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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 80 > Short Stories > Flames: Close Call

Flames: Close Call

by teghan62

Untitled Document The new of the baby paint brush gave me a good scare. But, seeing as Aishas couldn't be baby, I felt safe. But when the baby Aisha came out, I was shocked and terrified. After Teghan's reassurance that she would NEVER paint me baby, I felt safe again. But after Boochi appeared, all of my security was shattered.

     With the new random event, it could be possible for any pet to become baby! Well, seeing as it started happening a little before we became the Flames, and we needed some practice, we decided to try our luck on Boochi. After all, how hard could a baby be?


"Hey, Jade?" said Mira, pacing around my room in the Sakhmet Palace. We were bored as ever. No evil villains had attacked or anything. The Gelert whipped her ears so they made a snapping sound. "When are we going to go?"

     "I dunno. How about now?" So of we went. Well… sort of. "Wait… Mira? Where do we look for him?"

     "I don't know. Why don't we try looking him up?" So we looked him up. There popped up Boochi, but it was only a yellow Kiko. This puzzled us, since we were only beginners.

     But then it came to me. It felt like someone had thrown something at me. "I've got it, Mira! Boochi is a random event character… we aren't going to find him by looking him up! Let's go see Sarah the Zafara!"

     So we headed for Sarah's house. But she didn't know anything on Boochi! So we wondered and pondered some more. "Well… he makes pets baby, and pets can become baby at the rainbow pool," suggested Mira.

     "It's worth a shot, let's go!" When we got to the rainbow pool, we saw some pets jump in, and jump out, with a new starry or Faerie or fire or cloud or whatever colour. But the thing that caught my attention was that little Bruce… that little Bruce, sitting right there, about to fall in the Rainbow Pool.

     Mira had noticed before me and dashed to get the baby Bruce, carrying him into the air and putting him down on the ground, safely. While she was getting the Bruce, I was thinking a little deeper. Wait a sec… Isn't Boochi a baby Bruce? "Mira! Wait!" I shouted at her.

     "Hmm? What?" she asked, landing with the baby Bruce in her front paws. The Bruce apparently didn't like being held, the way it was squirming. Something definitely wasn't right. Wouldn't a normal baby have been so grateful?

     "Isn't Boochi anything but a baby Bruce?" I sarcastically told her. When Boochi realized that I knew, he bit Mira, and when Mira dropped him, ran. We chased after him. He kept on running. And running. And running. And we kept on chasing. And chasing. And chasing.

     "How far is this Bruce gonna run? We've been running forever!" yelled Mira at me, starting to take off. So we kept on chasing him… me running, Mira flying… who knew a Bruce could run this fast? It was back at the Lost Desert again that we finally caught him

     Mira had swooped down and continued running again. We weren't gaining that fast, but finally we got into 29 feet away from him. That's when I remembered what I could do, since my ear stalks are 30 feet long, even though they don't look like that, because I keep them all bunched up. I stretched out my ear stalks, and wrapped them around Boochi. When he struggled, I whacked him with my rock-hard leaf-ears.

     Panting, Boochi tried to run away, but he was too tired, and still caught up in my ear stalks. "LEMMEGOLEMMEGOLEMMEGOLEMMEGOLEMMEGO!" screamed Boochi.

     "Make me," I replied and stuck out my tongue at him. Mira nodded.

     "Oh, I will, alright," said Boochi as he took out his ray-gun. I dropped him in horror. He was going to turn us into babies! "Haha! Take that!" yelled the annoying little brat that's called Boochi, firing the ray at us. It hit one of my ears, and bounced off. Then it hit one of Mira's wings, but bounced off.

     "What?!?" yelled all of us together. We were all seriously confused. Noticing Boochi was just as puzzled as we were, I grabbed him. Mira, noticing me, nodded and grabbed his ray-gun.

     "What… what happened?" questioned Boochi and I at the same time.

     "Hmm…" said Mira, thinking hard. "I've got it! Random events can only happen to active pets! Rina's the active pet!" Noticing his mistake, Boochi began to cry. And cry. And cry some more. I thought he was gonna flood the hole place!

     "So… should we take him to the Defenders of Neopia? Or maybe the Chia Police?"

     "Let's go!" shouted Mira. So we took him to the Defenders, but Judge Hog wouldn't take him.

     "It's because," he told us, "he's just a little, innocent baby." So we took him to the police. But they just said the same thing. So we brought him to the Sakhment Palace. That's where Teghan told us what we should do.

     "Why don't you guys keep him locked up here? We can start a business… I can take calls and take care of some prisoners," Teghan suggested, and then, glancing at Boochi, "starting with him."

     And that's how we started out, waiting to see if anyone would call. If not, we would wait and see, or… maybe come across something on our own.

The End

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