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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 65 > Continuing Series > Al's Halloween II: Part Three

Al's Halloween II: Part Three

by al_the_chia

Lupe Forest...
     Stenchpaw scowled as he threw several thick branches onto his crackling fire, glaring out over the motley assembly of shell-shocked Lupes. Most had abandoned their costumes, and looked extremely miserable. But Stenchpaw, who had spent thousands of NP on decorations and his fancy costume, wanted to continue, no matter what the circumstances.

     "All right...HIC...I...HICCUP...know are all being... a bad state...URP...but I still...BELCH...want to be being finishing... URK...this Party! Now, let's tell some scary stories, UUUURK"

     "I'll give you a scary story..." Dippaw muttered. "It's called 'Night of the Wives From Heck...'"

     He was silenced by three different glares from the three Lupesses flanking him, sinking down into his seat and fidgeting with his paws.

     "Oi! It's getting chilly out! Let's throw Warpaw onto that fire!" Hollypaw squealed, still in the form of a yellow Chia and carrying the stiff, frozen Lupe over her head like a plank.

     "Ugga ugga!" Peacepaw remarked, clutching his throat and guzzling down some water. "Ugga ugga ugga!!"

     "Please..." Big Dippaw begged, still being tormented by the three versions of his wife. "Throw ME in!! I can't stand it any more! One Pawla, I could handle, but THREE? It's like living with her, her mother, AND her sister all in one!"

     "BE QUIET!!"

     "SHUT UP!!"



     "Well, it won't do much good to argue, you know." Nopaw sighed. "We've got to think about this for a while...who wanted to poison every Lupe in Lupe Forest?"

     Peachpaw, with her special powers, was the only Lupe able to cure herself, but she refused to cure anyone else. She looked upset as she fluttered her faerie wings and pouted in protest.

     "Well, I know of a few people who would want to harm ME...Don't hate me because I'm beautiful! I know that it was one of you jealous wolves, so the next time you try to make me lose my head, I'll be prepared!"

     "Yeah, whatever..." Hollypaw whispered, propping up Warpaw against a tree and leaning against him casually.

     "Hiss?" Fluffy added, as the invisible Al desperately tried to untangle his knots.

     "MOOO?" Lulupaw pitched in, sitting near the fire and munching on a stalk of grass.

     "Well," Goldpaw sighed, scratching at his itchy purple fur. "I'm really not sure exactly who could have done it, but I really think that we have to cool down."

     "Not...BELCH...funny." Thornpaw gasped, still burping out blasts of fire.

     "But I wasn't trying to insult you!"

     "Oh, insult us, will you!?" Hollypaw snarled.

     The Lupes were becoming defensive, glaring at each other with intense frustration and anger. You could see their temples throbbing and their paws clenching. Nopaw, looking worried at the prospect of a fight, began to plead, covering her head with her paws.

     "Don't start an argument, oh, please don't start an argument!!"

     But it was too late. Almost at once they all began to viciously attack each other. Hollypaw used the frozen Warpaw as a club, beating the still sniggering Hotpaw over his flame-decked cranium repeatedly, cursing at the top of her lungs. Thornpaw belched fire and sneezed ice at the peacefully mooing Lulupaw on accident, who roared with rage and began to charge like a bull. She chased him around and around the large fire, Thornpaw sneezing all the way.

     Goldpaw, cross-eyed, itchy, and unable to see, stepped into the fire on accident and set his tail on fire, too busy scratching his itches to notice. Big Dippaw gurgled miserably as his three wives picked him up, carried him, and hurled him into the icy waters of the nearby Lupe Lake.

     Peachpaw rolled her eyes and fluttered off in a huff, and all Stenchpaw, Fluffy, and Nopaw could do was watch on miserably and desperately try to stop the conflict.

     But Al, who was still invisible, had other ideas. He quickly slipped off his Werelupe costume and glasses, creeping off into the forest completely unseen. After a good ten minutes of all out chaos, Nopaw was the first to notice that he and Peachpaw were gone.


     They ignored her, continuing to fight and scream. Suddenly, something came over the normally timid Lupess, and she stood up, fire in her eyes.


     At once, the fighting stopped. She gasped, catching her breath and looking out over the now awestruck Lupes.


     " can we find him?" Goldpaw asked. "He's invisible!"

     "I think I have an idea..."

Deep in Lupe Swamp...
Jade hummed as she skipped along the damp, murky path of Lupe Swamp. The ancient place had been abandoned by the Lupes of the forest for years, and no one knew exactly what lurked there now.

     But the careless Jade P. Pumpernickel couldn't care less about all that. She hopped along, ignoring the melodious croak of Greebles and the occasional howl of a Werelupe in the distance.

     "La, la la la la laaaa!" She trilled, leaping gracefully over a fallen log and dancing across a rock.

     "Al is stupid and so are the Lupes! Tra la la la!"

     Suddenly, she heard a rustling. With a start, she turned around, her ever-alert eyes scanning the trees behind her.

     Nothing was there.

     "Hm..." She turned and hop-skipped onward, now a little more cautiously. Once again, she heard a rustling, this time much closer. Jade grinned as she stopped dead, not bothering to turn around and look. The grin turned into a broad, creepy smile as she carefully put a paw onto her flower.

     "Hm...I hope whoever is out there realises that it's not wise to annoy the Goddess of Annoyance..."

     She slowly stood up, waiting and listening carefully. Another rustling, right in the grass near the swamp!

     Jade laughed as she squeezed the flower, shooting a blast of green, sticky goo that splattered all over Al's face, both blinding him and making him quite visible. Without missing a second, she shot out her rainbow sticky hand. It closed around the stunned Lupologist, getting him in a tight squeeze. The Halloween Chia licked her lips maliciously as she held onto the long stretchy 'arm' of the hand.

     "Well, well, well, looky what I've caught! It's my invisible boyfriend, Alsy Palsy Walsy! How are you?"

     "Err...fine! I'm just fine! Heh...well, I'd be a little better if you let go of that sticky hand of yours..."

     "Oh, I'm certain you would be, and that is why I'm going to keep it onto you."

     She tugged on the rope, and the hand tightened itself around Al, making him squeak like a kiko toy.

     "Well, this should teach you that I am the Goddess of Annoyance, invincible and sleek as an Aisha! Fiercer than a Kougra!"


     A blast of pink light surged out from somewhere in the nearby trees, zapping Jade with a loud crackle. She released a loud, giddy whoop of laughter before glowing bright fuchsia and exploding in a cloud of pink and purple smoke.

     Al shielded his eyes until the blinding pinkness faded. As his eyes slowly became accustomed to the dark, he saw a slightly singed mask, hat, and cape slowly drifted down from the sky, landing on the slightly scorched ground right in front of him.


     He scrambled onto his feet as Peachpaw emerged from the forest, humming happily as she daintily descended onto the mushy, muddy ground.

     "YOU..." he spluttered, pointing at the smoking clothing. "YOU BLEW HER UP!?"


     She beamed sweetly, holding up a yellow morthog by its back leg. It thrashed and kicked, but Peachpaw's firm grip remained as she forced it into a jar and slammed on the lid.

     "I just turned her into a morthog. Not anything terrible, but I'm certain someone playing 'Kiss the Morthog' will get an unpleasant surprise when I get her to Meridell..."

     She put the jar under her long, slender arm, primping her beautiful hair and waving her wand. Her wings flapping, she soared off into the air, disappearing with the sound of a bell and a puff of faerie dust. Al blinked as he shielded his eyes from the glittery residue. As it landed on him, he slowly faded back into visibility, transformed into his normal, former Chia self...except with no clothes on.

     "Geez, that Lupess bothers me..."

     He looked down at himself, gasping and nearly falling over.


     Nopaw and the rest of the Lupes burst into the area, slightly out of breath. Al screeched and leapt into the bushes, covering himself up with the large leaves as Nopaw winced.

     "Did Peachpaw get her?" She asked, looking away and tossing him his Werelupe costume and glasses.

     "Yep." The Chia ducked under the bushes for a second, popping out fully clothed.

     "She's going to in Meridell for a while..."

     "I see..."

     Nopaw turned and gestured to the other Lupes, who looked perfectly fine.

     "Although Lulupaw could only moo, that didn't mean she still didn't know how to heal us all. After we finally calmed everyone down, she fixed everybody up, including Thornpaw. With his magnificent nose, he sniffed your tail and led us right here..."


     Hollypaw cackled as she elbowed Stenchpaw.

     "Well, ALMOST everyone!"

     The skunk Lupe frowned miserably, stifling another hiccup as Lulupaw shrugged innocently.

     "Heh, sorry, but there's no cure for the hiccups!! You know, on Mystery Island, there was this one Lupe named Pricklepaw who had the hiccups for sixty years! Isn't that amazing?"

     She tittered as Stenchpaw hiccupped once more, suddenly looking extremely tired.

     "Well," Al sighed. "At least everyone is safe and happy once, let's get out of this horrible swamp before we all get eaten by Werelupes!"

     Everyone laughed. Well, at least until a loud, echoing howl emitted from somewhere nearby, ending in a deep, eerie silence. The Lupes looked at each other for a second, seeing two glowing eyes, slinking towards them oh so slowly.

     "Um..." Goldpaw gulped. "LAST ONE OUT IS Werelupe CHOW!"

     Screaming and shoving each other to get out first, they all fled from the swamp at top speed, the glowing eyes giving fast pursuit. As the last Lupe faded over the horizon, Fluffy slithered out from the swamp, releasing another fake Werelupe howl and snickering quietly to himself.

     With a grin, he looked to the harvest moon, the silhouette of a vulture blocking it from view for a brief moment. Fog covered the damp, murky ground, darkness seized the stars, the looming trees began to howl and moan with the wind as the Cobrall hissed a few, final words:

     "Happy Halloween!!!"

The End

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