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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 97 > Continuing Series > Abaddon's Dreams: A Pilgrimage to Another Neopia--Part Two

Abaddon's Dreams: A Pilgrimage to Another Neopia--Part Two

by evil__sakura

Zannibar was now my first mate, thanks to some weird twist of fate. He strongly resembled the Lupe plushie my owner had given to me. He also serves as a navigator, but that is not exactly his best trait. Then I finally realized my ship had a head on its bow, with this, my curiosity rose. "Zannibar," I shouted, taking on a demanding pose. "Take the wheel, while I go check something!"

     I slid up to the front of my boat, trying to take a look at the face of my ship. Much to my disappointment, the face was round and cute. Its eyes, beady and round, its mouth curled at the cheeks, a noseless cute beast was the face of my ship. "This is my vessel?" I said with my shoulders drooping.

     "Don't judge a book by its cover," said the Lupe with a lolly in his mouth. "I think it's adorable. Maybe we should name it Rover," he suggested while leaning on the wheel. I shoved him over, and took back my power, steering the ship eastward along the wind.

     I sighed. "Why is this place nothing but water?"

     Finally, I awoke.


It was the afternoon, and Abaddon noticed his owner looking over him. She handed him another plushie and went out the room door. It was a yellow Lenny plushie with an awkward orange jester hat. The Buzz sighed and took out his sewing box, he examined the toy and finally figured out what to give it.

     Green overalls, with a bright orange T-shirt underneath, around its neck a dark green bandana, and on its back, a brown backpack with a single strap. Abaddon was going to give it some goggles, but he only had enough glass for one eye. So he decided to be creative, and made a glass eye patch over its right eye.

     Suddenly, he heard a loud ringing sound. Rushing downstairs, his owner was calling for him. As previously described, she never spoke, she used a bell and her glowing eyes to show the Buzz what she wanted. Right then, she wanted him to help out old bird Tat Gyver at the Repair shop. This request was carried out without any words, thanks to small sticky notes.

     Tat was an old yellow Lenny, who was quite bitter, and Abaddon didn't like working for him. The Buzz heard from somewhere that Tat had a son, and they didn't get along well. He never really bothered asking about it, since the old bird blew a gasket over spilt milk.

     The Buzz was so deep in thought, that he neglected to realize that he had stuffed both of his custom plushies into his backpack. He ran out of his NeoHome in a rush, to catch an early bus. He came just in time and sat in the back, away from everyone else. The only other Neopian with him in the back was some old Elephante. The ride to work was long, so Abaddon figured taking a quick nap would do no harm.


Leaning on the wooden railing of my boat, Zannibar loomed over me, with his paw next to his face. "You awake?" His candy short of its sweet taste. He discarded the stick and took out another one, he then got up and pointed over the horizon.

     A mountain's tip pointed above the sea with a sculpture of a stallion. "It looks like a hideout," said the Lupe. And upon the shore of this small island, was a group. A group of venomous pirates were holding up daggers and cutlasses. I frantically tried to steer away from them, but hooks and grapples latched onto the side of my boat.

     With a loud heaving noise, they pulled us ashore. They tied the both of us up, and a flurry of taunts erupt. The captain, a large Skeith with a thorn covered club, leered at us for a second and bellowed a loud roar.


The Bus made a loud screech sound as it stopped, and Abaddon immediately rushed out. At the tone of the bell, the Buzz immediately got scolded for his slight lateness. Old Tat seemed too busy to give the Buzz another lecture, so he just pointed his wing toward the door that led to the work area.

     The Buzz was greeted with a familiar accent. "Howdy, Abaddon," said Clover, a short, green Zafara who worked for Tat, full-time. Him and Abaddon were good friends, and they enjoyed each others company. In all honesty, Clover rarely ever had any free time, so the Buzz knew very little about the Zafara.

     Their job was quite basic, just fix anything that was requested to be fixed. The most strenuous had to be cars, being so elusive they were very complicated creations. Tat hated the money spent on the materials for such machines, but he had this even greater hatred for motorcycles. Abaddon never knew why, and really didn’t want to ask.

     Finally, the old Lenny rang the bell for quitting time, and the small staff had to leave. "I'm goin' back home. You gon' be fine bah yoself?" Clover knew that Abaddon sleep walked and often worried about what might happen. The Buzz nodded, saying that he’ll make sure to go to sleep at home. But the Buzz made no signal of a promise, for the fact that he’d probably break it anyway.

     Then the two went their separate ways. Abaddon, who was sitting on the bench near the bus stop sign, stared blankly at the repair shop across the street. Tat’s shop was pitch black inside, it was very eerie, in fact all the building at night looked kind of creepy.

     He spread his body on the bench, it would take hours for the bus to come, so why not take a nap?


A crackling of fire, awoke my partner and I. The pirate captain stood over us like an awesome spire. "We were just passing by," said Zannibar with his usually mellow tone. The captain, mistrusting, glares at us with eyes of stone.

     He called upon his cabin boy. A cowardly yellow Lenny approaches from the crowd of bloodthirsty Koi. My eyes widen, much like Zannibar, this Lenny had the same attire as my Lenny plushie. "Y-yes sir," he squeaks. Obviously scared, with the rattling of his knees, in his right wing was a chain of keys.


The chiming of the keys became unbearably loud, and Abaddon awoke in some sort of net. This confused the Buzz, who thought he was still dreaming. Luckily the Buzz was painted plushie, and had a larger tolerance for pain. He realized that he was indeed not dreaming on the solid ground, and his surroundings were very urban.

     Looking upon his current situation more clearly, he noticed a yellow Lenny on a motorcycle. His blue-coated machine roared with a powerful engine, and he was dragging Abaddon along the empty midnight road in a chain-weaved net. Abaddon was very curious on why the young bird was doing this.

     "Hey, who are you stranger?" he asked the young Lenny.

     The Lenny stopped his bike, and got off of it very casually, while Abaddon was thrown into some alley because of momentum. "What's it to you," he growled. His appearance and voice slightly familiar now. "The name's Maccy, and you were sleeping on my turf, insect."

     Insect didn't really come as an insult to Abaddon for obvious reasons. Brushing himself off, he responded back to the Lenny. "My name is Abbadon... hey you must be Tat's son!" The yellow feathers, and ill-tempered look all perfectly matched, there was just a difference in clothes and age. Maccy's eyes flared up with anger, and he took out a pocket-knife and held it under the Buzz’s chin.

     Five seconds before he could thrust at our hero, Maccy was stopped by a paw. A blue Gelert with an orange bandana like Maccy's, had stopped the bird in time. Maccy scoffed at Abaddon and addressed the Gelert. "What's up Oniu." The Gelert pointed over his shoulder with his thumb.

     "A couple of Golds are lurking around. Down the fifth alley somewhere," he said. Oniu got on his red motorcycle, and moved his head as in a signal for the Lenny to follow.

     Maccy narrowed his eyes and snarled. "Those Golds should learn that this is Copper territory! Let's go!" Maccy's cycle roared, unfortunately though, Abaddon was still chained to Maccy’s bike by the net. The Buzz’ head made contact with a garbage can, and the setting began to change for him, again.


"Ah, sorry," said the cabin boy, frowning. Zannibar shrugged his shoulders. The yellow Lenny cracks a smile and asked, "What are your names?"

     "Zannibar Setizer is mine, and this is my Captain, Abaddon." I lifted my head with a sullen expression of dread. But then, the Lenny gulped and nodded respectfully instead.

     “It's a pleasure to meet you two. My name is Maccy Gyver." After hearing him mention his name, I struggled in my restrains. But then I stopped, thinking hard about this dream's aim. This Lenny looked just like the gang member from before, minus that intimidating fame.

     He was also of a weaker looking frame. The Lenny then cautiously hung the keys on a nearby chain, and left through the door of the small prison. While Zannibar and I heard insults thrown toward that young bird, above our heads, I could easily tell that Maccy wasn't happy with his current situation.

     I then noticed that the keys weren't far from our cell. "Hey Zannibar, could you make those keys fall off that wall?" The Lupe nodded and kicked the wall a few times. The keys landed near our feet, having a fair amount of dexterity in my toes, we eventually broke away from our bonds. Getting out of the cage itself was really easy, and we dashed up the stairs where we were set aback with vicious glares.

     We had to forget the fact that we were weaponless. What they were going to do to us now, was anybody's guess. Suddenly, Maccy yelled our names, and threw two swords in our direction. We grabbed them by the handles, and prepared to teach the fiends a good lesson.


Nothing but yelling and fighting was in the air. Something hard, and metallic hit the back of Abaddon’s head. With that, he swung his weapon toward his attacker. He heard a loud thud, he then opened his eyes and realized his surroundings were now urban. A group of Neopets on motorbikes wearing yellow bandanas raced away from the brawl.

     As they left down the blue tinted street, the Neopets wearing orange bandanas started shouting several things like... "That's what you get for getting on The Copper's turf!"

     Looking over his shoulder, the real Maccy Gyver had his mouth gaping wide. "Whoa," he said as if impressed by something. He walked up to Abaddon, a glow in his eyes, glazing respect toward the Buzz’s direction. "Where did ya learn how to do all of that?"

     This was when Abaddon’s shoulders slumped. "What?" The Lenny raised a brow, behind him. The Buzz saw Maccy’s gang doing some rather odd things. "What are they doing?" he asked.

     Maccy observed his buddies and answered, "They're imitating what you just did. First, you broke away my chain net. Then you ripped out a lamppost from its stand, and started kicking some serious Gold tail."

     Abaddon placed a hand on his forehead, as he shook his head in disbelief. "I couldn't have done all that!"

     Maccy laughed, "Come on, man, I saw you with my own two eyes!"

     "NO!!!" yelled the Buzz. This caused the gang to back away.

     Oniu the blue Gelert from before, stuck his head forward, then asked the Buzz. "Why, not?"

Abaddon took a long deep sigh before explaining. "Because I was just sleeping..." And for the remainder of that night, they all stared at him, with dumbfounded expressions.

To be continued...

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