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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 19 > Short Stories > The Darkness Begins

The Darkness Begins

by unicornheart

This story is the prequel to Crystal’s Light. This story explains how the Darkness Lupes came to be. It ends at right when Crystal meets DarkHeart for the first time. This one isn’t quite as long either. As always my characters are fictional. Enjoy : )

LightHeart the White Lupe woke up with a start. His master was calling his name. LightHeart climbed out of his Glowing Bed. He ran out of his Gold Room. LightHeart arrived in the Living Room.

LightHeart: Yes, master. Master: I have a new pet for you to see.

Master stepped aside revealing a small, Blue Uni. LightHeart sniffed the Uni carefully. He started to wag his tail with glee. The little Uni snorted in disgust. Master did not notice this at all.

Master: His name is Thunder_Bolt. Thunder_Bolt: Where’s my room?

Master: You will take LightHeart’s room.

LightHeart: Where will I sleep, then?

Master: I made you a temporary Cardboard Room. Leave your things in your room, they belong to Thunder, now.

LightHeart frowned, but followed his instructions. He fell asleep on the cold floor of his “temporary” room. Little did he know what was in store for him next. The next morning Master took Thunder_Bolt out, leaving LightHeart alone.

Months passed. LightHeart had been ignored ever since Thunder_Bolt had joined the family. He was still in the Cardboard Room. Thunder_Bolt had just been painted Faerie.

Master finally came to LightHeart’s Room. He stuffed LightHeart with food. Then, Master grabbed LightHeart by the scruff of his neck and dragged him to the pound. He dropped LightHeart on the desk in front of Dr_Death and paid the fine. LightHeart was then thrown into a cage.

A year had passed. No one had wanted LightHeart, because he was so weak. All the things LightHeart had heard about people only wanting painted pets were wrong. Being painted didn’t help him get adopted at all.

One day, LightHeart had dealt with enough. He broke out of his cage when Dr_Death opened it to give him some leftover omelette. He sprinted out of the Pound and straight for a forest. He could smell the scent of a Faerie and decided to follow it. He found the Uber-Darkness Faerie standing in a clearing.

Uber-Darkness Faerie: So, you are the one with the great anger and jealousy.

LightHeart: What do you mean?

Uber-Darkness Faerie: I felt your feelings toward the Uni that replaced you. I can help you find others like yourself. Do you want to avenge those like you?

LightHeart: Yes, I want to destroy the all Unis in Neopia.

Uber-Darkness Faerie: You can’t destroy all of them, but you can destroy the Gemstone Unis.

With those words, the Uber-Faerie waved her hands and LightHeart’s coat turned black. His eyes turned from a gentle ice-blue to a harsh ruby-red. LightHeart’s evil had overpowered his goodness.

Uber-Darkness Faerie: Now, what is your name?

DarkHeart: My name was once LightHeart. My name is now DarkHeart. How do I destroy them?

Uber-Darkness Faerie: First, you must gather a pack. Have them go after the Unis.

DarkHeart: Why not have them destroy the Unis?

Uber-Darkness Faerie: There is a legend about a human girl. She can be used to save or destroy the Unis, with her mystical powers. She has a magical scent around her. Find and use her to destroy the Unis.

DarkHeart nodded, and set off to find more Lupes to join his pack. He found a group of about a dozen Blue Lupes that had been cast out by their owners. Their leader was not a Blue Lupe, but a Cloud Lupe named Cielo.

Cielo: What do you want, Black Lupe?

DarkHeart: I am DarkHeart, and I want you and your pack to join me in a quest to destroy a herd of Unis, under my command.

Cielo: You may lead our pack....Only if you defeat me in battle.

With that, DarkHeart attacked Cielo with a Fierce Attack. DarkHeart anger had made him so strong that he knocked Cielo down in one hit. Cielo groaned and rose to his feet. Then, he bowed his head in submission to DarkHeart.

DarkHeart place his paw on Cielo’s head and transformed all of the goodness in his heart to evil. A Fire coated spread down Cielo’s body to represent the change. Next, DarkHeart touched each of the other Lupes. Their Blue fur turned Red.

DarkHeart: What is your name, Fire Lupe?

Diablo: My name was once Cielo. It is now, Diablo, Master DarkHeart.

All the Lupes bowed to DarkHeart. DarkHeart led the pack out of the woods. He follow the scent of the Gemstone Unis to a meadow. He chose not to attack them, yet. That would wait until the pack had a place to live.

DarkHeart saw mountains to the north of the valley. He chose to head to the mountains. DarkHeart knew that there would be a good shelter in the mountains. As they got deeper into the mountains, DarkHeart noticed a castle.

DarkHeart explained to the pack that they were going to have to find a path to the castle. After a day of searching they found a path that led straight to the castle. It was a gigantic castle. The drawbridge was down, so they crossed over it.

Inside there was a courtyard that had doors on the north, west, and east sides. The northern door lead to the throne room and the royal chambers. The eastern door led to the servants’ quarters, kitchen, and dining room. Finally the western door led to small rooms for prisoners, a large room for many prisoners and stairs down to the dungeon.

The castle was completely empty, so the pack made it their home. While the other Lupes terrorised the Unis, DarkHeart terrorized a small village on the over the western side of the mountains, by the sea.

He would come to steal food and terrorise the humans. He could always smell a strange scent amongst the humans. It had the scent of magic around it. One day he followed the smell to the house of a young mother and her baby girl.

DarkHeart looked through the window and then jumped inside the house. The woman screamed at the sight of him. Her baby cried loudly. DarkHeart sniffed the air. He could smell the woman’s fear and the magic that was around her child.

DarkHeart: So, you are the one I was told about.

Mother: What were you told about me?

DarkHeart: Not you, woman, your child. She is the key to my success. I will be back for her later.

With those words, DarkHeart leaped out of the window and disappeared into the night. He returned to the castle. DarkHeart knew the baby would not survive without her mother. That was the only reason he did not steal the child.

After two years, DarkHeart returned to the woman’s house for her child, but they were gone. He questioned the citizens and was told the woman went out to the sea and never returned.

DarkHeart returned to the castle. As he got closer he noticed the smell of magic was blowing on the wind from the Gemstone Herd’s valley. He sniffed at the scent and recognised it a once.

DarkHeart: So that’s where you’re hiding, now. Your time will come, girl.

DarkHeart returned to the castle quickly. He ordered the Lupes to train harder. They would be going into the valley soon. He also explained that he would sneak in the valley, to determine when they would attack. The pack howled in unison to show they understood.

Every month, DarkHeart snuck into the valley and watched the child. She was growing stronger and more beautiful every time he saw her. The Unis always clothed her in a long brown dress. Soon, the girl was thirteen.

DarkHeart: Diablo, go to the valley with six other Lupes tomorrow. Do you know what a human is?

Diablo: No, sir, I don’t know what a “human” is.

DarkHeart: It looks like a Mynci without a tail. The only hair it has grows on its head, and it is a little bit taller than me. If you find a human bring it here.

Diablo nodded. The next morning he set off for the valley. After a week, Diablo returned. As Diablo and his part of the pack howled, the wind blew into the throne room. DarkHeart could smell the girl’s magical scent flowing in the breeze. After a moment he heard Diablo speaking.

Diablo(softly): Do as I tell you and our master will not harm you. Keep your head down, unless he orders you to look up. When you are close enough to see the first step up to his throne kneel as low as possible.

The doors open and Diablo entered with his second in command beside him and a trembling young girl behind them. The girl knelt before DarkHeart. He chuckled and stepped closer to the girl. DarkHeart lifted the girl’s face. Her silvery-blue eyes were pale and sad. A tear fell from her face and on to his paw.

DarkHeart(thinking): So, we finally meet, key to my success.

The End

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