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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 64 > Short Stories > Po's Birthday

Po's Birthday

by polayo

Image by polayo


It hasn't seemed like a year. Time really does fly when you're having fun! But, you know, it was weird... Omni and Tika were being secretive, Ev and Reggie were raving about how much I was going to love my birthday presents, and everything was chaos: as usual.

     But something was different about it. With October 27th being only a few days away, I was savouring my last few days as a pet that was less than one year old...

     The Friday before my birthday, Omni woke me up after I'd slept through both my alarms and some gnawing on my ear by Tikano. I jumped out of bed and dashed toward the school, trying to make it without being late. As my last school day before my birthday, I didn't want it to start horribly. Running along as fast as I could, I didn't see where I was going, and smacked into a pole. Yes, a pole-well, actually it was a telephone pole, but no worries. Falling, backward, I rubbed my head and looked around dizzily.

     My books and papers were scattered around me, muddied by last night's rain. I shut my eyes, still tired, and breathed in the Neopian air, thinking, School...maybe I'll just skip it today...

     My immediate reaction to that thought was very negative. I barely ever missed school, let alone by playing hooky! But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a good idea--I deserved a day off from school, and with my birthday coming up...I could count it as a birthday present.

     I stood up and gathered my papers and books into my bag, and walked slowly toward the school, carefully running the thought over and over in my head. By the time I'd reached the school, I'd made my decision. Taking out my copies of Ev's and Reggie's schedule, I ran around the school trying to find the windows to their classrooms. Then jumping up and down and waving my arms, I caught their attention--luckily, they were both in the same class at that time.

     When the teacher went out of the window, they whispered to me through the window, "What are you doing here?"

     I grinned. "Come on! We're having a fun day off of school. For my birthday."

     They glanced at each other, weird looks passing between them. "I dunno, Po," Reggie began, but I cut in.

     "Aw, guys, don't be such poopers! It'll be fun! And it's only one day..."

     They knew, too, I wasn't being myself, but convinced that it was a good idea, they managed to get out of the classroom and through the door, meeting me around the back of the school.

     "Are you sure this is a good idea?" Asked Ev, glancing around almost nervously. "I mean, we could get in really big trouble..."

     Rolling my eyes, I grabbed her hand. "A day of Neopian fun," I said, "is something I wouldn't mind getting in trouble for."

     It was fun. And a lot of fun, too. Since we didn't have enough Neopoints between us to go to Faerieland or another world, we stayed around Neopia Central-convinced the Alien Aishas to let us have a free go at the Vending Machine, explored the market, and all in all just had a great time. At the end of the day, we'd all eaten our fill, had spent all our spending money, and were thoroughly exhausted.

     But not exhausted enough not to laugh. As we boarded the subway home, three of us squished into two seats, we could not help but crack up loudly every few moments, attracting many stares from fellow Neopians. Of course, knowing us, we can't take a hint and kept on laughing, despite the fact the dislike for us was growing stronger every second.

     When the subway pulled into the station, I bounced off the train, still bubbling with giggles, only to find a stern Omni staring down at me. Without a word, she turned and, knowing we had to, all three of us followed her. I clenched my fists and ground my teeth, trying to not explode about the fact that we'd be caught. Already, all the common sense of the real me was coming back-I was such an idiot to go parading off and skipping school, bringing my two best friends with me! How could I, Polayo, do such a stupid thing?

     But no matter how I thought of the bad parts about it-I was probably grounded for days, whatever party that was planned to be thrown for me was probably off-I'd had a great time that day. And then it hit me-sure, it was stupid of me to skip school that day, and I never would again, but I didn't care about the gifts I'd get on Sunday for my birthday-that day had been a great one, and was enough of a present anyone could want.

     Since it was my birthday, Omni was light on the punishment-it was only going in early on Monday to school to catch up on the homework. And I was going to go in with Ev and Reggie, so it didn't matter.

     Ev, Reggie, Kas, Cali, Omni, and Tika threw a huge party for me, and invited all my friends-it was one of the best days of my life, and I'd remember it forever. It was a mixture of laughter, cake, wrapping paper, and a lot of good memories. And you can't erase memories anymore than you can choose who you are-they're with you always, and this is definitely one of those memories I want to always have with me.

The End
A Note from Omni: I do not encourage skipping school, and Po, seeing the error in her ways, doesn't either. To make a long story short... "Kids, don't try this at home..."

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