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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Relaxing, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 14 > Short Stories > A Lupe's Problem

A Lupe's Problem

by tangogal

Sarai11, a white Lupe, was dreading the next day. Oh why, oh why, oh why, Sarai thought, Does she have to be friends with a girl with a Chia?

"Time for dinner, Sarai!" Tangogal called. Sarai went to the dinner table. They were having Bacon-and-Broccoli Omelette, Organic Apples, and for dessert Chocolate Ice Cream. Her two younger sisters put away their Usukis, and her older sister turned off her rainbow boom box.

"What's the matter, Sarai?" Pohin_2000, her older sister, asked.

"Nothing," Sarai mumbled. "Mind your own business." She regretted talking like that, but there was no way a Peophin would understand how much she hated Chias! Every time tangogal took them to sweetheart0082001's house, the Chia, _SweetChia, would tease her and tease her and tease her... And it wouldn't be as bad if there was another Lupe, but you would have to be completely nuts to own a Chia and a Lupe!

"As you all know, we're going to my friend's NeoHome tomorrow, so Sarai," Tangogal said, directing her gaze to Sarai, "No eating _SweetChia. It's only for an hour. Try to control yourself." Sarai mumbled a response and turned her attention to her food. Bacon-and-Broccoli Omelette was her favorite kind, and Chocolate Ice Cream was her favorite dessert, except for Gingerbread Lupe Treats. But since those were Chia-shaped, tangogal didn't buy them often. Probably because at least two or three of her Neofriends had Chias.

"So that's what's bothering you!" Pohin whispered. "Why didn't you tell me?!"

"Because you don't understand!" Sarai whispered back. "YOU don't have to have SweetChia tease you for an hour."

"I'll try to keep her away from you."

"Well, at least that'll make it better. Thanks, Pohin." Quiggles aren't half bad, Sarai thought. I can hang out with amb4eva. Sarai went to bed that night feeling better.


The next morning, Pohin came down with a bad case of Bloaty Belly. Tangogal took her to the hospital, then to the Pharmacy. Tangogal said that she'd be fine, but she needed to stay in bed for a day so the Flat-U-Less tablets could take effect. Oh no! Sarai thought. I'm in trouble now! LittlePrincess011 and Lili_gal will never be able to keep SweetChia away from me! They haven't even ever met her!

The pets and tangogal walked to sweetheart's house, which was not to far away. The minute she walked into sweetheart's house, the smell of Chia filled her sense of smell, which was pretty good, since she was a Lupe SweetChia came downstairs, her purple body wiggling with excitement. When she saw the Poogle(Lili_gal) she squealed and ran down the rest of the stairs. Maybe she won't pay attention to me! Sarai thought. After all, she seems excited to see Lili!

"Hi, tangogal. Hi, Sarai. Hi, Lili. Hi, LittlePrincess. Where's Pohin?" Sweetheart asked.

"She has Bloaty Belly. I gave her Flat-U-Less tablets, but she has to stay in bed for a day," Tangogal replied.

"That's too bad. Did you have breakfast before you left?"

"No, we didn't."

"Well, neither did we! Come and eat."

"All right. C'mon, you guys."

They all walked into sweetheart's dining room. There were Plain Omelettes, Cheese Omelettes, Red Apples, Green Apples, and Baby Tomatoes on the table. There was Orange Juice to drink. Sweetheart said, "Everybody can have one Omelette, one Apple, one Baby Tomato, and a glass or two of Orange Juice." Sarai took a Cheese Omelette, a Red Apple, and a glass of Orange Juice, but since she didn't really like tomatoes, she passed on those.

Lili leaned over and asked, "Do you think anyone would mind if I didn't have any Omelette?"

Sarai, knowing that Lili didn't have much of an appetite in the morning, said, "No, Lili. Don't take anything you can't finish." Lili took a Red Apple and a glass of Orange Juice. Since I'm eating now, Sarai thought, maybe SweetChia won't look so tasty later. After they ate, SweetChia went off with Lili, instead of dragging Sarai up to her room to "show her my Usukis". So Sarai went up to amb4eva's room to see it. The room was made of Bamboo, and it looked really cool. Sarai's room was made of Chocolate. When she told amb4eva that, amb4eva said, "How do you not eat it? There was a chocolate room here last time you came, but it's gone because everyone ate it."

"Well, mostly I just eat a little of it, so we can put a Chocolate Bar over the spot and it's fixed. But the real problem is summer. The Chocolate melts. So during summer I stay in the Straw Room, and we freeze my regular room."

"That's really cool! I'll tell mom that. Maybe next time you come over we'll have a chocolate room."

"How come I didn't see the chocolate room last time?"

"Well, you were with SweetChia for so long that I didn't have a chance to show you."


Sarai and amb4eva had so much fun together that they didn't realise how much time had passed.

"Uh-oh!" Sarai said. "It's been three hours since we got here! I wonder why tangogal didn't come get me?"

Just at that moment, sweetheart came in and said that SweetChia was spending the night with Lili, and so if Sarai wanted to, she could spent the night here.

"Yay! Of course I want to!" Sarai said.

So SweetChia went home with tangogal, and Sarai spent the night at sweetheart's house. When she went home the next day, tangogal was waiting for her. She looked like she'd stayed up all night, and so did Lili. Tangogal sent SweetChia home, then turned to Sarai and said, "Well, I sure have a better idea of what you go through at sweetheart's house! That Chia was... Oh I don't know." Then she took Sarai to the pantry, opened a smaller door and showed Sarai her hidden stash of... GINGERBREAD LUPE TREATS!!!!

The End

Author's Note: Sarai and amb4eva became good friends. So did SweetChia and Lili. Pohin was really glad for Sarai.

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