closet.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Erm, uh, nothing for you to know. It's a new PetPet called erm, Floudlub. It's a Floud and Cheerlub together," he replied.

"Well, tell me about a quest I need to do!" I asked quickly.

"There! Finally, someone said it right. You had to saw it fast to know what it was. Now, I want you to go find the one who keeps the stones, OK?" he asked me.

"The one who keeps the stones?!?! Oh, I get it!" I thanked him and left.

I knew that the one who keeps the stones had to be Ryshu the Nimmo because he collects codestones. I went up to the door and it opened like magic. I went in and asked Ryshu about my quest.

"I know nothing about your quest of yours. Leave now unless you dare to fight me!" he offered.

"What happens if I win?" I asked.

"I'll tell you about your quest," Ryshu replied.

"OK, go Baby_pink_poogle01! Use greater orb of the Fire Faerie!" I screamed.

Ryshu fainted in one shot and I helped him up.

"OK, you almost there, tie my shoe, you are fair but you are a fool. Give up now or finish my pool. Here's a hint, THE TIKI TACK MAN AND GET OUT!"

"Thanks and bye!" I said running out.

I went back to the Tiki Tack Man and he was asking for donations again. I decided not to donate but when someone did, check what was behind the counter. A small Poogle came up and handed him 10,000 NP. "That's my life's savings and you should have it," it started to say. I went behind him and saw behind the shelf was more and more hidden tower items! It seems that he pretended to be poor so he could buy some strong items to use in the Battledome! I took the strongest, the Zaptwig (I think it's the strongest) and threaten him.

"Give up your jig cheater! Here little Poogle, your 10,000 NP back and run away! Now for you, admit to everyone that you're cheating them!" I ordered him.

"Fine! I admit it! I've been robbing all Neopians I use the money for buy hidden tower items to use against you in the Battledome! I didn't want to lose anymore! I was losing to newbie pets! I wanted to change, be different!" he cried.

"Hello everyone," said the Queen Faerie as she came down, "Tiki Tack Man, you've been brave to admit it but it wasn't right to steal!"

"Also," said a creepy voice, "I gave him the bottled faeries!" It was the Dark Faerie.

Ryshu then came and made a point, "I also helped! I gave codestones but he sold more than half to get the items. I tried to stop him but he already bought the Eraser of the Dark Faerie and I didn't want to lose my items!"

"Well, where is the Chia police? I know they are going to lock me up!" said the Tiki Tack Man.

"There isn't any. I told them, they didn't have to come. If you wanted to get hidden tower items or win battles, get Ryshu to help you win. He is the Island trainer. Also save up your Neopoints like everyone else!" I told him. "Well before I leave, can I play Tombola?"

Everyone laughed and so did the Tiki Tack Man. I knew that was my quest, to found out what was going on and to end it. Now if the Tiki Tack Man asked for donations, he really is asking for donations. Also, the Tiki Tack Man is a cheat but now a Chia (he's a Chia because they are happy fellas that don't cheat)!

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