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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 19 > Short Stories > What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around

by aquariatennis13

Loran was a most powerful Lupe. Everyday his owner took him to the Techo Master for training. He was his owner's only pet. He was always fighting other NeoPets. But, if there was one thing Loran liked more than anything, it was hunting Chias. Everyday his owner would give him Lupe treats or a Meaty Chia but if he was very lucky he could get a Chia burger.

Today Loran was planning to go Chia hunting with his friends Garon and Sly. Just as he was sneaking out the front door he heard his owner Cassie say, "Just where do you think you're going Loran?"

"Um. Chia Hunting with Garon and Sly?"

"Think again."

Loran groaned and murmured, "Staying home and reading books."

"That's better Loran. You know you're not supposed to be out late on school days. We don't want the Techo Master saying that you should have gotten more sleep. Now off to your room."

"Yes'm," said Loran quietly. Loran was miserable. He was not in the mood for reading Geometry Level 3 right now. What he really wanted to do was go Chia hunting. He could almost smell juicy Chia meat. Loran sadly sent a Neomessage to Garon and Sly explaining his situation. His Froiler, Chia Eater 2001 cuddled up next to him. Loran sighed and reached for a Meaty Lupe Treat. If he closed his eyes it almost tasted like Chia.

The following day after school Garon and Sly ran up to him. "Hey! Too bad you missed the hunt yesterday we chased some real juicy Chias...but we didn't catch them," said Garon.

"We had a lot of fun though....look! That's the apple Chia we chased yesterday, Let's get him!"

The three ran after a small frightened apple Chia who ran wildly screaming, "Eeekk!!"

Finally, when they cornered the crying Chia they edged closer to it. "Please! Please don't eat me!!" it sobbed desperately.

"Mmm. Delicious Apple Chia," said Loran.

"Yeah. Let's split it three ways," said Garon.

"Yummy!" said Sly who licked his chops.

"Please! I beg you!"screamed the Chia tears flooding down his face.

The Lupes edged closer still. "Help!! Help!!!" screamed the Chia who continued crying uncontrollably.

Suddenly something roared behind them. "Leave my brother alone!!!"it yelled. It was a Mutant Chia! The three Lupes ran but not before they had the stuffing knocked out of them by the Mutant Chia When Loran finally reached his owner his hit points were down to zero. He could barely stand. "Loran! What's wrong?"

"I...I .... got hurt by a mutant Chia"

Cassie rushed Loran to the Water Faerie who restored him to his full hit points.

When they got home Cassie lectured Loran about Chia Hunting. "Now, Loran I don't want you Chia hunting anymore. You got really hurt this time."

"But, Cassie!" Loran protested.

"No, buts! Now off to your room Loran. You need rest after today."

Loran went off to his room disgruntled. He couldn't believe a CHIA beat him up that bad. A CHIA!! Well, it was a mutant Chia, but still! Loran felt extremely humiliated. All the other Lupes would be making fun of him tomorrow at school. He became extremely angry at the Apple Chia He was going to get that stupid Chia one of these days.

The following day he met Garon and Sly after school. They were all very angry and were determined to take revenge upon the little apple Chia They spotted it near the Smoothie shop and stalked it as it went through the woods on its way home.

"Hey, little guy!" cried Loran.

The Chia started running and crying. "Get him!" yelled Sly.

Loran ran swiftly and knocked down the little Chia

"Help!! Help!!" it cried.

"Pipe down, you daft Chia!" yelled Garon.

"Well...well...well... Looks like your big brother isn't around here to save you," said Loran.

"Mmmmm. A delicious Apple Chia just waiting to be eaten right boys?"

"Yup!" the two other Lupes replied.

"Please!! Please!! Let me go please!!" it cried desperately.

Loran edged closer to it his sharp teeth barely an inch away from the little Chia

"Yum," he whispered and smiled.

The apple Chia gave a bloodcurdling shriek and Loran leapt away. Angrily he smacked the Chia with one of his paws and said, "Put a Negg in it, you dumb Chia!"

The Chia continued to cry and when it tried to get on its feet one of the Lupes would knock it down.

"You know what!" cried Loran , "Let's just eat this stupid screaming Chia! I am hungry!"

Just as Loran was about to take a huge bite out of the Chia he felt an extreme shock go through his body. He saw his body morphing into that of an apple Chia! And the Apple Chia was morphing into the body of a ferocious Lupe! Garon and Sly ran away frightened that they two would turn into Chias. Suddenly a small voice spoke. It was that of the Magic Shopkeeper, Kauvara.

"It looks as though the tables have turned does it not Loran?" she replied.


"I saw how you were tormenting the poor little apple Chia and I decided that you could you use a taste of your own medicine. Now, why don't you just run along home," she smiled at the Apple Chia turned Lupe, "Or perhaps be chased along home."

Even today you can here the shrieks and cries as Loran is chased through the woods by the Lupe that was once a little apple Chia

The End

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