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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Mistyqee
Owner: mistyqee
Breed: Wocky

About Mistyqee:
A short yellow Aisha sat at a desk in a bare room. She had quite a long day of interviewing pets for the pet spotlight, but no matter how long she sat in the room and did her job, the end of the day seemed as far away as ever. She lifted her glasses and gave out a depressing sigh as she read aloud from a list on the table.

"Entrant number 237, please come in."

There were noises of slight shuffling, and a few seconds later a pirate Wocky walked through the open door. She stood before the Aisha, standing in a relaxed position with her arms crossed. The Aisha motioned for her to sit at the table, and no sooner had she gestured than the Wocky had plonked herself down and stretched her feet on the table.

"Number 237, please state your name and introduce yourself."

The Wocky placed her hands behind her head and smirked. "Name's Mistyqee, and if you can't tell already, I'm a Wocky of the seafaring persuasion. What else do y' want to know?"

The Aisha looked up from her paper, tilting her spectacles and frowning at the large brown boots on the table.

"Well," said the Aisha, "why don't you tell me about your hobbies, or perhaps your family?"

The Wocky poked one eye up from behind her maroon hat.

"Well, I do have a sister over in Neovia. Quite a bossy little thing, but she seems to know everything and wouldn't deny it. She's one of those sophisticated types... she doesn't approve of my... occupation," the Wocky said, smirking. "And I don't usually spend so much time on the mainland. But it seems my ship, the Deception..." she said, pausing, and thinking to herself, "she was a real beauty... ain't nothin' could outrun her when the wind was right..." The Wocky smiled again, staring into space, reminiscing. The Aisha watched her for a moment, and then cleared her throat. The Wocky looked up and began again.

"As I was sayin', usually I'd be cruising the seas on my ship, traveling from port to port in search of treasure, and perhaps performing some rather... pirate-like escapades... but a few years ago we came across a nasty storm. The sky had turned a terrible gray, lightning leaping from the clouds... the wind was so fierce it could knock down even the Monocerous!" She paused again, but continued. "I was trying my best to navigate around the storm, but then, out of nowhere, there was this whirlpool..." She looked down. "I lost my ship that day. And that wasn't all, many of my crewmen were never seen again. I lost my possessions, my home, I had lost everything..."

The Aisha stared intently at the Wocky. "You... you lost everything?"

The Wocky looked up at the Aisha, and then suddenly a squeak came from the Wocky's hat. A cloud Miamouse jumped off the Wocky's hat and slid down her white hair, climbing along her arm before sitting on her fingers. The Wocky smiled.

"Well, everything except for Piko, that is. She's the most important thing I have now."

The Aisha looked down at the petpet. "But... after hearing of what a life you lived, why would you choose a Miamouse for a companion? Most of the other pirate pets I have interviewed have had fierce petpets, like Gallions and Mirgles..." she said, rather confused. The Wocky smirked and winked at the judge.

"Sometimes having the strongest companion isn't always an advantage," she said, as she stood up from the chair and began walking away. The Aisha watched, and suddenly looked down at her papers and shuffled them hurriedly.

"Wait!" she said. "You still need to answer some more questions! Why do you want to win the pet spotlight? Why do you need the money?"

The Wocky stopped walking, but did not turn to face her.

"Isn't it obvious?" she said, smiling. "To rebuild my ship!"

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