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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 111 > Short Stories > Fallen: Flight

Fallen: Flight

by oily106

Fallen is a series of short stories, beginning with Fallen: Angel and continuing through Fallen: Friends, Fallen: Faeries, Fallen: Fyora, Fallen: Feathers, Fallen: Star, Fallen: Finale, Fallen: Risen and Fallen: Fallen. Read them in that order if you wish to understand the story better. Fallen: Fallen was the end; Fallen: Flight is the epilogue.

Not all angels are those with wings…

Perhaps the story is over…

     But life goes on…

     What is there more to say, really, after the adventure ends? Angel and I lived at my modest NeoHome in Neopia, forever firm friends. Angel developed a remarkable aptitude for games and so we lived quite comfortably. We started a shelter, taking in pets and Petpets, feeding and caring for those who nobody else would. We delighted in each other’s company and treasured each day with each other. Life was indeed good.

     Three or four days later, Fyora paid us a visit. She told us that there was a new Uber Light Faerie now, better than the last few had been. The other Uber Faeries continued to play their games, but they too were more controlled. Fyora also explained to us that even the Uber Faeries had limitations on Neopia. Each element had a corresponding Elemental Stone, filled with magic and residing at the centre of Neopia. The Stones restricted their powers. And an ancient sacrifice had protected Neopia from destructive Faerie magic. Fyora would not comment on why all the Uber Faeries longed so much to stay on Neopia, when there were other planets for them too. But Fyora much laid our minds at ease though, for she promised she was watching strictly over all Uber Faeries now and was considering slowly replacing them. She had also left the option of freedom on Neopia open for all Uber Faerie pets – although none had taken up her on it. Perhaps for them, power presided over freedom. For Angel and I, I was glad it did not.

     Life after that short visit was uneventful and pleasant. We were happy. If ever Angel looked at her only feather, lying on our NeoHome shelf, and sighed or I wished to fly, we did not remain despondent for long. Besides, we were too busy to dwell on the past, helping the odd assortment of pets and Petpets who sought our help.

     When a ragged black Aisha named Dante came to us, his coat no longer sleek or shiny, we took him in too. His wings had totally disappeared, much like Angel’s had. I did not speculate on why, but I guessed his Faerie had moved on from Neopia. He adjusted well to Neopian life and proved friendly and charming, far different from the arrogant pet he had been. The next day, a small white Ixi came to us, the one that had fallen from the Uber Light Faerie, but soon, she moved on. Over the next few months, we took in other ex-Uber Faerie pets. Their Faeries had not fallen, for their wings were not broken, but completely gone. Clearly, Fyora was moving the old Uber Faeries on from Neopia. They had probably been sent back to their own world, far, far away from Neopia. The cruel games they used to play had forever ended and their former pets were regaining some happiness in their lives. We assured ourselves that the new Uber Faeries loved and respected their pets and each other and were kinder, even if not totally infallible.

     Fyora returned once more, to give Angel and I an anklet each. It was a small, beautiful bracelet that fitted perfectly around my ankle. The anklets were a curious fusion of two strange metals – one metal like gold; the other a strange silver with a blue sheen. Fyora explained them to us. The silver was mira, a metal born from fallen stars. It was from the star Angel had caught and made rise – it had fallen again shortly after Angel had. The golden metal was kiro, a strong Faerie metal, that had been used in the chain which had bound Angel to her Faerie. Both anklets were marvels of Faerie craftsmanship, beautifully and delicately wrought. When I looked closer, I saw they were in the shape of tiny feathers, each one joining together in a twisting circle. Angel and I always wore them – they were symbols of our undying friendship.


It was a year later to the day I had first found Angel that I joined her on the balcony of our new NeoHome It had been greatly expanded, to make room for all the shelter’s residents. We had both matured and grown in some ways but Angel still retained her child like simplicity and characteristic innocence. I think I had learnt to accept myself, not to feel inferior all the time, to be a little more assertive about the things I believed in – Angel was one of the things I would defend to the end.

     We had celebrated the anniversary of our meeting happily and spent the day down at the beach where I had first found her, playing silly, carefree games again like the old days, rolling in the sand, playing in the surf. Now, it was well into the night and, despite the day’s exertions, neither of us could sleep.

     Silently, we stood side by side and looked up to the stars. We sighed in unison. Although we had no regrets, we both longed to soar up amongst them, to fly. We were happy, of course, but not complete. But we were resigned to our flightless future, for it had been our sacrifices that had brought us any future at all and we did not spurn our chosen path.

     But yet…

     And then, from nowhere, came words that whispered to the empty night.

     "For one night in each year, you shall have all you desire…."

     Then, suddenly, I felt warmth rush through my body. I blinked in surprise and looked up at Angel, confused. She was also frowning. Then, in harmony, we gasped. From Angel’s white fur, I saw two pairs of beautiful white wings unfurl. They were not feathery, not the wings of an angel: they were made of Faerie magic, curled at the tips, with light blue designs swirling over them. I felt my own wings brush my shoulders. Craning my head around, I saw that they were similar to Angel’s, with a slight pattern variation. I knew that they were a gift from Fyora and was filled with gratitude. Because, for one night a year, we could have both the things we dreamt of: friendship and flight.

     And a future, together.

     Whether or not we had wings….

     Angel gave me an infectious grin, rustling her new wings, and seized my paws. Together, we shot up into the sky, dancing amongst the stars. Our anklets glittered in the soft white moonlight as we twirled around in giddy ecstasy. I left all my cares and responsibilities far below me as we soared and I forgot everything but the joy of flight and the warm touch of Angel’s paws on mine. Together, we flew…

     When morning's first rays started to streak across the sky, we would again be earth bound, living a normal life, friends forever. But, for this one night, the skies were ours alone. For the first time in my life, I knew how it was to fly, and to be loved by a friend. And tears rolled down my face, reflecting the silvery starlight, for I had all I had ever wanted.

     Now, we had truly risen. Risen so far that we would never fall. We had flight, we had freedom and we had each other…

     Angel and Dreamer; Dreamer and Angel…

     True angels fly with their hearts alone…

     Now we have risen. Ni’eleva (we have risen), forever…


And so ends the Fallen series. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Whether you loved it or loathed it, please drop me a Neomail and give me some feedback. Give a sad ko’entri (goodbye) to Dreamer and Angel for their story ends… here.

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