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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 80 > Short Stories > BrotherlyLove


by digilord_i

Untitled Document It's an ordinary day in Neopia, and I was in my home reading a book called "Battledome Techniques" in the kitchen. In the living room, playing a nice set of games of Volcano Run, were CountVonRooI and FyreDragonV. These two pets were not ordinary pets. CountVonRooI was a vampire Blumaroo, with everything--from skin colour to facial features to cape and fangs--exactly matching the calibre of the ever-famous Count Von Roo. FyreDragonV had very coarse blue scales, with hands and feet each bearing three lethal claws to rip and tear apart his enemies, and abnormally huge eyes. All these features were caused by exposure to a Scorchio Transmogrification Potion he had discovered in the backyard. Despite all these physical differences, they had one social commonality: they were both VERY competitive. They were glued to the computer, putting full concentration on the game at hand.

     "HAHA! I beat your score!" yelled FyreDragonV, feeling proud of his accomplishment.

     "Pah, we shall see about that," said a jealous CountVonRooI. He shoved FyreDragonV off the chair and sat at the computer to begin playing another round of Volcano Run. FyreDragonV fell to the floor.

     "HEY! What was that for?!" shouted FyreDragonV. "You're going to get it now!" The enraged Scorchio got up quickly and then impulsively tackled CountVonRooI off the chair. The two Neopets were beginning to fight, attacking each other while rolling on the floor. I heard the loud noises while I was still reading in the kitchen and came rushing to the scene.

     "Hey, guys! GUYS! Calm down!" I shouted.

     The two combatants could not hear her voice. I got a bit irritated and raised my voice.

     "CountVonRooI! FyreDragonV! THAT'S ENOUGH! CEASE THIS SQUABBLE NOW!" I blasted with a loud, projected voice. The two pets suddenly looked up.

     "CountVonRooI threw me off the chair!" whined FyreDragonV, wanting to get his brother in trouble.

     "He laughed at me for having a low score," stated CountVonRooI, feeling confident he would win.

     "Guys, listen. Can't you play a peaceful game without having to create conflicts for yourselves?" I asked my pets. "If we all get along and don't fight, everything will run a lot smoother."

     CountVonRooI looked down. "Yes... you're right," he said quietly.

     "Yeah, Digilord's right...," FyreDragonV added.

     I patted the heads of my pets. "That's the way to go," I concluded finally. I looked at my pocketwatch. "Oh dear... it's three o'clock," I said, "and I haven't gone to the market to buy food." I looked at CountVonRooI and FyreDragonV. "Guys, I'm going to have to leave the house for a while," I said, somewhat worried. "Can I trust you two home alone while I'm gone?"

     CountVonRooI and FyreDragonV looked scornfully at each other. They knew they most likely wouldn't get along, yet, they wanted to prove that they could take care of themselves while I was away. They came to a conclusion. "Yes, you can trust us!" they both exclaimed. "We're big pets now, and we're old enough to take care of ourselves!"

     "Great! I'm glad to hear that! I'll be back at five," I exclaimed proudly. She proceeded to the front door and opened it. "Don't disappoint me," I said, as I left. I quietly shut the door and went off to complete my task.

     CountVonRooI ventured to the kitchen to find any blood that I had stored the night before. He managed to locate some in the pantry, so he took two bottles of blood from the pantry and went into his room in the basement to enjoy his refreshment. Meanwhile, FyreDragonV continued to play some more Neopet games on the computer. They pretty much kept to themselves for the first hour, not getting even one look at each other during that time.

     One hour quickly passed by, and it was now four o'clock. CountVonRooI just laid there on top of his coffin, thinking of things to do to pass the time. Upstairs, FyreDragonV aimlessly dragged the mouse all over the screen, growing more bored of sitting in front of the computer. At that point in time, they had both realized that they hadn't had a snack all afternoon! Without knowing that the other was heading towards the same destination, FyreDragonV left his virtual world and headed towards the fridge. At the same time, CountVonRooI emerged from the darkness of the basement to go to the fridge. When they both entered the kitchen, they pretended that the other one wasn't there. FyreDragonV managed to reach the fridge first and open it. There was plenty of food; however, it didn't appeal to the taste of the two pets. They excavated their way through the giant stash of food, pushing anything that they didn't want aside. After an elongated thirty seconds, FyreDragonV saw something that he truly wanted. At the very back of the refrigerator was a delicious, freshly cooked... tomato and pepper omelette. As FyreDragonV reached for it, he didn't know that CountVonRooI had also spotted the omelette and wanted it as well. Both the pets grabbed the plate the omelette was sitting in, and when they saw each other grabbing the plate, the chaos began to erupt... again.

     "Get your paws off the omelette!" shouted FyreDragonV.

     "Pah, it belongs to me!" CountVonRooI responded.

     They tugged the omelette back and forth between each other. Each opponent was determined to get the omelette, and the two duelists would not let go until one of them was able to grab it from the other. This tug of war lasted nearly five minutes, until they were so tired that they retracted and let the omelette fall to the floor... between them.

     "Just... give up...," CountVonRooI panted, trying to catch his breath.

     "In your dreams, Roo!" FyreDragonV replied.

     A couple of minutes later, when they caught their breath, CountVonRooI and FyreDragonV leaped back up and gave provoking looks to each other. They looked down simultaneously to see the omelette sitting there, in between the two Neopets. They looked up at each other after they saw it, with no one budging to make the move to grab the omelette. It was dead silent for a moment. Everything was still. It was as if everything were frozen in time. As soon as the moment passed, CountVonRooI and FyreDragonV jumped towards the omelette. They ended up jumping to each other and rolling on the floor, hitting each other. They got right back up and looked each other in eye again.

     "That's mine!" exclaimed CountVonRooI, keeping one eye on the omelette.

     FyreDragonV gripped the arms of the vampire and hurled him across the kitchen with a Herculean amount of strength. CountVonRooI flew and crashed into the far wall of the connecting living room. "That should teach you!" hollered FyreDragonV.

     "'Tis not over yet, dear brother...," mumbled CountVonRooI. The injured vampire slowly stood back up and looked viciously at FyreDragonV. CountVonRooI was extremely angry now, and he was getting very serious now. FyreDragonV could see that his brother was baring his fangs at him while still receiving a vicious look from the enraged Blumaroo. In an instant, CountVonRooI lunged at FyreDragonV and made him fall to the ground. CountVonRooI thrust back FyreDragonV's head to expose his neck full of the treasure he sook. CountVonRooI slowly reached down to bite FyreDragonV and was very close to sinking his fangs into the side of his brother's neck, but just as the tip of his fangs touched FyreDragonV's neck, FyreDragonV unleashed a bright beam which hurled CountVonRooI back to where he started.

     "You are one crazy fool, Roo," uttered FyreDragonV. "You may be stronger and smarter than me, but you always act stupid!"

     "GRRRRRR..." growled CountVonRooI, agitated by that remark. "You will pay for that!"

     FyreDragonV prepared for the next wave of attacks from CountVonRooI. CountVonRooI lanced everything he had in his arsenal. He bombarded the mutant enemy with clockwork Grundos, muffins, and everything else he could use. FyreDragonV did his best to try and defend himself from the fury of Battledome items being used against him, but could not fend off a set of Brain Tree Roots that had successfully hit him and gave him some nasty cuts and splinters on his body. As soon as CountVonRooI paused for a minute, FyreDragonV released a fury of snowballs, novas, and lightning beam attacks. CountVonRooI, one second later, moved out of the way and used his magical abilities to aid him. FyreDragonV also moved out of the line of fire and let the waves of fury hit each other. Immediately following the collision of the two forces came a huge, colossal explosion that could be seen and heard anywhere in a thirty kilometre radius. The impact of the explosion was so great that it sent both pets flying two hundred metres to the far side of the backyard, unconscious for some time.

     CountVonRooI and FyreDragonV slowly regained consciousness after twenty minutes of laying there on the ground. CountVonRooI was the first one to sit up and look at his surroundings. "...Hmm? Ohh, my head...," he groaned, shaking his head. "Fyre? Where'd he go?" He looked around to see FyreDragonV recovering very slowly. CountVonRooI dragged himself over to his brother. "Fyre," he said while shaking him, "are you alright? Are you well??"

     FyreDragonV took his time in getting up and responding to CountVonRooI. "...Mmm... I guess... I'm alright," said FyreDragonV, trying to refocus his vision. He leaned against the fence, and felt a sharp pain from the splinters given to him by the Brain Tree Roots. "Agh...!" FyreDragonV shrieked quietly.

     "Allow me to help you," said CountVonRooI. He felt a bit guilty for hurting FyreDragonV, and started to pick out the splinters stuck in FyreDragonV. As he carefully picked out each splinter one piece at a time, he surprisingly said, "Fyre, I'm sorry for attacking you and letting you get hurt, and not letting you have the omelette, and... and..."

     FyreDragonV did not expect such a remark from his younger brother. "Yeah well, it's my fault too," he replied. "I'm the one who poked fun at you for not beating my score and not sharing the omelette, and starting this whole mess up. It was totally like you to retaliate, and I don't blame you."

     "I don't blame you either," responded an emotional CountVonRooI. "We are so alike in many ways, and that's just one of them. We're brothers, Fyre... we're brothers..."

     The two got up and gave each other a big hug.

     "Yeah... brothers...," said FyreDragonV.


     "Let's go inside now, Roo."

     They let go of each other and looked at each other, happily this time. They had forgiven one another now, and put their latest conflict behind them. When they turned around and headed towards the house, they were shocked at what they saw. Just as they thought their troubles were over, they saw that half the house was totally obliterated by the explosion!

     "Oh no! The house has been destroyed!" yelled FyreDragonV. "And it's our fault! What are we going to do?! Digi's going to be back soon and who knows what'll happen if he sees this!"

     "Don't panic, Fyre," said CountVonRooI, calm but worried. "It's all under control. Besides, who says he's going to see this?"

     "But she will see this!" cried FyreDragonV. "It's almost five o'clock, and we'll never get it done by then!"

     "Do you have your cell phone with you, Fyre?" asked CountVonRooI.

     "Yeah," FyreDragonV responded.

     "Let me use it," demanded CountVonRooI. He took the cell phone and made a few calls to other Neopians. In a wink of an eye, everyone from the neighbourhood came over to the house and saw the state it was in. A big truck drove up in front of the house. Out came the Kacheek dressed up in a T-shirt and overalls.

     "Alright people, listen up!" said the Kacheek. He was a close friend of CountVonRooI, and he was very good with mechanics and construction. "We need to fix up the house and make it exactly the way it was for our friends here before the owner comes back. It's 4:40, so we've only got twenty minutes! Alright, team! Let's get to work!"

     Everyone scrambled towards the truck to get wood and other materials to build the demolished area of the house. CountVonRooI helped out by using magic to speed up the process and recovery spells to eliminate rest time. FyreDragonV assisted the others in building the main floor. From an aerial view, it looked like a video of a construction project in progress, but going 1000 times the normal speed. The main floor was quickly built. The posts, the frames, the walls, the electrical components, the plumbing, and everything that needed to be done on that floor was done in a matter of minutes. The second floor took just a bit longer, as it was higher up in the atmosphere, but it was done with quality and efficiency, just like the main floor. After what seemed like days or weeks, but was actually sixteen minutes, the house looked just like it did before it was wrecked. In fact, it looked a lot nicer and newer! The outside, the inside, the features, and even the furniture was all there and all done well, and ready to be inhabited again. The neighbourhood residents reassembled in the front yard

     "Great work, everybody! You all did a great job!" complimented the Kacheek in charge. "Thanks for your help! Let's get out of here!"

     "Thanks very much," said CountVonRooI. "You saved our hinds. I'll be glad to help out whenever the community needs it!"

     "Ah, don't mention it," said the Kacheek. "We want everyone to be happy. Oh dear, it's 4:59! I should be gone!"

     In a flash, the yellow Kacheek got inside his truck and left the scene. The clock struck five o'clock, and the two brothers ran inside the house to the computer to continue playing games. When they sat down, the front door opened and I came inside, returning from the market with bags full of goodies. "Wow, this house is immaculate! In fact, it looks like it was just built!" I exclaimed. I put down the bags and picked up a piece of paper. "Hmm, what's this?" I pondered. "Wood frames, cable wires, lights, sinks? What is this?"

     FyreDragonV grabbed it and looked at it. "Oh, nothing," he said, looking at CountVonRooI afterwards. CountVonRooI winked back at him. "Let me help you with those, Digi."

     They put away the groceries and then got together at the dinner table to eat supper. "So what did you two do today?" I asked.

     "Oh, we didn't do much," replied CountVonRooI. "We just enjoyed a few games on the Neopets site."

     CountVonRooI, FyreDragonV, and I had dinner and then went on to do some evening activities. We went on in life as if what had happened that day never did happen. Life was restored to its former harmonious state.

The End

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