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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 64 > Continuing Series > Al's Halloween II: Part Two

Al's Halloween II: Part Two

by al_the_chia

Stenchpaw's Dung House...
     A Halloween Chia snickered from the glass rose bushes as she peered through an open window into Stenchpaw's large, heavily decorated pad. The Lupes were too busy conversing, dancing, and arguing to even notice her presence, and the little snickering sounds she made blended perfectly with the spooky speakers that Stenchpaw had set up outside. Jade was very observant for being insane, and she left no detail of the busy room unseen. But the thing that caught her attention and devious thoughts the most was the crystal punch bowl right next to the window, which was filled with a delicious-looking fruity orange juice.

     "Hm...I wonder..."

     She took one last quick look around the room. All the Lupe guests had stopped talking, and were gathering around Goldpaw the Alpha Lupe. He stood on a chair, holding his arms up and grinning.

     "All right, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the Costume Contest, being judged by me and our gracious host, Stenchpaw Lupaire!!"

     As all the Lupes cheered, Jade seized her chance. She reached into her many pockets and pulled out a variety of strange powders and hazardous objects. She dumped them all into the bowl without even taking a second thought, dusting off her hands and peering down at her new concoction. The punch sizzled and popped for a moment before turning dark purple. It was a success. The trickster Chia laughed as she ducked down and crept off.

     "Now, let's see how fun this party will be for me!"


The first Lupe to reach the punch bowl was the champion of the costume contest, Peachpaw, with her admired decapitated costume. She attached her head back onto her shoulders as she smiled enthusiastically, her faerie Lupess wings fluttering.

     "Oh, thank you, thank you, it's too much, really!"

     As all the Lupes applauded her, she reached over and picked up a glass, pouring some of the purple punch into it and raising it into the air.

     "I propose a toast!"

     All the Lupes hurriedly went over and grabbed punch, including Alpaw. They all raised their glasses in the air in a similar fashion to the beautiful Lupess as she batted her eyelashes and tossed back her hair.

     "To my beautiful face and costume, and to Stenchpaw for hosting this little party! Now, let's drink!"


     And with that said and done, all the Lupes carelessly gulped down the punch. All except for Nopaw. She looked at her glass with an odd expression, raising it up to the dim light for a closer inspection.

     "Purple? I thought I bought orange punch..."

     That's when it happened. The first to react was Hollypaw. With a bang and a pop, she began to shrink. Faster and faster she shrank, smaller and smaller, until she melted into a tiny yellow Chia.

     "AHHH!!" She screamed, running around the room. "Chia FLOUR!! SOMEONE SLIPPED A MICKEY INTO MY DRINK!!"

     "Do I know this Mickey?" Stenchpaw wondered, taking another sip of his own drink. He dropped his glass as his stomach gave a sickening lurch. With a pop, his eyes bulged out and he began to hiccup uncontrollably.

     "Oh... HIC... Dear... HIC... I... HURCUP... am being... RICUP... having... URK... gas..."

     Big Dippaw blinked, not feeling any reaction at all.

     "Hm...that punch tasted kinda funny, eh Paula?"

     "Sure did."

     "Sure did."

     "Sure did."

     The large starry Lupe screeched as he turned around to see not one, but two stern eyes glaring at him. Pawla had multiplied three times, and now three menacing plastic brooms loomed over his head. Big Dippaw sighed as he crossed his arms.

     "This family just keeps on growing and growing, doesn't it?"

     "Be quiet!"

     "Be quiet!"

     "Be quiet!"


     Thornpaw, instead of sneezing out ice, began to belch out big blasts of fire. He threw off the Snowager costume in search of water as Hotpaw, from behind him, fell over and began to giggle and laugh uncontrollably. Goldpaw's fur turned purple and his eyes crossed, and Peacepaw's voice was so damaged that all he could say or sing was 'Ugga ugga'.

     Peachpaw seemed fine for a moment, still basking in her glory and smiling like a supermodel.

     "Why, with all this attention, my head will just bloat!!"


     Nopaw watched as Peachpaw's head blew up like a balloon. It disconnected from her neck once again and hovered into the air, hitting the ceiling and bouncing.


     "MOOOOOO!!" Lulupaw mooed, ripping out of her mermaid costume and falling onto all fours, clumsily clomping around like a Kau. Warpaw, after his sip of the toxic punch, became as stiff as a board and light as a feather, and fell over with a clank against the wall as Big Dippaw ran past him, pursued by his three wives.

     Nopaw looked at her own punch for a second before pouring it back into the bowl.

     "Something doesn't smell right..." she observed, watching as Fluffy the Cobrall began twisting into knots.

     "What, Stenchpaw?" Alpaw couldn't help but add.

     "What? Alpaw? Was that you?"

     "Of course! Who else would it be?"

     Nopaw looked around, seeing a pair of glasses and a Werelupe costume hovering in mid-air.

     "Al...I can't see you..."

     "How can you not see me? I'm standing right in front of you!"

     "Yes, I can see your costume, and your glasses, but I can't...see...YOU..."

To be continued...

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