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Pet Name: Jeran_B
Owner: jeran_b
Breed: Lupe

About Jeran_B:
Dear Journal,

Band rehearsal was a disaster today; the electricity kept going off, and we couldn't play our instruments. I have a feeling this isn't just a power problem that can easily be fixed. When I went to try to turn the power back on again after it flashed off for the millionth time (okay, maybe not that much...), I found nothing wrong with the fuse box. Tracing the wires outside though, I discovered my electrical system had been sabotaged.

With a little more investigation and questioning the neighbors, it was revealed to me that the whole neighborhood had had the same problem. So it was decided that Fang, Ghost, Pan (not exactly his choice) and I were going to find the source of it: Who did it, and why.

Right now I'm reviewing the clues, trying to figure this mystery out. I haven't come up with anything helpful yet, though, so now I think I'll return to my work.

Goodbye for now,

* * * *

I sat up, awakened by the thunder. Looking around, I saw nothing that shouldn't be where it was, so I tried to go to sleep, only to be startled back to full consciousness again by the thunder.

Knowing I'd be unable to sleep, I decided to go find something to eat. It always calms Pan when he's nervous or stressed. Actually, my fourteen year old brother Pantalaimon is always eating something. I think his stomach is just a bottomless pit.

So through the dark house I went, stumbling over Reggie's marbles and other odds and ends I probably didn't want to know what they were, until I reached the kitchen downstairs.

I wasn't particularly thrilled with what I found. Guarding the fridge was a mutant something, like a cross of Dr. Sloth and Lord Kass, only uglier, much much uglier, though it wasn't much taller than me.

"What do you want?" I asked it, though I couldn't figure out why I'd talk to something that probably wasn't planning on replying to me.

To my surprise, it did talk, and it answered my question... sort of. "No concert..." it moaned.

Funny, I thought, it sounds like it just said no concert, as in the concert we'd finally got at the Tyrannian Concert Hall, the one coming up in a few days. Wait... so it wanted me to cancel?

"No way," I replied. "You don't scare me." It roared in a sort of monster-kind of way, and out of surprise (really... I wasn't afraid), I turned around and ran. Of course, the creature followed me, and when it started sending fire balls towards my tail I began to worry.

I raced up the stairs and into my room, switched the light on and started looking for my trusty sword. My cousin Ghostwheel who was staying with us looked up tiredly.


"Monster on the loose," I told him, drawing the short sword from its sheath. "And it's shooting fireballs." Ghost was up in a second.

The two of us walked out cautiously into the hall. Ghost had grabbed one of his ski poles and was holding it in a defense position; he's not really the fighting type.

We checked Reggie's room first; the monster wasn't there, but Reggie was, and he was fast asleep. I decided it was wiser we left it like that. Reggie was still a bit young to enter our mystery-solving business, though he's often involved in cases anyway.

A scream from Pan and Fang's room had Ghost and me there quickly. I swear, Pan screams like a girl. He was hiding behind Fang, who was backed up against the corner with that... creature, blocking their escape.

It turned around to look at me. "Rawwr!" Suddenly it didn't sound so real. I wasn't fooled. This was a fake.

Then it lunged toward Ghost. It tripped over Pan's skateboard, and flew right into his closet. I grinned. Maybe Pan being such a slob wasn't bad after all.

The head fell away to reveal a familiar face. Just as I had guessed.

"Hey, isn't he that guy from your school, Jerry?" Fang asked. I nodded.

"Yes. Zeke. And the lead singer of Danger Zone," I replied.

"The band?" Ghost asked, puzzled. He recognized Zeke too.

"Okay, fine, I confess. We were supposed to have that gig in Tyrannia tomorrow, but you guys got it instead. The manager told me we would be able to perform instead if you guys couldn't make it, though he thought you would come, so... I sabotaged your electricity and the rest of the neighborhood's so you wouldn't be able to practice," Zeke explained.

"When that didn't work, you got some crazy costume and tried to scare us. Nice try, but don't you know Jerry is as brave as a knight?" Ghost said with a grin.

"Well, being an actual knight kind of helps that," I said. Zeke frowned.

"I guess we won’t get out there after all," he muttered. Zeke had never been mean to me, which was why it was a kind of a surprise that he was behind this. I grinned as an idea sprang into my head.

* * * *

Dear Journal,

The concert was great, and I think we're really getting a bunch of fans out there. That's not what's important, though. The people who came were thrilled to be able to watch two bands perform together for the price of one, and they got both the songs I had written and the ones from Danger Zone.

Ghost and the Danger Zone drummer switched off, and we had a pianist! I'm still looking for one to join us, but the Danger Zone one was great. I think we all had a good time, and afterwards we all went out together for ice cream.

I'm just glad that mystery was solved. But of course, we wouldn't go by the name Sleuth if not for our interest in mysteries.

Here's a snapshot of me playing in our first official concert, the first of many more, hopefully....

Until next time,
Jeran B. Whitearrow,
Guitarist, knight, and detective

The End

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