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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 2 > Continuing Series > All Aishas Aren

All Aishas Aren

by 0TwisteR0

“Found who?” I asked. The net was taken off us and we found a very fat Bruce and a scraggly Kyrii.

“Dang it!” The Kyrii said. He stomped his foot on the ground. “It ain’t Car and Bonnie!”

The Bruce chuckled. “I could of told you that!” He shoved a yummy looking cinnamon bun. I licked my lips just staring at it.

“Uh... Can I have some?” I blurted out. The Bruce eyed me.

“What do ya think Conny?” he asked.

He grumbled, “The name is Conner, Bob! CONNER! And go ahead.”

“Okay then, here.” Bob handed me an omelette. “Share it with your friend.”

“Oh thank you so much!” I said. I ripped it in half and gave some to Mardi.

“Now scat kids. We are looking for Car and Bonnie right now,” Conner said.

“Do you mean Carlos and Bonita?” Mardi asked. They both nodded. “Oh, they just freed us-- uh... I mean, they freed the pets from the pound about ten minutes ago, we saw them," He added, blushing.

“Really...” Bob said.

“Ya!” I replied. Mardi was about to open his mouth and say more when I said “We’ll be going now! Bye!” I grabbed him and ran up a fire escape.

“What? I was going to tell them some more about Carlos and Bonita!” he exclaimed.

“You can’t!” I said in a strong whisper.

“Why not?”

“Why not?! Because they freed us so we wouldn’t be gone from Neopia! That’s why!” I said. I ate more of my share of the omelette.

He stared at me for a while. “I guess you’re right...” he said. He sighed. I could tell he didn’t like being on a chase. He looked down at his omelette and ate it all. “Well, we better get to sleep. Then we can start early tomorrow on finding Carlos and Bonita.” He yawned. We walked in a broken window to an old room. There was a bed and a window seat. “I’ll sleep on the window seat,” he said smiling. “You can have the bed.”

I nodded and said “Good night!” he replied the same. We soon fell asleep.


Morning arose too quickly for my likings. I woke up with furry vision. I could see Mardi after a while sleeping peacefully on the window seat. He looked so cute. I hopped outta bed and looked out the window. I was careful not to wake him. I looked at the sky as it shown beautifully. When I looked down it looked just like a messy alley. But then I smelled something. Something wonderful. Something tasty. I quickly woke Mardi.

“What?” he asked while he yawned. He stretched his arms, legs and extra ears.

“I smell something yummy!” I told him. I looked outside again to see some hot-dogs brought in by some other Aishas.

Mardi sniffed the air. “Mmmmm! Hot Dogs!” he exclaimed and hopped onto the fire escape. “Come on!” he yelled. I hopped down with him, hoping the other Aishas would share.

We reached the place in no time. The Aishas were sitting on some rocks eating their food.

“Hello!” A reddish-pink one said. She smiled at us and asked if we wanted to join them. Mardi went right along but it didn’t seem so safe to go with them.

“Aw! Come on Sprint! Come eat!” Mardi yelled to me. The pink Aisha’s ears twitched. It looked as though she didn’t want me to be there, just Mardi. I really didn’t understand, nor like her. She looked like a snobby uptown kind of person, but I don’t see why she would be in an alley like this.

“Mardi....Come on!” I said. He sighed and came with me. From the corner of my eye I could see the pink Aisha was mad. She ate her hot dogs but stared at us the whole way out of the alley.

“So, why did we go? They had food!” he exclaimed, puzzled.

“I don’t like her, she seemed creepy...” I replied.

“Psh... She's not creepy! Okay...maybe a little...BUT OH WELL!” he ended glaring at me. I didn’t bother looking at him.

“Fine!” he said. Turning around. That was the last time I’d see him. My only friend. When I got out of the alley, I started to cry.

I sat there, banging my head on the wall. Feeling sorry for myself. I looked into the alley to see nothing. Shadows. I heard the voices. The crying. Mardi. I didn’t bother running up. I stayed quiet. I saw as Mardi was being dragged by the pink Aishas and a green one. I saw he was old. He had a beard running three feet long. And I saw the youth of the pink Aisha. She was like a little girl. Bright kawaii eyes. She had it all. I knew she was evil, and I was going to stop her.

I ran all the way after them, I silently did everything I could to reach them, but they were fast. Every now and then I could feel someone watching me, but I didn’t care. I ran in the shadows and under things. Until I reached it. A giant building. Then a flashback came out of no where. I saw him sleeping on the window seat. All cute and warm in the sunlight. I let out a cry. They found me.

I couldn’t do anything. I lost my own youth. The green Aisha turned cute while I turned old. I felt terrible. I looked over to Mardi, he gave me a faint smile. I was doomed.

To be continued...

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All Aishas Aren

All Aishas Aren

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