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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Usullabellori
Owner: trouble_bound
Breed: Usul

About Usullabellori:
Every neopet has its hobby. I have some intelligent friends that love to relax with a good book and some more aggressive friends that train all day in preparation for their battles in the 'dome. Reading and training are great, but more than anything I just love exploring the beautiful lands of Neopia. A few years ago I took a trip to the wonderful Mystery Island, and it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me! Let me tell you about it!

I didn't know where to start as I made my way out of the harbour, with so many stories and rumors of the great times to be had there. In the distance I spotted a carriage attached to a coconut, so I headed over to see what was up. Upon closer inspection I realized that they were actually Coconut JubJubs! How cute! The very friendly JubJubs offered me a tiki tour of the island for only 50 Neopoints - what a small price to pay for such fun! I hopped into one of the carriages and he was off and away. The JubJub was very knowledgeable, citing specific dates and interesting stories from the island that were all very interesting. He told me of the deepest jungles, the beautiful native dancing girls, the wonderful surf, and of Techo Mountain, one of the sixteen wonders of Neopia! With the tour drawing to an end, I knew I had much more to do on the island and was very happy now to have some direction in doing so. I tried to tip the hard working JubJub, but he was too polite to accept my offer even after I insisted.

He covered a lot of details in his long-winded speech about the Island, but I could remember the adventurous ones most vividly. Apparently dizzying heights keep all but a few from reaching the top of Techo Mountain. Surely a nimble Neopet like myself could make it to the top with no problems! Palm trees and shrubbery surrounded me as I walked along the base of the mountain. It seemed that the higher I got, the fewer plants and trees I saw, and it was getting foggy as I climbed into the clouds. The fog kept getting thicker and thicker until it was hard to see well, and I lost sight of the top of the mountain. But I kept on going because I told myself I could make it.

After I'd spent another few hours climbing, I started to notice that all of my surroundings were starting to seem familiar, as though I had been there before. Was I going in circles? I sat down for a few minutes so I could regain my composure before I continued. To be honest, I was starting to get a little frightened as I was expecting to have reached the top by now. When I stood up to leave, I almost fell back over, I felt so wobbly. I had to put my hand on the wall to steady myself! I figured that I was fine and that I could keep going, but the dizziness wouldn't completely go away. My hand stayed on the wall as I walked along, hoping that I was going in the right direction. The new pace I was at made for a long walk home, so I figured I should probably just head back down now. Surely the way that I had come would do well to return me home - it even felt like it was headed downwards. But to my surprise, about an hour later, I walked into the mysterious clearing again. The one I couldn't seem to leave. I let out a frustrated yell and lay on the ground to plan my next course of action. For the life of me, I just didn't know what I could do to get off of the mountain.

That was when I heard a quiet grumble coming from the mountain. Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary. Then again, this time the grumble sounded closer. I walked over to a pile of rocks near the face of the mountain and heard it yet again. It sounded right beneath me! So, I cleared the little pile of rocks, which were apparently covering a much bigger rock, and still heard the grumble below! It took every bit of strength I could muster to push that giant rock aside, but you'll never guess what I found underneath! It was the entrance to one of the secret passages that I heard about on the tour!

Before I even knew what to do with myself, a cute little Juma jumped out and started rubbing my leg and panting at my side. Jumas don't talk much, I learned, as I tried to have a chat with him. I could tell he was very friendly and also insistent. He wanted me to follow him into the scary secret passage. I put my trust in my new friend and followed him into the darkness, wondering what he wanted to show me. The passages were built quite well; even in the dark I wasn't tripping and falling but instead walking right on through. We walked for quite a while, sometimes veering left or right at a fork in the tunnels. In fact, we walked for so long, I started to wonder if the Juma knew where he was going, but a light in the distance answered my unvoiced question. Anxiety was high as I exited the tunnel blinded by the sunlight's brightness.

When everything came into focus, I couldn't believe my eyes. There were beautiful Aishas dancing to joyful music by the fireside, Myncies playing volleyball on the beach, and Kacheeks out on their boards riding the waves. Everywhere I looked, everybody was having a great time! This must be where the natives party, way more exciting than the tourist spots! As my new friend and I started off, a large Techo wielding a staff and headdress approached me. "It seems Clevaro has taken a liking to you," he said, gesturing towards the furry fox.

"He seems very nice!" I exclaimed, happy to receive a warm welcome.

"Why don't you stick around awhile? You and Clevaro can enjoy the Island together," said the Techo.

"Thank you, I think I will do just that! I rather like it here," I explained. I spent the next few hours playing games and having fun, and at the end of the night, I decided that I wanted to stay just a bit longer to ensure I wasn't missing out on anything. The island natives and I stayed up telling stories all night around the campfire. They told me my island name was Usullabellori, which means fun-loving selflessness, and that I was welcome as long as I'd like. Another few days of paradise passed and I still couldn't bring myself to leave.

Finally, I decided that I didn't have to; I asked the natives if I could join them and permanently reside on their wonderful Island. They said that nothing would make them happier, and that I could look after Clevaro the Juma since I was here to stay. That night around the campfire, the natives presented me with authentic exclusive Mystery Island jewelry and marked my fur with beautiful tribal artistry. Now I feel just like one of them! I suggest that all Neopians visit Mystery Island or even stay; it's one of the funnest places of all and I hope you like it as much as my buddy Juma and I do. Clevaro and I spend all of our time together here, finding all sorts of adventures all over the island. I don't think we'll ever leave!

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