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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Jayminii
Owner: fatefulwings
Breed: Kacheek

About Jayminii:
"Nami, please. If you would just listen to reason..." the Mutant Kacheek began in a weary voice, only to be interrupted by a rather agitated looking yellow Aisha standing in the doorway of his dingy room.

"I won't hear another word of it, Jayminii!" Nami growled as she pointed toward the Mutant accusingly, planting her other hand on her hip. She had short brown bangs and a long braid tied behind her, dressed in her usual patched up adventuring gear. Normally she'd be wearing a mischievious smile from ear to ear as well, yet today was unfortunately different. Her eyes were narrowed to slits as she continued to scold the poor Kacheek with a very frigid tone entering her speech: her lips had formed a thin, scowling line. "How many days has it been now since you actually had a job, hm? Since when did you actually get out of bed before noon on weekdays?!" Jayminii opened his mouth to speak, but his own voice sounded much smaller than Nami's.

"Well, yesterday I-" he started, only to be stopped once more.

"Don't answer that!" the Aisha snapped, her tail swishing with irritation. Jayminii didn't bother to inform her that he had managed to flop out of bed five minutes before lunchtime the previous day, since she didn't particularly seem to care anymore. Reaching up absently to tug his hood down, the Kacheek found himself wishing he could melt into the shadows of the wall he was slouching against. "It's not like the adventuring department ever runs dry, you know. Day after day you lounge about in the house. When night falls you might venture so far as our garden gate, but never a pawprint more! When are you going to start living again, Jay?" Nami uttered his nickname with a disappointed sigh, shaking her head as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"It's complicated." Jayminii's ears drooped as he tried again to defend himself, letting himself slide down onto the floor with a thump. His petpet Spot the Slorg began inching its way out from beneath his creaky bed, making his way onto the Kacheek's lap. "After that potion catastrophe, everything changed," he sulked, scooping up Spot in his sickly-coloured paws.

"Nothing has changed in the slightest, save for your sorry attitude," Nami retorted, gesturing around the darkened walls of Jayminii's room. There were dusty paintings of Illusen's Glade hanging up alongside a shield bearing the emblem of Meridell, and two rather dull Shoyru Battle Sabres. The Aisha adopted a more gentle tone as she peered down at the Kacheek, letting her hands fall down to her sides. "Jay, I know you can still do great things: because you are still YOU." The Kacheek glanced up blearily, despite taking some comfort in these words. "In my eyes, that still means being a great warrior and a wonderful friend. Being a mutant hasn't stopped you, y'know!" Nami offered a friendly grin, extending one paw out to Jayminii to help him up. "If anything, I like your new look even better!"

"Really?" Jayminii blurted out, taking her paw after setting Spot in his pocket carefully. "I mean, the brains on the inside out don't really bug you? They're... squishy. Not to mention the drooling because of these fangs."

"Uh huh!" the Aisha said with a big nod. "I already know they're squishy, I spent a good ten minutes poking those brains of yours when you passed out after taking that concoction. You drank the transmogrification potion thinking it was a strength elixir, right?" Jayminii mumbled a reply along the lines of 'yes'. "Well then, I think it worked just fine! With slight side effects. Now c'mon, let's head outside. Those Neopets from the Pet Spotlight should be arriving any second now to help us do this interview."

"Oh fungus balls!" Jayminii groaned, lightly bonking himself on the forehead. "That's supposed to be today?!" Nami snorted out a laugh, stepping out of the doorway just in time for Jayminii to go charging by.

"You bet it is!" she called after him as he raced for the door. Nami hurried outside to join him, just in case he needed support or tried to come running back inside. Stepping up to Jayminii, she slung her arm around his shoulder his shoulder while waving to the approaching interviewers with her free paw.

"Nami, they're all very tall," the Kacheek whispered to Nami as the Pet Spotlight interviewers approached. The Aisha at his side simply shook her head, flashing him a smile.

"Relax, would ya? You've got a great story ta tell!" When Jayminii gave her a very skeptical glance, Nami went on to explain further. "The story of Meridell's stalwart defender, Jayminii: how not even the mighty 'Transmogrification Potion of Doom' could keep him down! How he rose valiantly up against its mysterious side-effects and returned to fight for his kingdom, stronger than ever!" The Kacheek offered a beaming smile up to his friend as a tendril of drool ran down his face, in silent thanks for her humorous support.

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