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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 92 > Short Stories > Fighting Fire With Flames

Fighting Fire With Flames

by teghan62

To the odd traveler, midnight NST would be a great time to visit the Lair of the Beast. Not only were the Tyrannians easy to wake, but the Beast would probably be sleeping as well. Now, when the odd traveler would reach the rope, they would hear two different things. Soft snoring from the left, and some crashes, arguing and screaming from the right.

     Mira prepared the pounce on Andy, her Airax. The hyped up bird was flying around, refusing to go to bed. Mira was finally successful and drove her petpet to the ground. She picked up Andy by his leg and stuffed him into his cage. Andy jumped around in his cage and devoured a muffin. He then dropped onto his cage floor, asleep.

     Mira grinned to herself. That sleeping potion in the muffin had worked perfectly. Sighing, she finally got into bed and pulled up the covers. She was just getting cozy when she heard a crash.

     The annoyed Gelert got up and turned the lights on. The crash had woken up Andy, and he was throwing himself against the cage walls. Mira quickly opened the cage door, slapped Andy on the beak, and close it before the crazy bird could escape. Then she turned to the red figure lying on the floor.

     "Pachi?" asked Mira, doubting it was her. The red Gelert raised her head and Mira recognized her. "Pachi! It is you! What're you doing?"

     "I was coming back from the Lair of the Beast; it's sleeping, y'know, and I guess I took a wrong turn. I turned the wrong way, saw Kyle sleeping, turned again and a Lava Ghoul was there! It singed my fur," the red Gelert pointed to some blackened fur on her back.

     Mira was about to speak, but Pachi continued, "So I stumbled about and fell in here." Pachi got up. "Hey! You fight crime, don't you? You and Jade? Maybe you could kick the Lava Ghoul's butt!"

     "But…" Mira started, "But I thought the Lava Ghoul was in Mystery Island! Not Tyrannia!"

     "Well, apparently this one doesn't," said Pachi. "So, are you gonna or not?"

     "In the morning," Mira yawned. She fell asleep right on the spot.


It was around 9 NST when Mira called me. My watch and started beeping and Mira's voice started talking. "Jade," she said, "Pachi wants us to fight a Lava Ghoul. In Tyrannia. Come over to my house."

     You see, J.C. had updated our cell-phones. Now they were watches that told us the time, weather, showed us the news, allowed us to take Neopoints out of the bank wherever we were and talk to each other from wherever.

     "Mmmph," I sounded like a zombie as I got up. Everyone around me was still asleep, so I had to get out quietly. I opened up the window and jumped out, taking care to close it carefully.

     It was in about half an hour that I arrived. Mira was feeding Andy and Pachi was lying stretched out on the couch. When Mira saw me, she dropped Andy and slapped my head. "Took you long enough!" she told me.

     "Sorry…" I muttered, and then piped up, "I need to know the situation."

     Pachi explained to me and I nodded. "So, where was this?" I asked her.

     "Follow me," Pachi said. She took her flashlight and dropped onto all fours. Mira and I did the same. Pachi crawled through, bumping into hidden walls occasionally, while Mira and I wove around expertly. We finally reached a large room. The Lava Ghoul had it's back turned towards us.

     This time it was Mira's turn to jump into battle right away. She aimed a kick at it, but ended up burning her paw. Mira's blue paw turned red and started to sizzle a little. "Ow!" she cried as she jumped around, hopping about.

     "There goes the element of surprise…" my voice trailed off, while I threw a glare at Mira. She quickly flew above the Lava Ghoul as Pachi and I quickly ducked back. The Lava Ghoul turned around. Not seeing anything, it turned back around. Mira quickly flew back into the hole and went to the back with Pachi.

     I had been thinking of a way to try to beat the Lava Ghoul. We couldn't attack him directly, like Mira did, or else we'd be looking at a lot of burns. I decided to call J.C.

     I motioned for the two Gelerts to back further up and then backed up myself. I called up J.C. and asked in a whisper, "J.C, how can we defeat the Lava Ghoul? We can't make any physical contact, or anything…"

     "You're dimmer then I thought," came the observant reply. "Just use water. How obvious can that be? Duh."

     I lied there a moment, blinking. I hung up, annoyed at the Chia's reply. If I liked jelly, I'd like to eat him.

     "Guys, do you have any water with you right now?" I asked the two Gelerts.


     "I think I've got a water gun back at my place. C'mon."

     We all rushed back to Mira's house and found Andy going crazy again. "Andy!" Mira screeched as she lunged at him. The terrified Airax let out a squeak and hopped to his cage as Mira continued shouting at him. "Stupid bird! You're lucky I'm busy…"

     Pachi found Mira's water gun and handed it to me. "Mira, we're going," I told her. "Come on! Leave Andy for later."

     Mira reluctantly followed. Pachi and I went in front of her, since she wasn't fighting. We wove through the tunnels and quickly found the Lava Ghoul. It was looking at us. "Spray now, Jade!" Pachi screamed.

     Without a second thought, I sprayed all of the water in the gun at the Lava Ghoul. It fell to the ground, but got back up immediately. I was baffled. Shouldn't it have been defeated by now?

     Suddenly Pachi screamed, "Kick it Mira, kick it!" Mira leapt up and kick it, just as she had done before, but this time, it worked. The Lava Ghoul collapsed and stayed down.

     Pachi turned to us. "Thanks, guys. You gave him what you deserved. I have to go now… bye."

     The two of us waved at Pachi. Then, we dragged the Lava Ghoul back to Mira's home and sprayed him with some water. It was really fun; you should try it some time.

The End

Author's note: Pachi(sha) belongs to Lukana.

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