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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 99 > Continuing Series > Abaddon's Dreams: A Pilgrimage to Another Neopia -- Part Four

Abaddon's Dreams: A Pilgrimage to Another Neopia -- Part Four

by evil__sakura

The blue Zafara who was kicking poor Clover in the head finally stopped, and lifted up his own head. The spotted one who was laughing glared at Abaddon too. He opened his mouth slightly only to have his head rammed onto the pavement.

     The Buzz let out a low growl, and the duo ran out of the alley in a flash. Abaddon then helped his friend up, the little Zafara’s legs wobbled and he sat back down on the ground. Clover lifted up his head and squinted his eyes. “A-Abaddon?”

     The Buzz picked up Clover’s shattered glasses and placed them on the Zafara’s snout. “They must be why you don’t come back here often... ” The Zafara leaned on Abaddon for support. The Buzz then noticed Clover was hurt. “Geez, we should probably get that taken care of.”

     The Zafara groggily nodded, and pointed toward a clinic’s office located across the street from the alleyway. Abaddon gave his buddy a piggy back ride, and hastily went into the clinic. Where he was greeted by a kind-looking Kau, she lifted her hoof in greeting. But then suddenly, formed it into a fist and knocked the Buzz into another room.

     Abaddon backed against the wall, completely baffled about what just happened. The Kau appeared very angry, up until Clover stepped in front of Abaddon. “Calm down Clara, Abaddon’s a friend, he helped get me over here.” He staggered a bit forward before sitting down on the carpet.

     The Kau apologized to Abaddon and quickly took Clover into the doctor's office. A half hour later, and Clover walked out of the door rubbing his head. Wrapped around it was a clean white bandage. It was bounded up very tightly, and this caused the little Zafara to scratch at it casually.

     Abaddon asked if he could come over, and Clover nodded. Much to the Buzz’s surprise Clover’s house wasn’t really that far off from the clinic.

     The Zafara flicked on the lights and walked right into the kitchen. “Make yaself at home Abaddon,” was what the Buzz heard from the cook’s room. He looked around and saw that Clover's apartment was a little big. It was also nicely decorated and well kept, probably a result from all the Zafara’s hard work. Clover was making some coffee, the aroma of hazelnuts could be smelt over the Buzz’s head.

     Abaddon sighed and looked over to his side, where he saw a door creak open. Peering through the crack was a mysterious darkness, and the Buzz was tempted to enter. While he glanced over his shoulder, Clover was preoccupied with the boiling kettle.

     The Buzz slipped into the door, and when he came in, he let out a loud cough. The dark room was riddled with dust that made the Buzz hack and wheeze for several seconds. Being a Buzz, Abaddon's eyes adjusted very quickly within the dark.

     The objects appeared to the Buzz as they would in light, except that they were in a bluish hue. Two beds sat across from each other on opposite walls, they were small enough for two small pups. One side was very kept, everything was organized, the toys and comic books were all put aligned or stacked upon one another. Abaddon smirked this was obviously Clover’s Side but it was the other side that made him ponder.

     The head rest on the bed had a nice decoration, one that would probably appeal to a little girl. It was broken apart, probably by a huge hammer. The walls had nails that curved jaggedly out of the walls. Pieces of string hung on these nails, and the torn wall paper gave Abaddon a sinking feeling in his stomach.

     Abaddon took a deep breath and quickly exited the room. Luckily for him, Clover was still toiling away in the kitchen. Finally, the Zafara finished with the coffee, and placed Abaddon’s mug on the center table in his living room. The Buzz reluctantly picked the drink up, and he was about to sip, when he noticed a small wooden frame.

     He picked it up without Clover consent and observed it, in the picture was two small Zafaras. He recognized the one in the right to be Clover. Several years younger and without his grey jacket, on the left was another green Zafara completely identical to Clover.

     The other one was a she and appeared very spunky, having her left arm lifted upward in greeting. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was happily open. The Buzz’s heart began to race when he saw the female’s clothing.

     A grey plaid jacket with horizontal red stripes and vertical blue stripes, they crossed over each other in a basic tartan design. The sleeves were too long for her little paws. She also had a scarf, one that was a bit big for such a tiny Zafara, it had a ringed pattern of blue and orange.

     Abaddon couldn’t speak his head began to spin and his body collapsed to the floor. Faintly hearing Clover’s cries of concern within the brief darkness.


“Colony ahoy!” it was the voice of my energetic first mate, and buddy Zannibar. I got up and looked at the floating metal settlement. From a distance it seemed like a real island, but a closer glance made me frown.

     The lack of green nature in this surreal world of mine saddened me. Our ship the “Kuepil” boarded into the docks, Kuepil raised its cute round head up proudly, for it was the biggest ship in the entire dock.

My small crew and I, which only consisted of my first mate and engineer, jumped off of our boat. Maccy the yellow Lenny was making comments on Kuepil’s artillery. “It’s very good, I suggest that the next person we get for our crew is a gunner,” he said. Unfortunately, when we were still at sea, we made the discovery that not one of us could aim.

     “Food” shouted Zannibar. He ran toward the marketplace, he looked awkward running on his hind legs.

     “Why is Zannibar doing that?” I asked Maccy. We were taking a slower pace than Zannibar.

     “Because it’s a law.” I raised a brow and didn’t bother asking about that.

     Zannibar was shifting from one foot to another barely able to contain his excitement. Never had I seen a creature so jittery about food. Beside him was a small green Zafara one that resembled my new plushie. I pointed toward her with a shocked expression. When she noticed this, she quickly snatched Zannibar’s bag of groceries and darted off.

     “Ahh... my new bags of lollies are in that bag!”

     “That’s the only thing in that bag!” growled the shopkeeper.

     The three of us dashed after her, such a thing was as difficult as finding a lost child in a theme park. Finally, in the corner of my eye, I saw a small flash. The sun had reflected off of the gold bracelet around her left wrist.

     She noticed this, and her eyes widened when I had spotted her in the huge crowd. I pointed toward her and shouted. “Thief!” Another Buzz in the crowd heard me, and swiftly kicked her on the side. She hit the ground hard, and filched a little from the blow.

     “There you go,” he said and smugly walked back into the large crowd.

     I picked up our bag, and offered the Zafara a hand of assistance. She was obviously surprised, and her eyes shifted up and down. “You’re a pirate ain’t ya?” I shrugged my shoulders.

     “I guess. What’s your name?”

     “Emmaralis McCassi. But you can call me Emma for short . Ya ain’t really dat threatenin' for a pirate you know.” She sat up, then she glanced up at me with a concerned look. “Hey, is there somethin' wrong?”


Clover backed away from Abaddon, who had finally awoken from his slumber. The Buzz got up suddenly, and looked around embarrassed. The little Zafara helped Abaddon up from the floor.

     Abaddon was staring at the picture. He asked who it was and Clover answered, “Mah twin sister--“

     “Emmaralis McCassi.”

     Clover dropped his mug. He had never told anyone about Emma. Yet this Buzz, who didn’t even know the Zafara’s last name til now, got his sister’s name right on the spot. Abaddon who was completely oblivious of what he just did, asked another question. “When is she coming over? I’m guessing she still lives here. Right?”

     “Never . . . ”

     “She has her own place?”

     Clover’s lower lip quivered a bit and his shoulders were slumping, the Zafara seemed to be very distanced from the Buzz now. He shook his head and repeated.

     “Never . . . ”

     Unfortunately, Abaddon was confused by the Zafara's sudden change in behavior. Then finally noticed the tears running down the corner of Clover’s eyes. “Clover... are you crying? What hap--“

     “Shut-up an’ get out already!” The Buzz backed away, this was first time he ever saw Clover angry. “Ah swear! If you’re just gon’ ta stand there an' ask me this junk, then just vamoose!” Abaddon jolted out the door, he then heard it slam behind him.

     He murmured an apology and went back home, much to his misfortune it rained on the way there. He picked up a newspaper and opened it over his head. The house was still empty, and it would only take another hour at the plushie factory for his master to come back.

     He went up to his room and sat at the desk where his plushies sat. Suddenly he got up from his seat and picked up the Zafara plushie. Around her left wrist was a gold bracelet. There was no way Abaddon could have put it there since he had no such material.

     There was also no way his owner could have done it because she was still at work. The house was the way the Buzz had left it from before, so no one could of broken in.

     Abaddon couldn’t breathe, his eyes widened and he shook his head around. “S-STOP!” He didn’t know what was going on, but he wanted to make it to stop! The dreams, the sleepwalking, all the coincidences that linked up to them, he wanted to stop it all, but that was not going to happen anytime soon.

To be continued...

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