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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 9th day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 3 > Continuing Series > All Aishas Aren

All Aishas Aren

by 0TwisteR0

A dim light fell in front of me, and I heard a tiny voice.

“Darn you... stupid wand!”

I laughed at it. The little thing came closer to me (I saw it was a Faerie) and asked what had happened to me.

“Oh, some Aisha took my youth, I'm old now,” I sighed.

“Oh, I can help you!” The Faerie smiled. She waved her wand and I was myself. I felt pretty. She waved her wand many times and all the other Aishas were themselves. She magically made a tunnel out of the terrible dungeon. All of the Aishas filed out but I stayed with Mardi.

“Mardi?” I whispered.

“Ya?” he replied.

“Will you get off my tail?”

He laughed. “Sure!”

I helped him up and we walked through the tunnel. But I didn’t feel right. I was trapped. I floated back into the dungeon along with Mardi.

“You’re not getting away that easily!” The pink Aisha came out of the shadows. The Faerie had gone by now. I panicked as I stared at the pink Aisha

“Now, you may choose: be king of the world with me, and lose the girl, or both gone down together!” she cackled evilly as she stared at Mardi.

His eyes softened. He didn’t know what he could do. I saw his face and knew I was going to die. He then said his answer...


“I’ll be king...” he muttered, glancing at me, I felt hurt but I didn’t know his plan. I wanted to go die in my sorrows. At that point I wanted to kill myself. My only friend had chosen to let me choose my own fate.

The pink Aisha smiled, “Good! I will take a little pity on your friend and destroy her tomorrow.”

The rest of the day was dreadful. I sat in a new dungeon. I just waited. As night crept, I heard footsteps in the corridors of the hallway. The keys unlocked of my dungeon cage. My eyes were half closed when I saw an Aisha.

“Huh?” I asked softly. The colours were the same black as the shadows, but I just knew of the shape.

“Get up,” he said. “We are going to leave!” I felt a warm slime in my heart. I got up to see Mardi. And he was smiling at me.

We got up and walked around the building for a while. I saw a faint light in the clearing of the corridors to many rooms. I walked up.

“Darn you stupid, stupid wand!” the light yelled. At that moment I knew it was my Faerie friend from before. I ran up to her silently and Mardi followed.

“Faerie,” I started to ask, “Could you help us get rid of that evil Aisha?” I half smiled at her. She stroked her blonde hair for a second and fixed her yellow dress, and then said okay. She tapped her wand on her knee and we were at the Aishas bedroom. And she was wide awake. She glared at us and turned into a dragon that who’s head had broke through her ceiling.

“Hah, hah, I knew you go looking for her Mardi, so I was prepared!” she cackled. I saw a morphing potion on her table next to her bed. Then I made a run at her and punched up at her chin. She had her head smacked up on the ceiling. Her eyes turned blood red and smacked me across the room. It was still dark so she could see all that well.

“Grrrrrrr.....” she growled at me. Just then I started to get up and it looked as though I was running but Mardi came in front of me and tackled the dragon. The dragon threw Mardi out the window and I gasped. At the bottom I heard cracking. I started crying again.

“What?” the dragon began to worry, “Guys don’t cry, girls do!”

“YOU THREW MARDI OUT THE WINDOW YOU IDIOT!” I yelled at her frantically.

He eyes widens and yelled no and dove out the window and changed into an Aisha. I quickly grabbed the green one from the other bed and threw them out the window too. The Faerie tapped her wand again and a crack split Neopia and the Aishas fell in. Then the Faerie shut the crack.

I sniffed a couple of times sadly, then slumped to the window, just to see Mardi a last time but I saw he was awake and smiling. I looked to Faerie and she nodded and disappeared. I ran down all the corridors until I was outside and helped him up.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily!” Mardi said smiling.

“Ya, I guess I can’t” I gave a fake sigh and then we laughed.

“I thought you were dead!” I said and I hugged him. He hugged me back.

“Well, the Faerie’s magic landed me on the slowly and gave me that cool bubble stuffs to crack!” he said as we ended our hug.

Just then the ground rumbled. A beam of crooked purple came out and struck both of us. In a blink of an eye I was gone. I shook my head wearily. I looked to see I was on a doorstep. I knocked on the door and a lady opened it.

“Hello?” she asked in a soft voice. She looked down and saw me. “Oh, you’re so cute! Wait till I show you to Aqua!”

I smiled at her and she smiled back, but it just wasn’t Mardi’s smile.

The End

Previous Episodes

All Aishas Aren

All Aishas Aren

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