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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Illumiru
Owner: dragonstorm_75
Breed: Hissi

About Illumiru:
It was an arduous journey, but I did not mind at all; I was used to the harsh touch of the desert.

I traveled because I like to travel. To me, it was an escape, but it was a dangerous one. Cobralls and sandstorms were frequent risks, as well as overheating, unique for a Scorchio like myself. For this reason, I constantly sought oases to refresh myself.

The Lost Desert was always hot, but this year had made it a literal oven. I was terribly thirsty, holding nothing but my walking stick, searching for a watering hole. My own supplies were finished yesterday, and already I was affected by illusions.

However, my hallucination turned out to be a real oasis, and just as I quickly stooped to drink the cooling waters, I was pushed away by a Tonu.

“This watering hole is full. You cannot stay here – but you can fill your bags and take your leave.”

I noticed a huge line of pets forming behind one of the two pools, and realized that the drought had been more terrible than previously thought. Of course, I accepted his generous offer, and after taking a few directions, I decided to head to a northern-most watering hole that was bigger and probably had much more water to go around.

In three days I arrived, parched, weak, and hungry. I barely clung to my walking stick as I dragged myself to the oasis and drank my fill. Before I knew it, overcome by exhaustion and hunger, I slipped into a fitful slumber by the side of the lake.

The next morning I found myself in an interesting new place. It was a tent, cool and dark, and within were three interesting pets: a Darigan Scorchio, a blue Lupe, and a Maraquan Buzz, all talking and inspecting a fried suwek. My groan probably surprised them, but the Lupe was quite pleased.

“Good morning!” she announced happily. “Want something to eat?”

I accepted the offer, and was quickly given some delicacies of the desert, which I promptly devoured, waving my wings weakly with delight. It was a long time since I had eaten! The Buzz then offered water, which I accepted with happiness.

“What were you doing by the side of the lake?” asked the Scorchio with a grin. “It looked as if you were about to fall in. Thank goodness Axallion found you while swimming.”

“Do you have a home?” the one called Axallion asked.

I paused before answering. “No, I never had a home.”

The Lupe and the Scorchio exchanged quizzical glances before turning to me. I was already wondering what this threesome had in store for one like myself. “Every pet needs a home, why don’t you stay with us? Dragonstorm_75, our owner, would love a new pet!”

I considered the offer, and then turned to look out at the endless desert. I realized that ever since the drought, I had lost my love of traveling. I didn’t like the constant thirst, and maybe a new home would be better for me. Why not accept their offer? These three seemed quite nice...

I finally nodded in acceptance, taking off the water bag that I carried with me that represented my endless roaming. I would miss it, yes, but it was time for me to change my direction in life.

The three neopets were overjoyed with my decision and after a while, I found them and their owner – no, my owner – quite pleasant. It wasn’t long before Dragonstorm_75 announced that she had something special in store for me, and it was then that I grew quiet and fearful. What did she have in mind for me?

Later in the evening, Neparu the Scorchio came up to me and asked me if I ever liked to be something other than a Scorchio. I was surprised, but then realized that my dream was actually to be a Hissi. Hissis were strong, and their streamlined shape was intriguing to me. I told Neparu what I thought, and was again surprised as he quite simply grinned and left.

Dragonstorm_75 did not return to our neohome, which I moved to, for quite some time. I was worried still, but my new brother and sisters consoled me and told me that everything would be well. I didn’t listen!

When my owner did return, she brought some strange items that I found suspicious. Nightfang, the Lupe, turned to me and handed me a drink, grinning. It was a flask with wings. I was confused, but when Axallion told me to drink it, nothing bad would happen, I acquiesced and gulped the entire thing down.

The mixture was sweet, but then I began to change and I no longer found it sweet! It was scary, actually. My arms and legs shrank until they were no more, and my body and wings alike began to morph. I screamed, but when it was over, I felt strangely comfortable. Axallion rushed over to me with a mirror and I was stunned to see myself as a brilliant blue Hissi!

My dream had come true! But Dragonstorm_75 was not done with me yet, as I was soon to realize. They dragged me to the Rainbow Pool, a place I only heard about from legend and found to be mesmerizing beautiful with its curving rainbow and sparkling waters. The instant we arrived, I was placed upon the rocks and watched as Dragonstorm_75, took a strange-looking stick, dipped it into the water, and began to drag it down my entire body, dipping occasionally.

A few minutes later, she was done and I looked at my reflection in the water, slithering backwards with stunned surprise. I... I was shadow! A dark, glorious shadow color! Neparu slapped me on the back good-naturedly and we all began to go home, laughing and being merry.

I guess I was never meant for traveling after all, but Axallion came up to me and grinned. “I think you forgot something.” And she handed me my walking stick.

I frowned at the thought of my past, but then smiled and accepted my prized possession from her claws. I kept it with me ever since.

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