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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: RatselFalter
Owner: akaikoumori
Breed: Bori

About RatselFalter:
It was hot.

Incredibly hot.

The sweat trickled through his fur and into his eyes. His body felt heavy and his tongue dry. But still he persisted, standing in front of the Magma Pool as if mesmerised. Glancing to the sleeping Tonu guard, he remembered where this had all begun...


“Ratsel! Ratsel, stop daydreaming!”

Eyes snapping open, the green Bori swiftly turned his head to his ‘owner’. She hated to be called that - she preferred ‘Kou-chan’ - and tended to deny toys when she was.

“RatselFalter, please stop drifting,” she stressed. “You need to pay attention to your lessons or you’re never gonna be able to help save up for your brother's mutant potion!” There she went again. On and on about how LibelluleNacht, his Ruki brother, was being ‘painted’ before him. It wasn’t fair! He was older, smarter and more huggable! Why wasn’t he being painted!

Letting out a rough sigh, Ratsel grudgingly turned his attention back to his book. The Fire Within was a book Kou had gotten him not too long ago. The story was captivating, the tale of a young Ice Draik who longed to be his true self, a Lord of Fire! At this point in time, however, Ratsel was just too angry to get in to the story. He felt betrayed!

Seeing the look on her pet’s face, Kou sighed. “‘Sel, I know you’re angry, okay, but we both know the reason why ‘Lule’s getting painted first. You still haven’t decided what you want to be yet!” Scowling in defeat, Ratsel nodded. It was true, after all; he still was unsure whether he wanted to be Striped, Island, or Halloween painted, and LibelluleNacht had known straight away, but still...

Sighing again, Ratsel's attempts to return to his book were halted by none other than his little brother. “Stop sighing, Falt, you sound like a Grey,” he said, grinning. Grin widening at his sibling's unimpressed grimace, the (soon to be) Mutant Ruki nudged his shoulder.

“Hey, Kou-chan’s not lookin’, wanna go explore?”

Raising his eyebrow at the blue Ruki, Ratsel asked, “Now why would I want to do that?”

“I’ll tell her that it was your Tomamu that peed on her art pad.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Try me, big brother~”

Voice lifting as he practically sang the last two words the insectoid Neopian quickly ran, laughing all the way with the irate Bori fast on his heels in an attempt to regain his honour. Neither noticed their ‘owner’ watching after them and shaking her head, a slow chuckle passing from her lips.

“Boys will be boys.”


He took a step closer. The heat was almost unbearable now. He could feel the white hot pain in his feet as he stood close enough to touch, but he took no notice.


“Almost there...”

“We’re almost there, Bro!” Grinning at the feeling of the sun on his face, Nacht laughed joyfully.

“Just think of what we’ll see!” Turning to his brother he faltered when he saw him leaning over the boat's railings, clutching at the banister as he heaved out last night's dinner into the oceans of Altador.


“S-sorry, I don’t do boats well...” Trailing off, Ratsel’s eyes widened as the ship drew near to the island where the large stone door to Moltara stood. “Wow!”


He chuckled. That had been less than half an hour ago and where was he now? Standing in front of the largest pool of magma he had ever seen, his Tomamu beside him and the sleeping guard behind. He stared into the molten lava. He could see his reflection.

No, wait... That wasn’t his reflection! The Bori in the magma smirked, showing off his hardening flaming body before disappearing as Ratsel jumped back in shock. ‘T-that was me...’ he thought. ‘That’s what I could be...’ Slowly, his trembling stopped. He straightened his back, made his decision, and smoothly walked to the very edge of the bubbling, fiery concoction.

“Goodbye green, hello Magma!”

And he jumped.

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