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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 114 > Articles > A Tour of the Haunted Woods and Beyond

A Tour of the Haunted Woods and Beyond

by beau_lis

HAUNTED WOODS - Can you feel all it around you? The tingly sensation of what is yet to come, knowing that the end of the month of Collecting is so close. Yet there is still the wait and anticipation because it’s not quite here. The magic, the mystery, the fright all linger around you, but do not touch you yet because it is not time.

It is one special night when the evil creatures come to pay their respects, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting Neopians. It is a night of the unexplainable. It is a night of festivity as Neopians and pets dress up to become whatever their imaginations can create. It is a time of celebration. It is Halloween!

What better way to celebrate the coming of Halloween than to take a tour through the most frightening of all worlds, the Haunted Woods?

It is estimated that most Neopians would have made the trek to the Haunted Woods at least once. The question is, did they have a frightfully good time or was it just dead? (before anyone may ask, yes these little puns will be spread throughout this article)

The Haunted Woods are full of little surprises that most Neopians would miss in their efforts to do their business and then escape the spooky place. So with that in mind, the tour will begin with the less visited spots of the Haunted Woods.

Neopet Masks – What a fun place to visit. Often referred to as the ‘poor Neopian’s morphing potion’, this spot provides many Neopians with a less expensive way to change their pets into another species. Also, it is a great way for a Neopian to walk a mile in their pet’s shoes…er…paw prints for a day. Not advisable to wear these masks during the raining season.

Colouring Pages – A must for any Neopian who has a heart full of creativity. This is the perfect way to get that special black and white picture of your pet? Of course, you’ll have to provide the coloring if you are looking for a color picture of your pet.

Spooky Paint Brushes – For those Neopians wondering if their pet can be painted with the spooky Halloween Paint Brush, your wondering has been quenched. Here you will find the hall of pictures featuring every species of pets who can take on this most spooky transformation.

Spooky Petpets – Anyone who is looking for a little friend would just die (did I not warn you about the bad puns earlier) to visit this spooky petpet shop! Housed in this shop are some of the strangest and scary petpets in all the worlds of Neopia! Do be warned. These petpets may look cuddley, but keep in mind where they came from. If their eyes start a glowin’ and they are a growlin’, then it’s probably time for you to get a goin’.

Stone Dome – Ahhh, the place where the bravest of the brave come to hold their title as a brave soul. It’s also a place where the meek take a wrong turn and end up in the battle of their lives. In this dome, one can fight the evil creatures of the night. Or, battles can take places between two brave souls to see which may be the victorious one. It’s a painfully exciting experience.

Haunted House – If you enjoy the ‘choose your own ending’ stories, then you will enjoy visiting the Haunted House. Just like in the Neopian Adventure Generator, you are the master of your destiny. As you read this chilling story, you decide what you will do next. Do be careful though, for this Haunted House will do what it can to trap you inside!

Games – One of the most visited areas of the Haunted Woods would be the games. Neopians love to play games, regardless of where they are located. They are even willing to risk entrance into the Haunted Woods just so they can play a game. There are many to choose from with worthy opponents to be found.

Brain Tree & Esophagor – If you value your sanity, then it is strongly advised to stay away from this area of the Haunted Woods. Many of Neopians have come to challenge the Brain Tree only to be driven mad by the demands to answer a single question. ‘How can that be?’ comes the cry from those wanting to challenge the Brain Tree. The question always relates to ‘who died, when and where’. You must feed the Esophagor to discover each part of the answer to the question.
A little known fact is the Neopians who we are seeking, to find the events surrounding their death, are actually past challengers to the Brain Tree quests.

Quests – Some have the desire to do quests and some don’t. It all depends on the worth to each Neopian. There is the visit to Edna, the witch, or you can play a little Fetch with the master. Either way, you will indeed pay the price for playing with these evil ones.

Spooky Marketplace – Anyone looking for the sinister side of shopping will definitely dig this spot with the graveside set of shops. Anything and everything can be found from those who are brave enough to host a shop in the Haunted Woods.

Had enough of the Haunted Woods? Then why not try the most recent horrific addiction, the Deserted Fairgrounds? Everyone loves a carnival, even a carnival of terror. As one enters the gates to this deserted fair, the first sight to see is Sssidney. Like all good carnivals, the host seems to be the keeper of the fairgrounds.

Deserted Fairground Scratchcards – With his purple suit and hissing sound, Sssidney himself is the host for this game of chance. These scratchcards always have a bit of luck in them. Whether it is good luck or bad luck is left to be seen.

Spooky Food – Treat yourself to this most festive of foods. Try the gummy rat, scary soup or even have a meal of tongue with veggies. All guaranteed to bring a little chill to your taste buds.

Ghost Neopets – Like the Spooky Neopet section in the Haunted Woods, here is a listing of the species who can become a ghost, should you wish it. These red eyed, transparent pets are sure to bring a howl of delight.

Spooky Furniture – This shop is a decorator’s worst nightmare, as it should be. Many a ghoul and evil creatures have chosen to make their home in the Haunted Woods. With that in mind, what home would not want the latest fashion in spooky furniture? This is truly the place where you can find the furniture has a taste for you as well.

Haunted Weaponry – This is not a place for the faint of heart. These weapons come alive as soon as anyone enters the shop. Mastery, skill and evil are the traits to be found here. One must be cautious for a weapon’s bite is most assuredly worse than its bark.

More Games – As in the Haunted Woods, there are a few evil little places to visit for some fun and games. However, take care not to get caught up in the clutches of the masters of these games for in many cases, a pox may fall on you.

And that concludes the insider tour of the Haunted Woods and Deserted Fairgrounds. Please exit out the gates…



Author’s Note: This article is written with humor for a bit of fun. I love the autumn season and with it comes the magical time of Halloween when anyone can be what they dream of, if only for a night. I hope you enjoyed my article. Please feel free to offer comments.

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