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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Harmony_Jewelz
Owner: jewelyanna
Breed: Aisha

About Harmony_Jewelz:
The Lunar Festival in Shenkuu was surely a sight to behold. The pristine waters of ceaseless waterfalls danced and sparkled with fervour. It was nearing sunset and small crowds were beginning to gather in the marketplace where vendors displayed multicoloured goods and small toys for visitors. Children clattered in wooden sandals along the stone pavements toward their parents, arms laden with moon cakes.

For a few curious travellers, this would be their first Lunar Festival. They were looking forward to experiencing the mystical quality of lantern-lit streets, warm candle glow and of course, fireworks. Naturally, none of these features would be possible without Neopets to ignite them. It was interesting to note that this year, one Neopet had been given the monumental task of lighting all these iconic Festival symbols.

Night soon crept upon Shenkuu’s mountain establishments and the group of travellers fell to wondering when the paper lanterns would be lit. An impatient traveller tapped the shoulder of a Gelert carrying a box of firecrackers. “Excuse me mister, but do you know when they light the lanterns? I don’t much like the dark and it’s already night.”

The Gelert turned and smiled sheepishly at the traveller. “Don’t worry about that, sir; I’m sure Harmony’s getting around to it.”


“Oh yeah, she’s the one who’s lighting all of the lanterns and uh... everything else.”

Just as the traveller began to express the extent of his impatience, the pair of lanterns hanging on either side of the Lunar Temple entrance burst aglow. Almost out of nowhere, scores of minute fireballs began to manifest between the two lit lanterns, swirling and dancing with flame. As festival-goers stepped back, the fireballs zoomed lazily into the top of each lantern and collectively illuminated the street in a warm orange-yellow glow.

The travellers gaped noiselessly at the lanterns which were so starved of light before. It appeared they weren’t the only ones who were shocked, either. Young Shenkuuvian children squealed in excitement, the large orbs of their eyes mirroring the vibrant glow of the lanterns.

“How was that?” a voice chirped. The owner of the voice was a tall desert Aisha with burgundy hair and glittering green eyes. Standing at the point from which the fireballs erupted, she had her arms folded and looked terribly pleased with something.

The Gelert with the box of firecrackers grinned. “You sure took your time, Harmony, but that was great. I should probably mention there are other streets in Shenkuu. Maybe you should check them out too?”

“You make it sound like I haven’t been living here for years,” she sighed. Frowning slightly, Harmony dashed away. Standing at the end of each street, she concentrated small fireballs into being and guided them toward their delicate paper homes. The reaction of festival-goers was always the same: awe. Harmony always felt a thrill when conjuring fire. If you asked her how she did it, she’d tell you she was no sorceress, but had retained powers gained from a swim in the Magma Pool when she was younger. Seeing the amazed faces of festival-goers made her glow brighter than any lantern.

She continued her work until the whole of Shenkuu was basked in a soothing glow. Sighing happily, she ran off to the base of the mountain upon which the Lunar Temple sat, leaving behind the contented chatter and exploding firecrackers of densely populated streets. Rows of fireworks had been set into the upper side of the mountain both behind and on the rooftop of the Temple. Leaving a healthy distance between herself and the careful mountain setup, she pulled two sets of earplugs and a pair of goggles from her heavy robe.

“Don’t be nervous, now,” she murmured to herself, sliding her goggles over her eyes. A small smile tugged at her mouth. “Let’s get this party started.”

Thrusting her hands before her, a swarm of tiny fireballs erupted from her palms and shot toward their targets. Harmony ducked. And then…

“Woah! Hey Dad, did’ja see that?”

“It’s so pretty!”

“Wow, they weren’t wrong about the fireworks!”

But Harmony couldn’t hear them; her earplugs were still in. Besides, the vibrant colours flowering in the sky had her mesmerised. They always had.

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