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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 4th day of Hiding, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 70 > Editorial


What does the Lupe trasmogrification potion do because I can't decide if I should sell it or use it?
It will turn your Neopet into a mutant Lupe.

Why is it that in The Neopian Times week 69 issue, there are two articles supporting Meridell, but none supporting Darigan. Why is that? - Neokid7
We do not write the articles in The Neopian Times, if people do not write articles to support Darigan then they will not be published.

Is, by any chance the new building that is taking the place of the petpet shop a petpet battle arena?
No, as you probably know the new building is the Disney theatre. We have almost completed the petpet battle arena though, and it may go live as early as next week.

Zafaras are cute and awesome, but they don't even have their own game. The only game that features a Zafara is Merriball, and you only see it for a little time! Can you please please please please PLEASE make a game starring a Zafara? - bigcosmofan
Good point, we will bear this in mind with our next game.

Will the voice activated neopet toys be sold in more states than one?
Yes, next year (ooh it seems so long when you put it that way) they will go on sale all over, I think they will be sold internationally too although don't hold me to that :)

Sneak Preview - December 21st Only!

Are you going to change the candy cane Christmas Neopets (Eyrie, Korbat, Tuskaninny, Blumaroo)? - 111mike200
Originally yes we were going to but the candy cane look has grown on us and I think we will keep them as they are.

Why aren't the Grarrl and the Elephante in the band Jazzmosis at the Christmas special?
I guess they couldnt make the gigs, most probably they were out buying gifts.

Is the toy shop keeper a girl or a boy?
Most definitely a girl.

Where is the Storm Amulet sold, I really wanna get one, and will it be rare or common? - kyliegirl
It is sold in the Defence Magic Shop although it is very rare.

How come when you talk to a Raindorf, that just say their name?
This has been fixed now.

I have noticed that the Candychan petpet dropped from being rarity 101 to being 99. Will the Candychan's rarity drop anymore so it will be a common petpet, or will the Candychan stay a rare expensive petpet?
No, the rarity will not change anymore. It was only changed to 99 as we had to release it in the Wintery petpet shop.

Whose voice is behind that too cool Jazzmosis vocalist?
Ahh that would be the ever talented Mr J.Boogie.

How come Bruces only got one page, but Usuls got two? Do you have something against Bruces? - mimimousegirl
The number of pages a pet special has depends on the number of good pictures we are sent. For some reason we got nearly three times as many Usul pictures as Bruce ones so we had to give Usuls a bigger section.

Why is it called a Faerie Kougra Totem when it is obviously a dream catcher?
A dream catcher would be useless in the Battledome.

Will the El Picklesaur plushsie be available in the toy shop?
No, it is only available through the advent calendar.

Wow! The Advent Calendar gave everyone an El Picklesaur Plushie on the 11th! Does this mean we'll be seeing more staff plushies?! I've been waiting for this forever! Will Pop Tart, Snowflake, Mr. Ro-Boto, and all the others be popping up any time soon? - Mametchi86
Ha ha... erm maybe... although I can't believe anyone would really want them.

I have...well, had a Cylopian. I removed it, planning to get a new one. But when I went back to my items, it was gone. In it's place, there was a retired Meowclops. How in the world did this happen? Note* I am NOT complaining! I am totally THRILLED! I'm just baffled, too.
Cylopians were changed into Meowclops as we didn't think they were particularly Neopian or spooky. If you want to update your Cyclopian either remove it from your pet or take it out of your shop or safety deposit box and it will turn into a Meowclops.

What is the name of that adorable tree wintery petpet?
Thats is a Fir

I was recently looking at the 'world' page, and I saw under 'Coming soon to Neopia', Tyrannian land war. I thought that this had already happened, over a year ago. What's with that? - Beboots1
Tyrannian Land War is a game being designed by the makers of Neoquest. There was a war in Tyrannia, although that is not what it is referring to.

Will the Jazzmosis Xmas Concert Tickets be of any use after this month? - Dt_008
No. They will just be collectors items, so if you want to go and see the concert go now!

Why does Neopia Central on the World Map look like a giant hamburger?
As the hamburger is the icon for the first ever shop in Neopia Central, the food shop.

Why does the new guild home picture not serve as a link?
Oops, you mean the flash version. It does now :)

I reacently obtained a darling Christmas Zafara, when I noticed something, the three spikes are on the Zafara's side, instead of down its back. from what it looks like on the look up, both wings are conected to its right shoulder, while its spikes are on its left. Pretty much all I want to know, is shouldn't the spikes be inbetween the wings? - Rei Briefs
Hmm.. good point, this will be updated soon.

Can you tell me were I can find another parental permission form? -
If you click on the words 'contact us' at the very bottom of any page on Neopets this will show you a list of links. One of those links is to the consent form.

Can I know what items do I need in order to change my attack pea into that cute little Seasonal Attack Pea? - Funky1980
I am afraid the Seasonal Attack Pea is a completely different item to the Attack Pea, you can't change one into the other.

How come there is a Tigersquash corn dog, tigersquash chia pop, tigersquash cappuchino, and tigersquash mince pie, but no TIGERSQUASH!!!
There is Tigersquash, it is a tropical fruit, it is just very rare.

On the 14th day of the advent calander, we recieved a Snowman... Will he melt after the month of celebrating is over? -trinityforce22
Nope, by Neopian magic the Snowman will last all year long.

Last year an empty pillow case was given out as an Advent Calendar prize. It's description led people to believe if they left it out that it would be filled on Christmas day. I recall in the editorial of The Neopian Times that you said it did not fill on Christmas Eve. People are claiming that it will work this year , since it didn't last year. Can you clear this up before people start a rush on them, please? - wefix
Ok the Empty Pillow Case WILL NOT be filled with anything this year :)

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