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Pet Name: Sumalagu
Owner: lollypopxz
Breed: Mynci

About Sumalagu:
On the northern border of the Altador Plains, eight days away from Terror Mountain by boat, lies the grand land of Shenkuu. Surrounded by mountains, mist and mystic, it was a place of ancient wonder and tradition. It was in this land where she was born as the fifth daughter of the Emperor.

When she was born, it was said that a mysteriously sweet aroma filled that chamber. Some say it was the very same fragrant as the Lutari flower, others say it was from the Shenkuu date. Whatever it was, the scent was enchanting, like an exotic perfume. When she let out her first cry, Carmarillers of all kinds – red, blue, green, rainbow – flew in from the windows and the doors and fluttered gracefully around her. Some of them landed on her nose as she gazed at them in awe. The Emperor and the Empress, the palace doctors, the maids and the servants... everyone was in bewilderment at such an exhibition! It was from that moment that everyone realized that this child was an extraordinary prodigy, a phenomenon.

The Emperor decided to name her Sumalagu. Her imperial title was to be Ju Hua Ge Ge, meaning Princess Chrysanthemum.

When she danced, Carmarillers would gather without fail, fluttering and dancing around her svelte form, as if they were singing a silent pretty melody. She grew up in the luxurious palace of Shenkuu; however, she loved to explore. Sometimes, she would dance in the imperial gardens, and occasionally, she visited the towering mountains which acted as a border between her homeland and Altador. Wherever she was, that scent never left her.

Sumalagu grew up to be an exquisite young Mynci, beautiful and exceptionally talented. Everyone thought of her as an omen from the Great Coltzan as her name spread throughout Shenkuu and beyond. Despite this, Sumalagu was modest and just that little bit shy.

"Oh, the neopoints I would pay for a perfume that carries your scent!” Her cousin, Princess Lunara, exclaimed to her one day after they finished watching the annual imperial opera with the entire court.

Sumalagu blushed at the compliment, unsure of how to respond. Princess Lunara was older and highly respected in the imperial household and had never before spoken a word to Sumalagu. She could not afford to offend her yet she was too intimidated by Lunara to befriend her.

“Sumalagu greets Big Sister Lunara,” Sumalagu finally said, bowing in the customary greeting. She used that as an excuse to not look Lunara in the eye. “Thank you for your kind words.”

Princess Lunara burst out into laughter as she helped Sumalagu up. Shaking her head, Lunara asked kindly. “Am I really that frightening?”

“No, no!” Sumalagu responded immediately, forgetting her manners. Then, thinking of all the stories she had heard of Lunara’s escape from the palace and her tour around Shenkuu that sparked a nationwide ‘Search for Princess Lunara’ frenzy, she added sheepishly, “Well, Third Imperial Sister says that you are extraordinarily strong-willed.”

Lunara chuckled light-heartedly, realizing immediately what Sumalagu was referring to. “Ah, yes, I know what people say about me. It’s not my fault, really; I was just looking for some fun! You know how boring it can get in here.”

Sumalagu was surprised at the other princess’s friendliness and openness. From the tales she had heard around the palace from various residents, she had painted a picture in her mind that Lunara was a scary and fierce princess. The girl in front of her did not match that image.

“Yes, it does get a little dull around here.” Sumalagu nodded, agreeing with the other princess.

Lunara’s eyes suddenly sparkled with new-found excitement. Winking, she grinned. “So, are you up for some adventure?”

It was then when Sumalagu knew that she and Princess Lunara would be life-long friends.

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