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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Zailior
Owner: peachwriting
Breed: Zafara

About Zailior:

The cloud Zafara didn’t look up, eyelashes fluttering impatiently. A clipboard dangled from one arm with a pencil tucked neatly underneath. She tapped her higheeled foot in a professionally annoyed way, making a high-pitched pattering sound on the backstage’s floor.

“Do you know of a Zallior around here?” The faerie Grundo lowered his voice, trying to make it sound deeper.

“You’re talkin’ to her.” She kept her eyes locked to her clipboard, flicking her long bangs out of her face and writing something down. Curious, Tech tried to look over at it but she snatched it away, scowling. “Don’t even.” Then, as if for the first time, she noticed him.

“Tech!” Her clipboard was suddenly forgotten, flung into the air along with the pen. Hugging him fiercely, she said, “It’s been a while. I can’t believe you came!”

Tech Lunar smiled, ruffling her hair with one large, blue hand. “I couldn’t miss my little sister’s first gig.”

“Not so little anymore, am I?” Zallior picked up her pen and clipboard hurriedly, adding, “Well, technically it’s Yes Boy Ice Cream’s gig.”

“But you’re their manager!”

“Well...” Blushing slightly, Zallior tucked the pen under the clipboard’s clip. “...that is true.” Shaking her head, Zallior led Tech through the stage, looking down at her clipboard every few seconds. “Enough about me, Tech. How’ve you been?”

Grinning, Tech mimicked shooting a blaster upwards. “I got on the Virtupets Police force.” He blew at the tip of his imaginary blaster.

“That’s great!”

“But I didn’t come here to brag,” he continued, trying to keep up with her fast walk. “I came here for you.”

At this moment, three Shoyrus burst through the side door, two wearing blindingly shiny glasses while the third was jittering about, clutching the arms of the other two with enough force to cut off circulation.

“It w-w-was there! It was! It’s gone!” Zallior and Tech exchanged a confused glance, watching the yellow Shoyru rant on to his fellow blue and reds, searching the ceiling in a slightly manic way.

“What’s wrong?” Zaillior gave a slightly apologetic look back at Tech before hurrying toward the Yes Boy Ice Cream members.

“I can’t...” The yellow Shoyru was hyperventilating, only to be comforted by the reassuring pats and murmurs of his companions. “...find... my... sunglasses!”

“Oh!” Zallior stared at them and tried to hide her amusement while the other two Shoyrus nodded their heads in deep sympathy, glossy sunglasses of their own reflecting light into Zallior’s eyes.

“Isn’t it hanging on your coat pocket?” Tech crossed his arms behind Zallior, grinning to himself and immensely entertained. The three band members stared at him incredulously before coming across at the Shoyru’s jacket. Sure enough, it hung in easy sight.

“Erm...” The blue Shoyru scratched his head in an embarrassed way. “We must’ve missed them. It’s hard to see through these glasses.” The red Shoyru nodded solemnly, muttering agreement to this while the yellow one flung himself at Tech, bouncing gleefully.

“Thank you, Zae’s friend!” He thought for a bit before taking out a pen from an inner coat pocket. “I’ll give you an autograph!”

Tech, now in the spotlight, had his smile faltering, shaking his hands. “Uh, sorry, but I... don’t have anything... for you to sign.” He nodded, shrugging apologetically.

“Oh well! I’ll just sign your forehead!” Before Tech could protest, the yellow Shoyru was already writing, black marker moving quickly.

“There! All done!” He patted Tech’s shoulder, turning back to his bandmates on their way to their dressing rooms, shouting back, “No need to thank me!”

Zallior giggled, shaking her head.

Tech was rubbing his forehead desperately, trying to smear the marker. “No kidding.” Then, looking at Zallior, he asked, “Is your job always like this?”

Sighing, Zallior wrote something down on her clipboard. “Not so much hard as busy. Luckily I got most of the concert preparations done early and the fans are going to be coming in soon.”

“What are you writing down?”

Again, Zallior laughed, showing Tech her next to do point. “Get better sunglasses.”

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