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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 111 > Short Stories > The Great Sloth's Vacation

The Great Sloth's Vacation

by covergirl_tanemura

“I don’t want to go!”

      Courtney sighed and stared at her sister, her eyes hanging just above the rim of her “I heart Dung” coffee mug. A small line of bitter sweet coffee slid down her throat as her sister, Nicole, finally let down her reluctance wall.

      “Fine! Fine! You win!” she hissed out, her eyes narrowed at the portrait of Illusen that hung just above Courtney’s brother’s head. Their brother, Bobby, flopped his Chia head exhaustedly onto the kitchen table and let out a long sigh.

      “Good.” Courtney’s owner gave Nicole a snide smile. The one where she let all her teeth poke out from her usually pressed together lips, “I’m glad TWO of my Neopets are mature.” Courtney gave her owner a small smile, her long Gelert ears bending contently.

      “That means it’s settled, right?” said Bobby, his words muffled out by the hard brown table he had pressed his lips against, along with his nose.

      Courtney’s owner swung her hands onto her hips and grinned, “Yup! We’re going to the Mystery Island Beach opening.”


“Everybody ready?”

      Courtney trudged outside of their NeoHome. Her backpack, which she usually used for Neoschool, slung over her shoulder and filled to the brim with her Plushies and other trinkets she enjoyed using at the beach. A sun hat completed her going-to-the-beach-woo-hoo attire.

      “A Shoyru is going to take us there,” their owner said, her hands clasped together and her eyes showing a small twinkle. “I’ve always wanted to be flown by a Shoyru.”

      Bobby snorted, holding back a small laughter which built up inside of him. Bobby was the adopted pet, his owner was frozen. But nonetheless, his owner used to be rich and Bobby flew everywhere by Shoyru, “Okay,” he managed to say as the Shoyru flew into vision. Darting through the breezy day.

      Courtney, Nicole, Bobby, and their owner sat contently onto the pair of Shoyru’s backs. They tore back into the breezy sky. Courtney’s eyelids fluttered closed as she leaned forward and rested her head on her backpack. Her thoughts slowly drifting into dreams.


“We’re here! Wake up!”

      Courtney sighed and stared at her sister Nicole, the big reluctant baby who was tugging on her arm and pointing towards the thick sheet of waves lapping at the warm sand.

      “Okay..” Courtney groaned out, her arms fraying outwards as she sat up. Her fingers brushed off the clods of dirt that clung to her fur. The Shoyru’s had obviously pushed her off of them, even though she hadn’t woken up, “I’m going to go explore..” She finished, her groggy stare on her owner who was enjoying the sun rays as much as Bobby, even though he was covered up by the umbrella their owner had brought.

      Courtney's owner yawned out a okay while Nicole ran into the water. Her arms flapping up and down like a Pteri, even though she was obviously an Aisha. Anybody within view could see her long and sophisticated ears. Courtney tugged her sunhat over her clumsy Gelert ears. She grabbed onto her stone snowball and slipped it underneath her hat, just for defense reasons.

      Courtney slowly walked away from the hustle and bustle of the beach. The sand became a bit colder, and the waves a bit rougher but she really didn’t mind. All she wanted to do was bask in the sunlight and watch the sunset. However, somebody had other ideas.

      “Nobody will foil this plan!”

      Courtney’s sensitive ears twitched as she flipped over, onto her stomach. She pushed herself off of the ground and headed towards the aggravated-sounding voice.

      “Not even that annoying... ah, this is your vacation! Stop talking to yourself.”

      Courtney paused and stood on the tips of her feet, her eyes barley looking over the tall wood fence which separated her and the voice. Her eyes grew wide, and her throat felt dry as she stared at what was standing there. In a candy-cane striped body suit stood Sloth. A geekish look clinging to him. A laugh got clogged up in her throat, forcing it to hold the laugh back only made Courtney want to laugh more. She erupted in giggles and snorts.

      “Who’s there?” Sloth looked around, a nasty snarl on his face as he spotted the rim of Courtney’s sunhat. Feeling as though she was unnoticed, Courtney tried to slide herself down the fence but was brought up by Sloth’s green hand.

      “What are you doing? Do you DARE interrupt the great Sloth’s vacation?” A bad whiff of air spiraled up Courtney’s nostrils, it was the ’Great Sloth’s breath. She scrunched up her face.

      “Yes, I do dare,” she spat out, her voice coming in a squeakier version because she was plugging her sensitive nose. She tried to wiggle out of Sloth’s grasp, but he didn’t budge. A few of his henchmen appeared from the distance and grabbed onto her paws.

      “You’re coming with us,” they grumbled, their voices low and gravely. Courtney tried yelling for help, her mouth opened but a green hand slapped tape onto her mouth. “And don’t talk..”

      Courtney gasped, though it was muffled. Her owner always forced her to bring some type of defense item when she was walking alone. Courtney wiggled her head, her hat flew off and flapped in the wind and the rock fell onto the ground.

      “OUCH!” the two Grundos groaned in pain and clutched their foots, a red mark appearing on their feet where the snowball had fallen, but none the less letting Courtney flee. With quick agility, she ran as fast as she could back to her sandy beach.

      “LETS LEAVE, NOW!” Courtney said quickly the minute she saw Nicole, Bobby, and her owner getting ready to go. Her owner stared at her oddly before letting out a loud whistle, the Shoyrus came into view again.

      “Okay, dear,” Courtney’s owner said reassuringly, seeing the terrified expression on Courtney’s face. Courtney quickly grabbed onto her untouched bag and sat on the Shoyru's backs. Quickly followed by the rest of her family. The soft breeze cooled her down as she looked through her backpack. She grabbed onto her notebook and took it out.

      “What ‘chu writing?” Courtney’s owner asked.

       “Kind of hard to write, but do whatever you wish,” she continued, obviously not caring about the first question. Pen shakily in hand, Courtney scribbled at the top of her notebook ‘Sloth’s Vacation’.


Four Months Later

      “Neomail's here! I’ll go get it!” Courtney yelled excitedly, hopping off of her chair at the dining room table. She sprinted outside and slipped her hand into the Neomail Box. Sprinting back inside, she shuffled through the many pieces of mail she got.

      “How to get a million NP’s quick, nah.. Can I have your Neopoints/ Neopets... NO! Wait... what’s this?” Courtney examined the Neomail; it was without a return address or anything. She ripped it open and read what it had to say,

      “Courtney, we read and reviewed your story/article/comic and are pleased to announce that your story has been selected to be viewed in this weeks Neopian Times!” Courtney squeaked out, a grin spreading on her face like wild fire.

      “Nice job, dear!” said Courtney’s owner, a smile finding it’s way onto her face. Bobby faced Courtney and gave her a grin, as the same with Nicole.

      “I knew I could do it... and it’s all because of Sloth,” Courtney finished, hugging the acceptance letter tightly to her chest.

The End

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