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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 64 > New Series > Mangstar Evil: Part One

Mangstar Evil: Part One

by snickering_1

The Message
     Shining_Safyre sat at her desk, casually sipping her can of Diet Neocola. Another day of hard, tireless work at the NSPA was about to end: pushing buttons, spinning in a swivel-chair, checking for bomb threats, balancing pencils on her nose. Yep, life was pretty hard at the Neopian Special Protection Agency. But luckily Safyre had it all under control.

     So there she sat; no new missions, no papers to file, just a computer screen to stare at, and a mini-satellite to make her dizzy. It spun around, and around, and around...


     The Aisha jumped, yelping, "Eeeee!" She tilted the chair to one side, almost losing her balance! She frantically grabbed onto her desk and pulled, but the chair and herself were too much weight for it, and it was pulled along with Safyre. Luckily she touched the ground with her feet and pushed back up, or else she would have been face down, on the floor, probably looking at the expense of a new swivel-chair, and not to mention her spilt cola!

     A small, white plushie stared at her from the ground. "Working hard, I see," it muttered with sarcasm, but couldn't resist an amused smile.

     "Sorry, Ma'am!" Safyre quickly apologised for her clumsiness. She straightened the name tag on her desk, which had toppled over when the desk moved.

     Angle8285 was a white Aisha, but a unique one at that. She was painted a colour that any other pet had ever been painted before: plushie. At the Neopian Special Protection Agency, while new technology was developed, one of the scientists came up with a new kind of paint brush. For the sake of a mission, Angle had to be painted plushie. But, seeing as there was no reversing the plushie effect, even if the pet was painted again, the NSPA never released it to the public. But Angle is quite pleased with her colour, as being a plushie has strangely enough made her stronger and faster.

     "Anything unusual come up, Saf?" Angle asked, peering at the screen.

     "Not yet, Boss," she replied, glancing at the screen.

     "Okay," she said, walking away. "But if anything comes up, you know what to do."

     "Absolutely," Safyre said, saluting comically. She returned to her screen-gazing, when...


     The computer flashed in silent warning. She turned to look for Angle, but she had already disappeared among the other various desks. Saf clicked her way through the scanning process, and stared at the message. It read:

            Bone - I need the last part tonight.
            Meet me at the nightclub and we'll
            get back up to the station. But you
            have to follow the plan! Don't just
            walk in like you did last time - it
            might cause attention if anyone
            sees us. Don't screw this up, or
            you're finished.

            Also - I need three more Krawk
            Transmogrification Potions. Do what
            you must to get them. Just don't get

            Dr. Frank

     "Eeeeee!" Safyre read the letter carefully. She once again turned to see where Angle went, but saw nobody but the other agents around her, working busily.

     So she cleared her throat and turned on the loudspeaker switch on her desk...

     "Will Angle8285 please come and see Shining_Safyre!" she announced, sounding as professional as possible. And yet she was slightly embarrassed.

     Seconds later, the white Aisha plushie waddled over.

     "Everything okay, Safyre? Report," she said seriously.

     "Ma'am, this message was intercepted. I think someone should take a look at this," Safyre explained.

     Angle's muscles coiled, and she sprang onto the top of Safyre's desk with a soft thud. She looked the message over carefully.

     "Interesting," she commented. "Okay. Go phone Rockhound. I'll get this to the Computer Lab."

     Safyre nodded, and hurried out of the Work Area and into the foyer, where there were two turning halls and an exit shoot. Down one turn was the way she had come. To take the other would lead to the Equipment Room and Laboratory. But just before that turn, there was a door marked 'Filing Area'. Safyre entered that door, and the plain smell of cardboard and paper greeted her. In here was the closest phone.

     Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Rockhound looked curiously down a patient's throat. It was not a pretty sight, for the patient (a purple Kiko) had a bad case of Kikoughela.

     Rockhound closed the Kiko's mouth and turned to his owner. "Give her some Kikoughela Syrup and he'll be just fine. Here's your prescription." He handed the owner a piece of paper, and they started to leave. "Have a nice day!" called Rockhound as they exited.

     Immediately Rockhound washed his hands. Only when he was done did the receptionist call to him.

     "Dr. Rockhound," she said dully. "You have a call here."

     Rockhound dried his paws, and picked up the phone at his desk. "What line?" he called to the receptionist Uni.

     "Line 4," she said, returning to her own work.

     Rockhound pushed the button marked 'Line 4' and said, "Hello, Dr. Rockhound speaking. How may I help you?"

     "Rockhound! It's Saf. We need you here."

     "Passcode?" Rockhound asked, lowering his voice.

     From the other end of the line, Safyre pressed five buttons on the phone that are kept secret among the ranks of the NSPA. Each agent is required to memorise the passcode's number buttons as well as the dial tones heard from the other end of the line, and are also required to ask for the passcode when another agent is speaking to them over the phone. Then, when the agent that is calling has entered the passcode, the opposite agent does the answering passcode, a totally different series of five numbers. Again agents are required to memorise the dial tones and numbers. This keeps agents from falling into traps, and lowers the chances of an impostor agent giving out false instructions.

     Rockhound entered the answering numbers, and they continued.

     "Okay. I'll be right over. Anything I should bring?"

     "Just your briefcase, I think."

     "All right. See you there."

     He hung up the phone, and turned to the receptionist

     "Due to a severe emergency, I must take the rest of the day off work and possibly tomorrow until further notified," Rockhound told her.

     The Uni nodded but said nothing, continuing with her papers.

     Rockhound went into his office and picked up his briefcase, then he hurried to the secret entrance of the NSPA.

     Safyre waited restlessly for Rockhound to arrive. She impatiently tapped her foot as she eyed the Entrance Shoot. There was a sudden sliding noise, and Rockhound slipped out of the shoot, skidding gracefully to his feet. "So what terrorising, evil, sinister force threatens Neopia today, Saf?"

     "I've got an important message interception," Safyre explained, leading the way. "Something about Krawks and machine parts, and it was signed 'Frank.' We think it could be Dr. Sloth's work."

     Rockhound blinked. "I thought he was on vacation in Central Park?" he said, raising an eyebrow in thought.

     Safyre stopped in her tracks. "Who told you that?" she asked, a smile spreading across her face. "Sloth? Go on vacation? In the Central City?"

     "It was on the news a few weeks ago," said Rockhound, continuing to walk down the corridors. "I'm serious! He was sunbathing under a tree!"

     Safyre raised one eyebrow, catching up with him. "Really? Wow! It seems only yesterday he was trying to control the whole planet!" They walked down the hall into the Work Area.

     Past all of the agents working tirelessly, there was a door painted blue. On a sign, it read 'Computer Laboratory.' Saf opened the door and peeked in, and then let Rockhound through. She then stepped in herself, shutting the door behind her.

     Angle sat next to the computer, which displayed the message. "We've got a serious situation here and we should take action," she said soberly. "Rockhound, I'd like you to pinpoint where this was sent from."

     "Absolutely," said Rockhound, setting his briefcase on a table. He opened it and produced a small box-like gadget. He skilfully plugged it into the side of the computer, and it instantly flickered on.

     Rockhound pushed a few buttons, and a small screen and a keypad rose out of the gadget's surface. He pressed a few buttons, and suddenly megabytes of information were spilling out of the screen! Where it was sent from, what kind of machine sent it and what model it was, the year and date it was sent, how many times each key was pressed in writing it... The gadget was amazing!

     Rockhound scrolled through the data, scanning it with his eyes. "Here," he said. "It was sent from Mangstar Space Station, approximately 300 miles away from the VirtuPets Space Station." He glanced behind him, seeing Saf's dropped jaw. "Yes, Saf, I did invent this myself," he added, reading Safyre's very thoughts.

     Angle, however, waddled closer to the gadget, examining the screen. "Do you think it could be Dr. Sloth?" she asked, reading some of the data herself.

     "Well, it was signed 'Dr. Frank,' so it could be Sloth trying to conceal his true identity to whoever 'Bone' is."

     Safyre raised one eyebrow. "I thought you said Dr. Sloth was on vacation in Central Park?"

     Rockhound shrugged. "Now that I think about it, that could be a decoy to calm the public, so they won't suspect anything. But we can't be sure."

     Angle paced on the table, a rather amusing sight to see if you didn't know that the situation was serious. "We need our best on this. You two lookup every single nightclub in Neopia. I'll go round up some volunteers. We'll send some agents up to this mysterious space station a.s.a.p. Dismissed!"

     At her last word, Rockhound and Safyre went to research the night-clubs. Angle went to send messages to some outside-sources and recruit others for the mission. And she knew just the person to ask first...

     Angel_72_21 the Eyriess sat at her desk at the NSPA, reading a book. She had exactly ten minutes left in her coffee break, and was not going to let them be wasted. She scanned the pages of the poetry book she was reading, not noticing a small white form slip towards her.


     "One more page," said Angel, not paying much attention, and not recognising the voice either. She was on the last page...


     The book disappeared in a puff of white smoke, startling her. Angel nearly toppled over in her chair. Luckily she was slightly better at balancing than Safyre, and didn't almost knock over her entire desk.

     "Aye! Sorry ma'am!" she apologised.

     Angel looked down to face Angle, the plushie looking slightly annoyed. "It's okay, Angel, I know you were on coffee break," Angle said. She smiled, showing that there were no hard feelings. "But that's over now. We have a message that was intercepted, and we need agents posted at every nightclub in Neopia!"

     Angel stood. "Just tell me what to do and I'm there, ma'am!"

     "Good, that's what I like to hear," said Angle with a smile. She turned and glanced behind her, and saw a blue Aisha and a green Gelert rushing towards them.

     "We got them as quick as we could," said Safyre, showing Angle a small stack of papers. "There are about a thousand night-clubs in all of Neopia, a third of which are in the Central City."

     "These are the locations, names, and daily hours of each," said Rockhound.

     Angle nodded. "Good. I'll take them to our spies. You three suit up and get down to the closest one, since you know the area well enough. It's called Club Gangstaz," she said, and began to take the papers up to the office.

     "I guess we're off to the E.R.," said Safyre, heading towards the exit.

     Angel raised an eyebrow. "E.R.?"

     "Equipment Room."

     "Ah, I see," said Angel, smiling. "Nice to see ya again, Saf."

     "You to, Angel," she replied cheerily. "Who knows? Maybe this mission will turn out to be something small and simple."

     Rockhound gave her a funny look. "And in all of the history of the NSPA, has anything small and simple ever come up, Safyre?"

     "Er... What is this, a pop quiz?" asked Saf.

     Angel and Rockhound exchanged glances, and shrugged. Then they continued to the Equipment Room.

     The E.R. was highly-secured, with a camera monitoring system and a password lock on the entrance, and even a paw/claw/fin-print scanner. You needed both the password and the right hand to get in, so any unauthorised personnel would never get through.

     "So, who is the baddie this time? Any ideas?" asked Angel, entering the password and scanning her paw. The door opened and all three walked in.

     "We think it could be Dr. Sloth," said Safyre.

     "Dr. Sloth?" Angel raised an eyebrow. "I thought he was on vacation."

     "Why does everyone think that? I've heard that from at least a thousand people today!" Safyre said, starting to be dramatic.

     "A thousand?" Rockhound smiled through a sceptical look.

     "Okay, okay. Maybe like, two. But still, Dr. Sloth? On vacation?" Safyre let the matter drop as she walked over to the shelves of gadgets. "Okay. Let's suit up." Safyre began scanning the walls for her favourite piece of equipment--the Duquad 23.

     It could be a radio, a walkie-talkie, a TV, and a radar, and plus it fit in your pocket! The Duquad 23 was one of the greatest inventions in the NSPA history! It resembled the Aisha Compact Mirror, so you could pretend to be fixing your blush and no one would get suspicious. But at the same time you could be holding a private conversation with Angle or any other agent with a receiver! That is, if you kept the 'mirror' part of it out of view or else instead of someone seeing their reflection they'd see top secret headquarters!

     Safyre took the Duquad, a pair of spy shades, and a purse rigged with gadgets, and waited for the others. They had all chosen their equipment and hidden it in their packs, all set.

     "Wait, one more thing," said Angel. "If we're going to this night club, we're going to have to look it, too."

To be continued...

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