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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 114 > Articles > Getting Your Spook On

Getting Your Spook On

by noremac9

EDNA'S PLACE - I love Halloween. Such a great time of year. When else can you line up like nice little pets and get nice little candy and get nice little tummy aches? No other time I know of. But then again, I haven't been out of the NeoHome in some time. Hmm, I wonder if they ever defeated the Rock Beast...

But the point I'm trying to make is that this really is a great holiday. To make it even better, though, I've made a list of all my favorite things to do... when I used to get out some... on this freakish night. C'mon, we're gonna get into the spirit here! Just one note: toilet paper not included.

One of my favorite things to do is to bake some nice Halloween food. Maybe give it to some old ladies or something. Just helps you get into the spirit of giving and holiday che-- oh. Wrong holiday. Well, nonetheless, it's nice to make stuff for old ladies. And everyone knows one of the best things to make on Halloween are pies. But don't worry -- none of the gross pies. I mean, pumpkin pot pie? Ewww. No, we're making yummy pies like Meerca pie and Quiggle pie. These pies are also surprisingly easy to make, and ridiculously easy if you're a Meerca or Quiggle! Let's get started.

First, take some crust... or pie base... or pie shell... whatever it is. Take it and put it in a shiny pan-thing. Now for the ingredient! Just go outside and ask one of the above species for the time of day. Then... well, you know the rest. Of course, if you are one of the above species, just dice yourself up and have a friend put you in the pie -- then have them finish it. Next, add the stuff that goes on top and bake it in something hot for a little bit of time. When done, you'll know, because your little friend -- or possibly you -- will look nice and crispy. Wow, I feel spookier already! Note that it's best eaten with a Grundo Toe With Lint Side Order side order. Another fun recipe is the Bogie Berry. Take berry, sneeze, repeat. Man, I feel like it's Halloween already!

But enough with the food -- let's talk about what there is to do on Hallow's Eve. And my oh my, are there things to do.

Obviously, you're going to want to head on over to the haunted woods. This is THE place to be on Halloween. To not be there is like to not be in a fortified Transparashield bunker when they say the Monoceraptor's loose. Or not going to Tombola when he's open-- it's that bad. After all, when else will Hubrid Nox be flying around and cursing young Neopets with unfathomable hexes?

If you're having trouble hitching a ride, there's a simple principle I have when it comes to getting to the haunted woods. I call it the newtonian law of everybody'sgoingtotheHauntedWoods. Just find someone moving -- you know, not sitting and counting the Greebles hopping by -- and get in whatever form of transportation they're using... even if you have to sneak aboard. If they're walking, try to make very little noise when you sneak aboard their shoulders. Hopefully they don't plan on walking over any major water bodies.

So anyway, back to what there is to do there. One of my favorite events every year is the Annual Pumpkin Contest. Entries are based on three criteria: Originality, Frightfulness, and Resemblance to Hubrid Nox. I think he might run the contest. Nonetheless, it's good fun for the whole family's last night together on this earth... er... I mean, it's a whole lot of fun. Just don't mind the Sorcerers of Malediction, Witches of Dark Magic, and Demonic Beasts from who-knows-where. And yes, they are making pumpkins, not plotting to bring darkness to all Neopia. Well, at least while they're making pumpkins they're not...

Another fun event is the Bob-For-Apple-Lanterns Contest. The idea is pretty simple: put a bunch of supernaturally burning apples into a cursed pot filled with a strange brew, than dunk your head in it! If you are lucky enough to get an Apple Lantern AND your head back out, you will probably burn your teeth into little hard rocks. This is why the contest only has one participant a year-- who always wins by forfeit. Maybe if the prize was more than a free trip to the Cockroach Towers, people would give it a shot.

Which reminds me of the biggest spooky party of the year: The Cockroach Shake-Down Crash Crash BOOM! This is an event sponsored by the owner of the "hotel" to attempt and destroy the place via violent rocking and jumping into the walls. He hopes that one day the whole place will collapse and he'll get his insurance on it. I think he mentioned something about moving to a nice little retirement community after it falls. But after six years, it's still standing, so don't worry about it collapsing -- go party! Just don't listen to anyone who talks about some prophecy about the seventh year being the year of the fall... they're all crazy.

But I know most of you are just here for a guide on how to Trick-Or-Treat. Well, maybe not how, since everyone knows how: go up to a stranger, have them give you candy, then leave. I remember a safety class as a kid telling me to do the exact opposite, but I guess it's okay if you're dressed up like Sloth. The point is that we're getting to the Scoop of the Pumpkin Scoopings; the Fright in the Fright Soda; the Ewww in the Pumpkin Ice Cream.

A real hot spot for Tricking and a-Treatin' is Edna's house... tower... cave.. thing. She actually comes out all day to give pets candy -- unless she's feeling evil. And she's always feeling evil. So what people really go there for is to fight her. After all, beating up old ladies-- just like taking candy from strangers -- is something you're only supposed to do on Halloween. Once again, don't ask me why.

But if you're actually interested in getting free candy, and not just whacking the elderly, try the Esaphagor. While you'll have to give HIM a couple of Spooky foods, he'll give you something in return: probably a worthless plushie. But if you're a Skeith -- hey, it's candy!

Another great place to ask for free stuff is the Haunted House. Sure, going to a place known for all things deathlike might not SEEM like a such a wise idea, but when you really think about it, it's brilliant. After all, candy IS dead. Well, at least it's not living. So anyone dead would be experts on the subject! Hence, this is where you get the best candy in all of Neopia. In fact... I loved... it... so much... I want to serve... my masters... forever. Brains... need BRAINS!

More brains... I mean... If you really want to push the envelope (off a three-story building), then head on over to old Evil Death's lapec (that's an anagram for Eliv Thade's Place, for those in their right mind) and knock on the door. He'll probably want you to unscramble the words to each candy, then drop you through a trapdoor when you're wrong. I rather enjoyed the fall in my past life. The part where you hit the cold dungeon floor is painful for a second, but then everything goes black and it's all over. Not too bad -- and if you get it right, free Chocolate Covered Peanuts!

But after all this, you're going to be beat. Assuming you have all your proper body parts, and know how to put them back on right, I suggest chilling with a Grog Light and watching the latest grass grow. Halloween can be tiring, and you owe it to yourself to chill out. Plus, you need to eat all that candy before it gets all squishy and tangy. Then again, you got it from the Haunted Woods -- it probably was before you got it.

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