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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 59 > Short Stories > It's Just Not Fair

It's Just Not Fair

by the_great_humougus

I am Noranada, a red Kacheek whose name means sweet in my owner's secret language. I have a story to tell you.

     My life was just perfect until Kristin and Aloha came along and took over my school, my friends, and my life.

     It was Monday, and I was going to start a new week of school at Neo Pets Grade School with all my friends. I was walking with my owner, Tess Renée, my little brother, Norcaneo the blue Aisha (whose name means New Loyal), my older brother, Naganori the green Gelert (whose name is Japanese), and my oldest sibling, Frooshaneo the yellow Wocky (whose name means New Future).

     Norcaneo sighed. "Tess Renée, why can't we play hooky? Just this once? I'm so tired of school!"

     "You've got to be kidding me!" I said. "School is great! We've got so many friends at the grade school! What about Kara?"

     Norcaneo frowned. "I told you not to mention that!"

     I smiled. "Okay. Sorry."

     "I'm glad you like school so much, but it's illegal to play hooky," Tess Renée said. "Maybe I could home-school you guys. My mom home-schools me. Norcaneo, who is Kara?"

     Norcaneo smiled as the school came into sight. "You know what? I've decided that I want to go to school today after all! 'Bye, Tess Renée! I'll see you after school!" My little brother bounded up to the school with the rest of the crowd.

     "Bye," Naganori said to Tess Renée, wagging his sharp tail from side to side. "I'll see you later!" He bounded after Norcaneo. "Norcaneo! WAIT UP!!!"

     Frooshaneo sighed. "Those two are so juvenile. Uh, if you find a few extra Neopoints, could we go to Hubert's Hot Dogs for dinner?"

     "We'll see," Tess Renée said.

     "Okay," Frooshaneo said. "Have a nice day!" Frooshaneo tore after Norcaneo and Naganori. "Hey, you guys! You're supposed to stay with me until first period!"

I smiled up Tess Renée. "Have a good day."

     "You, too," said Tess Renée, then she took a flower on a hair clip and stuck in on my fur.

     "What's this for?" I asked.

     "For luck," Tess Renée answered. "Not that you'll need it. It's luck so you can ace your Famous Faeries test today."

     "Thank you," I said. "I love you."

     "Ditto," Tess Renée said. "Good luck!"

     I ran to catch up with my best friend, Popcorn. She was a real friendly Gelert.

     "Hi, Noranada!" said Popcorn. "Nice flower."

     I reached up and touched the flower. "Thanks. Tess Renée gave it to me."

     Popcorn took a jar off of her head. "Look! Mimi gave this to me. It's a Fire Faerie. She told me to let it go in the class and see what happens."

     I wondered what would happen. I'd seen faeries let free before. Some bless you with a cool fighting move, and some fly away. "Tess Renée gave me a red Korbat keyring. I'm going to show it to the class and if Mrs. Snack will let me, they can all play with it!"

     Popcorn and I walked into our homeroom, room 212, Mrs. Snack's room. I waved to my brothers and sister as they went into rooms 210, 211, and 213.

     Mrs. Snack, a yellow Nimmo stood at the blackboard. I noticed that there was an extra desk in the row in front of me. I hoped no one tall was coming. The last student came in . . . but there was still an extra desk. Mrs. Snack spoke up. "Good morning, boys and girls. We are getting a new student today. Her name is Kristin."

     Just then, a faerie-painted, pink Kacheek walked into the room. She had her ears pierced in five different places . . . three rings on one ear and two on the other . . . and she was wearing a bow.

     "Hello, you must be Kristin," said Mrs. Snack. "Sit here, in front of Noranada."

     Kristin flew over to the seat and sat down. Her wings were big. I raised my hand.

     "Yes?" asked Mrs. Snack.

     "I can't see."

     "You don't need to. I'm passing out the Famous Faerie quiz. Come help me."

     I smiled. That was my job.

     Kristin spoke without raising her hand. "I would like to help."

     "Okay. You and Noranada can both pass out papers." Mrs. Snack smiled. "I'm so glad that you are eager to participate with the class!"

     I went up to Mrs. Snack and took half of the papers. I was sure to pass the papers out to all of my friends and to my own desk. I didn't want Kristin to.

     When it was time to do show-and-tell, I didn't offer to share my keyring. I definitely didn't want Kristin to touch any of my stuff!

     As I was waiting for Tess Renée to come and pick Naganori, Frooshaneo, Norcaneo and I up from school, I caught a glimpse of Kristin with her owner. Her owner was wearing a big fur coat, a sparkly skirt, and high heels. I saw her hand Kristin a Tenna. Kristin didn't look even half as excited as I would to get a Tenna. Then she was handed a big milk chocolate Wocky. I noticed that there was a smaller pink faerie-painted Kacheek receiving the same expensive presents. They ignored the Tennas and ate their Wockys. The Tennas buzzed back over to Kristin's owner.

     Spoiled! I thought. And stop eating my big sister!

     Just then, Tess Renée came to walk us home. She looked concerned. "What's wrong, Norcaneo?"

     Norcaneo looked up, and I saw that he was crying. "It's nothing," Norcaneo said. "I'm fine!"

     "You don't look fine to me," Frooshaneo pointed out.

     "I've . . . just got something in my eyes," Norcaneo claimed, wiping his eyes with his paw.

     "Well, if you say so," Tess Renée said with a shrug. "But get happy. We're going to Hubert's Hot Dogs for dinner. And maybe we can go to the soda shop."

     Norcaneo got happy fast! "Yummy! That's my favourite! A tiger squash corn dog and a Neocola!"

     I shrugged. "Yeah. I like those, too."

     "You aren't too enthusiastic," Naganori said, panting. "I sure am, though! I need a soda after gym class! YIKES!!! Ten laps around the track!"

     "Well, let's go," said Tess Renée. "If anyone needs it that bad, I brought a wagon."

     "I need it!" shouted Naganori. He leapt into the wagon. I ended up as the only one walking.

     "What is it, Noranada?" Tess Renée asked. "Don't tell me you're afraid of wood again."

     "No," I said. "It's nothing. I need the exercise."

     The next day at school, Norcaneo came up to me during lunch time. "Noranada! My friends are all ignoring me! They're all paying attention to Aloha! And if I walk up, they turn away, and . . ."

     "Hold up!" I shouted. "Who?"

     "Aloha, a pink faerie-painted Kacheek," Norcaneo said. "He looks like his big sister. I don't wanna be friends with him!"

     "I have a girl named Kristin in my class, but my friends haven't declared her popular yet," I said.

     "Kristin, you are so popular!" I heard someone cry from across the room.

     "Okay, never mind," I said. "My friends aren't ignoring me yet. But if you have more problems with Aloha then you can tell Tess Renée."

     Later on, at recess, I walked over to Popcorn. "Hey, do you want to play faeries?" I asked her. I knew the answer would be yes. We played faeries every day.

     "Uh, well, I promised someone that I would play with them today," said Popcorn. "But tomorrow maybe?"

     "But we play faeries every day," I said.

     "I promised Kristin I would play with her," said Popcorn.

     "But Kristin is mean!" I cried.

     "You don't know that! You've ignored since the moment she got here!" Popcorn barked.

     "You're my best friend!" I shouted.

     "Maybe I don't want to be your friend anymore!" Popcorn growled. " 'Bye, Noranada. Happy trails to you, too." Popcorn turned her back to me and went to play with Kristin . . . probably just because she was faerie painted!

     "Well, I don't need you," I said to myself. "I have a bunch of other friends." I walked over to my other friends, all of them in a group. "Would you guys like to play with me?" I asked.

     They shook their heads.

     "We all promised someone we would play with her," Grizzly the Grundo said. And they all walked away to play with Kristin!

     "How can anyone like her?" I thought, which, I might have forgotten to add, I do out loud. "It's just no fair! All of my friends think she's great, and they're dumping me! By the end of the week, I'm not going to have any friends!"

     Norcaneo rushed up to me suddenly. "I don't have any friends, Noranada! They all hate me!"


     Norcaneo burst into tears. "I hate you!" He tore across the playground and ran into the woods.

     "I hope he doesn't get eaten by the Pant Devil," I thought, once again out loud, then started into the school. I walked through the lunch room, down the hall, up three flights of stairs, and into the principal's office.

     "Yes?" asked Mr. Turmaculas, the principal.

     "Could I use your phone, please?" I asked.

     "Why on earth would you need to use it?" asked Mr. Turmaculas.

     "I want to call my owner. I don't feel well today."

     Moments later, I felt like I should stay. Go outside, something told me, go to the woods and find your brother. He needs you.

     "Actually, Mr. Turmaculas, I think I was just nervous about my test. I think I'm fine." I sped out of his office, down three flights of stairs, down the hall, and through the lunch room to get into the woods.

     The woods were dark and spooky. There were too many trees to see the sky, and there was a feeling like something was going to jump out and grab me.

     "HELLLLP!!!" I heard someone scream. "AAAUUGGHH!!"

     It was Norcaneo! I ran and ran and ran until I reached him. He was cornered by a big Ghost Lupe!

     "Hey, you! Leave my brother alone!" I yelled. I jumped at the Ghost, but I flew right through him!

     I grabbed Norcaneo. "Come on, run!"

     And run he did. We ran and ran and ran until we were back on the playground. Kristin was there, laughing.

     "What's so funny?" I shouted. "I just saved my brother from the Ghost Lupe and he's probably coming right now!"

     Kristin shook her head. There was a second Kacheek next to her, that looked like it must be Aloha. "We did that. We have a special mist machine that creates a misty image in any shape at all!"

     Everyone stared at Kristin and Aloha laughing at us. All of our old friends came over to Norcaneo and I. Then we left.

     The next day, Kristin was not in my class room. Mrs. Snack told us that she had been transferred back to Space VirtuPets station to live. We would not be seeing her for a long time.

     Popcorn and I became friends again. Everyone who had been Kristin's friend had been insulted in one way or another by her or Aloha.

     Now my life's perfect again and Norcaneo looks up to me more. He says that even though it was a fake, it was cool how I tried to save him from a Ghost.

     I wonder who our next student will be?

The End

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