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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 111 > Short Stories > Neoschool Nightmare

Neoschool Nightmare

by freezeflames

As soon as the announcement for Neoschool came out I began to dread going. For my owner had been stockpiling on the required items for weeks now, and I had more than enough items to go. As a starry Kougra I worried I might make friends for the wrong reason, but my owner shoved these aside immediately.

     "Nonsense, darling StarlightSorceress!" FreezeFlames yelled a little too energetically when I told her of my thoughts. She was busy drilling holes in a table for no apparent reason. "You're not special! They don't care about you as much as everyone else!" Every sentence my owner got out was chock full of yelling and exclamation points, as I knew too well.

     "Great way to make me feel better," I grumbled. It was common knowledge that most of the time my owner had no idea what she was saying, so I took it lightly and went to my room.

     I bumped into my brother as I stormed down the hall. "What's Freezy up to now?" he questioned earnestly.

     I sighed. "Destroying a table," I replied.

     "Oh." Sunshines_Enemy looked a little downcast, his Tonu horn drooping slightly. He had hoped FreezeFlames had come up with something new. She had performed the current feat no less that eighty-three times.

     "So Neoschool tomorrow, huh?" Sun said, hoping to strike up conversation.

     "Mmm," I said flatly, not really paying attention. My brother, who is quite possibly the crabbiest person in all of Neopia, went into his room and slammed the door.

     Just as I began to realize there was nothing to do, a voice came ringing upstairs. "Time to go to bed you two!" Freeze shouted, still drilling. "Wouldn't want to be sleepy tomorrow on your big day!"

     I glanced at a nearby clock. Five thirty. I rolled my eyes before shuffling into my room, pretending to look sleepy and rub my eyes. I climbed into bed, not wanting to think about the next day and what horrors would await me.

* * *

For a few blissful moments I had no idea why my stomach was clenched in a tight ball and a feeling of sadness was over me like a blanket. I groaned as I realized that Neoschool started today, and headed down to breakfast.

     Clanging and banging entered my ears as soon as I took one step into the kitchen. A full buffet of pancakes and waffles and cereal and eggs and anything else you could possibly think of. FreezeFlames was making the noise, as she had discovered some pots and pans that hadn't been murdered yet and were smashing them together. My spirits brightened a little bit, then drooped as I realized it was my neurotic owner who had cooked up the feast!

     "Hiya Starry!" shouted my owner happily; beaming at me as she finally ceased the noise. "You gotta eat a big ol' breakfast so ya won't be hungry at school!"

     I gingerly picked up a piece of toast before inspecting it thoroughly. I slowly entered the food into my mouth and clamped my jaws slower than a snail. When it passed the test, I immediately started gobbling down my food.

     "I got everything you need right here!" said Freeze, slapping a big green backpack then hiding as if it would hit her back. Realizing it was perfectly safe, she went on. "You're in eighth grade! Your teacher is Mr. Blahblahuh, and your room number is 999 1/2." Freeze looked very proud, apparently happy that she had managed to read the piece of paper before ripping it into pieces.

     Just then, Sun stumbled down the stairs. He looked rather dazed and one of FreezeFlame's socks hung off his horn. "Wassup everyone?" he said, nearly falling over as he tried to walk in.

     I paid him to heed. Instead, I looked at my watch, which read 7:15. School started at seven forty-five. I snatched my backpack before yelling, "Hi, see ya!" and sprinting out the front door, seeing it was early enough to escape from my family with a reasonable excuse.

     After running the first couple of blocks, I slowed to a walk as I came in safe distance away from my house. I could see the school at the bottom of a long hill, and I figured I should walk going down that.

     I glanced behind me to see a group of painted pets, all of them looking like little twerps, all dressed up and acting as though they were pretty. I snorted; before I realized they were coming towards me. I felt as though screaming at the top of my lungs and running as fast as possible, but I saw that just wasn't and option. I moaned softly as they closed in on me.

     Immediately I was bombarded with questions as the enemies formed a tight circle around me.

     "How did you get painted so pretty?"

     "Where did you get that gorgeous ring on your tail?"

     "You got your ear pierced? It's sooooooo cute!"

     "Can you give me a paint brush? I want to be Faerie!"

     "Will you give me lots of money?" "Can I -- "

     I didn't bother to let the Uni even finish her sentence. I let my instincts free, and I screamed before running full speed down the hill. I could still hear them talking about me, but I was saved because the bell rang. I galloped down the halls.

     I reached room 999 1/2 with no more than a pant and scraped claws. I slid into a seat at the back of the room, and unpacked all of my belongings.

     I had not spent more than two minutes in my desk before a bright Lupe sauntered in. He must have been Mr. Blahblahuh, because he grabbed a piece of chalk and wrote his name in big, bright letters, as though we wouldn't be able to see if he had made it any smaller or duller.

     "Helloooo class!" he said brightly, observing the students with big black eyes. Though he was excited, I could tell not one person in the class was happy about being shipped off to school.

     "I'm Mr. Blahblahuh!" continued our teacher slowly. With every syllable of his name he gave a big line under his name, until it was triple-underlined. My mind gradually drifted out of focus, until what he was saying was a mere whisper in my ears. I glanced at the pets sitting next to me. To the left was a surly red Scorchio who looked as if he had been yelled at immensely at going to school. At my right sat a purple Gelert, staring intently at Mr. Blahblahuh as though if she didn't listen something would go horribly, horribly wrong. I was just beginning to fall asleep when Mr. Blahblahuh smack a yard stick hard on his desk, making a noise that echoed across the room.

     "That was just to get your attention!" he said cheerfully as ever. "I just want to remind you that tomorrow is Take Your Owner To School Day! You get to take your owner to school and show it off! Now goodbye! Class dismissed.

     I could hardly believe that Mr. Blahblahuh's speech lasted the full six hours, but I did not question what he said. I walked home quickly, occasionally stumbling because I was deep in thought.

* * *

When I had come home and told FreezeFlames what the next day was about, she seemed ecstatic. Sun was envying me more than ever, because in fifth grade he didn't get to take Freeze with him. But when I was walking her to school with me on a leash, the day seemed as though it wouldn't be good.

     People stared as we walked through the hallways. No one else had to keep their owner on a leash to stop her from running away. I ignored them, feeling that if I had to keep Freeze on a rope to keep her with me, so be it.

     I sat down in my desk and FreezeFlames sat obediently on the floor. I watched others struggle as they tried to convince their female or male owner that they should sit in the seat, but never of any avail. In the end, I was the only one with fur sitting in at a desk.

     "Hello class!" said Mr. Blahblahuh, peppy and happy as ever. I could tell Freeze took a real liking to him, as she grew quiet and stared at him with big round eyes.

     "Today we get to show off our owners to everyone," Mr. Blahblahuh said briskly, looking at the class through glasslike black circles. We will go in alphabetical order by owner's name. First up, Chicococo!"

     The purple Gelert next to me popped up, a small brown haired girl following her. Chicococo was so proud it looked like she would burst. "This is Fanniyira!" said Chicococo, gesturing to the girl beside her. "She's -- "

     I zoned out almost immediately. I worried that if someone named Fanniyira was first, I would definitely be second and I didn't want to be embarrassed in front of the whole class. After about five minutes, Chicococo finished blabbing. Mr. Blahblahuh looked at his list of names. "Next up," he said dramatically. "Is... StarlightSorceress!"

     I grabbed the leash and hoisted FreezeFlames up to the front of the room. She straightened up and looked around at everyone, a grin on her face a mile wide. "This is FreezeFlames," I started. "She is one of the weirdest people ever, but also the one of the nicest. She enjoys destroying things and banging walls, but cries if anything gets hurt or dies. She once sat beside me for five hours when I had a fever, trying to make me better. She never means to hurt anyone's feelings, but sometimes she does just because she's rather oblivious to everything. So don't," and at this I glared at everyone, "judge her by just one thing. She really is a sweetie, and I love her very much."

     The class was very quiet for a moment. Then someone started to clap. And another. And another. Until finally the room was bursting with applause, FreezeFlames jumping up and down because of the racket. I smiled to myself, then decided Neoschool wasn't that bad after all.

The End

Author's Note: I'm not really that stupid, so don't Neomail me about it. And if I used any of your names, it was purely by accident an unintentional. So... yeah.

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