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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 14 > Continuing Series > How We Were Lost: A Tale of Reunion - Part Two

How We Were Lost: A Tale of Reunion - Part Two

by frogman123us

"Well, hello there. I'm glad to see that you're all right. You collapsed in the sand at the edge of our camp. I brought you in here and dried you off. When I picked you up, it was like picking up ice. What happened to you?" the stranger said to me.

"I…I was on a boat with my family. There was a storm and we went overboard. We were all swept away in different directions. I…I want my family!" I cried.

"Well, do you have a name?" the stranger asked me.

"Yes, Wolfer3786, but you can call me Wolfy."

"All right then. Wolfy, why don't you come with me. We saw another NeoPet that looked like it had been washed up onto the beach and he's in the camp also. Let's see if you know him, okay?"


So, we went into another tent. There, on the floor, was my older brother, Rexosaur2000. "That's my brother!" I cried out in excitement. "Rex…Rex…wake up, Rex!"

Rexosaur2000 awoke slowly. When he saw me, he jumped into my arms. Then he cried, "At least we're still together!"

We then sat down and began to discuss where the rest of the family could be. We knew that Shark_Master_2001 was most likely with Tiger_Cub_123 or Frogman123us because he could swim after whomever he wanted. We needed to know how many islands were in this part of Neopia.

"Excuse me, sir. Do you know how many islands are in this area of Neopia?" I asked.

"About 350," was the reply.

"350!!! Rex, we'll never find them!" I cried, "We must try!" he said.

After resting and eating to regain our strength, we made a raft and the strangers gave us enough food and water to last for a week. We set out for the closest island and began our search for the rest of the Frogman clan. When we got there and had searched it, we found nothing there. Nor did we find anything on the next one, or the next one, or the next one. We eventually searched 82 islands with no success.

"Rex, we're NEVER going to find them," I said.

"Yes, we will, Wolfy! Keep your faith alive!" Rexosaur2000 told me.

We continued our search on the islands. When we had searched 212 of the 350 islands, even Frogman123us' most loyal pet, Rexosaur2000, was beginning to lose faith in ever finding them. Suddenly, off in the distance we saw a bluish gray curl rising towards the sky.

"Smoke! I see smoke!" Rexosaur2000 screamed.

We quickly made our way to the island from which the smoke came. We landed on a beautiful white-sanded beach and made our way into the jungle. We could smell the smoke getting closer and closer. We finally burst through the trees into a clearing with a small brook babbling through it. We also saw a small tent-like shelter and…

"Tiger_Cub_123! Shark_Master_2001!" I cried out as I saw two more of the Frogman clan.

"Wolfer3786! Rexosaur2000!" they cried out as they ran towards us.

We greeted each other and exchanged hugs. We then sat down and told of our adventures. We told them of how we had both been carried to one of the islands and brought in by kindly people. They told us that Shark_Master_2001 had carried Tiger_Cub_123 through the water to this island but could never leave because they didn't have the tools to build a raft. But now that we found each other, the Frogman clan was almost back together. All we had to do was search for our missing owner, Frogman123us.

We all hopped onto our raft and pushed off. We continued our search of the islands for our missing owner. We eventually searched 349 out of 350 islands. The only island we had left to search was Krawk Island itself. When we landed, we started exploring immediately. We searched everywhere. We went to Smuggler's Cove. We went to the Armada house. We went to the PetPet shop. We went EVERYWHERE.

It was then that we all came to realise the truth. Frogman123us didn't make it to land. We went to the Krawk Island authorities and told them our story. We were then brought back to Neopia Central and placed in the Neopian Pound, never to be able to see each other again.

After Rexosaur2000, Tiger_Cub_2001, and Shark_Master_2001 were adopted, I was left in the pound alone. That was when the miracle happened. Frogman123us came through the pound doors! He told the clerk that I was his pet and I was released to him. He then asked the clerk for the address of the owners that had taken his other pets.

"I'm sorry, sir," the clerk began to say. "But that is classified information."

"Please," Frogman123us said with a tear in his eye. "I was separated from my pets and they were brought here. When I learned this, I came immediately. I want my pets back."

Detailing the story of our adventure and plight to the clerk, she gave Frogman123us the addresses he needed. We then went to the NeoHome where Tiger_Cub_123 was.

"Dad! Is that really you?" Tiger_Cub_123 cried out. He began to cry. Frogman123us told his story to the new owner of his NeoPet. She agreed to let Frogman123us have Tiger_Cub_123 back and he paid back her the amount of Neopoints she had paid to adopt him.

We then made our way to the address where Shark_Master_2001 was. He was so excited to see us and he also was quickly allowed to rejoin the family. We then left to go get Rexosaur2000.

"No!!" Rexosaur2000's new owner called out. "The Grarrl is mine! And his name's not Rexosaur2000! It's Simon!"

We realised that his new owner was mean. He was not taking good care of Rex at all. Rexosaur2000 had been painted with a skunk paintbrush and was looking very thin and weak.

"But… please sir, I'll pay you double what you paid for him," Frogman123us offered.

Being greedy, the grouch demanded three times the amount he had paid. Realising that the clan had to get Rex back, Frogman123us paid the man and Rexosaur2000 rejoined the Frogman clan. Frogman123us quickly made a trip to the rainbow pool and repainted Rexosaur2000 green.

This had become one of the many exciting adventures that would await the Frogman clan. We had the biggest adventure of our lives; however, for now, it feels good to be home.

The End

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