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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 59 > Short Stories > The Pack: Ambush

The Pack: Ambush

by aurora253

A hammock slowly swung in the fresh spring breeze, and the sun shone down merrily on the dirty white pelt of a young Lupe. His red bangs fell on his muzzle, and his eyes were shut. Across his left eye ran a scar, and his ears were pierced with small gold rings. His bushy tail draped over his long legs, and across his cream-coloured chest lay a red electric Guitar. Suddenly, in a burst of furry flames, he fell to the ground.

     "Whu--Arrowtak? Not again..." Karnivekker the white Lupe sighed as he stood up and stretched. A fire Lupe rolled in the grass, laughing heartily. He had brilliant yellow eyes, and a strong frame.

     "Aww Karniveker! It was funny!" choked Arrowtak, very out of character. Karnivekker was usually the one to do such things. But Karnivekker had recently married, and started a pack of his own; thus more weary than usual.

     "No- heh. I actually came to ask if I could join your pack. I've been a tad more lonely since I left my old pack..."

     "Yeah, sure, whatever," Karniveker moaned. He picked up his guitar and slung it onto his back. He winced and opened his bright neon green eyes to the midmorning light. "Er, wanna go see the other pack members? Just over at the Endless Plains...c'mon." Karnivekker nodded Northward.

     "Yes! That would be great!" Arrowtak said, then the two set out.


Four eyes peeked from the nearby bushes. One pair was light blue, the other dark brown. Suddenly one creature spoke.

     "Teehee...this'll be funny!" said the creature with blue eyes.

     As soon as the Lupine figures disappeared, a Shoyruess' head popped up. She had a striped skin, and sky blue eyes.

     "C'mon Kitai. They're gone now," she said.

     "Heh...I can't wait to see the look on their faces, Tylali!" KitaiMyou the cloud Krawk whispered excitedly. Her deep brown eyes twinkled happily on her young face. The two hopped out from the shelter of the bush, and shook brambles off of their legs. These creatures were no ordinary pets, however they may have seemed. They, like their brother Arrowtak, were Elemental Guardians. KitaiMyou, "Kitai" was the Guardian of Shock Magic and controlled shock powers; Tylali the Guardian of Ice Magic, controlling Ice magics. Arrowtak, of course, was the Guardian of Fire Magic, while Karni was just clueless.

     "OK, Kitai. Grab my legs and I'll fly us over to their pack. I just can't wait!" Tylali screeched, and the two flew off in the direction the Lupes had taken.


Three Lupes and a Chia sat in a circle, talking on the top of a large boulder.

     "Ice-cream? You think ice-cream is better than pizza? Boy, are you messed," a red Lupe commented. She was wearing boxing gloves, and she smirked at the Split Chia.

     "Well what's wrong with it? Huh? I bet stupid Karnivekker would agree with you. You're a Lupe," taka223 commented.

     "Don't talk about my Karni like that!" growled a dainty pure white Lupess, Korsona.

     "Let's end this now. We shouldn't be fighting you know. Fighting is against my law. Neggs are the best food. So there," said a calm-voiced blue Lupess, Snowdrift_Pani, Karnivekker's sister. At that, Karnivekker and Arrowtak appeared at the rock.

     "Hey dudes. Umm...are you talkin' about stuff I should know?" he muttered drowsily.

     "No," Taka answered, then stuck her tongue out. Karnivekker sat down in a bad-postured position.

     "Arrowtak joined," Karniveker sighed. He gestured towards Arrow.
Arrowtak smiled, but as soon as he did so, he and all the others jumped. A large cloud of smoke rose from the ground, and two lizard-like figures emerged.

     "Here, Lupey-Lupey-Lupeys!" Tylali mocked, and with that fired a Snowball at the Lupes from her brand-new Snowball Machine. She giggled happily as Karni yipped around madly.

     "TO THE BAT-er...LUPE CAVE!" Karnivekker howls, and runs down the boulder, the rest of the pack following him. They run into a small hollow beneath the rock, it's walls covered in moss. They rushed deep into the cavity, into a room covered in Chia pelt.

     "Hey! Gross!" Taka shouted as she stepped into the room.

     "Shhhh! They'll find us!" Korsona yelped.

     "Why don't we make peace with them?" Snowdrift pleaded, only to be interrupted by Arrowtak's strong voice.

     "If I know my sister, she doesn't know the meaning of 'peace'," he growled. Above them, they heard the footsteps of Tylali and KitaiMyou. Suddenly, they heard Karnivekker gasp.

     "What is it, Karni?" the red boxing Lupess, _SunBurst___ questioned.
Karnivekker only stared deep into the depths of the hole in front of him.


Cautiously, the small pack made their way down a steep tunnel. The walls were ancient and musty, and smelled dank. Suddenly it opened up into a large chamber, filled with strange objects. From potions to armour, weaponry to faeries and codestones, the room was stuffed. The awe-struck Lupes stumbled into the room, and peered about nervously.

     "I'll be in the back guys, come get me if you need me. I want to see if they have any books about may help us," Snowdrift said, and headed into the far back.

     Above them they could hear their enemies entering the cave. Not much time was left. Karnivekker wandered over to a shelf full of small potion bottles of strangely dark gloomy colours. He picked up a spherical bottle, and tapped on it lightly. It was light brown and had spots in it, and it seemed to be a sort of power-potion.

     "Hey Arrow! Look at this bottle. Do you think it tastes good?" Karnivekkr yells to Arrowtak. Arrowtak, who was admiring a Fire Sword just nodded, not looking at the potion Karnivekker was holding.

     "Bottoms up!" Karnivekker howls, then without knowing it, gulps down the Mutant Kadoatie Morphing potion. He yelps as the thick syrupy liquid slithers down his throat. His dirty white fur became short and tan, covered in dark brown spots. His eyes turned yellow and dilated, and his teeth grew sickly yellow and razor-sharp. His tail grew long and skinny, covered in dark stripes. He howled as spines broke through his back, and he shrunk. He had transformed into a Mutant Kadoatie.

"Ouch. Power-potions are hard to drink--ACK! I'M A MUTANT PETPET! NOOO!" Karnivekker squealed in a squeaky Kadoatie meow. Arrowtak turned, and his jaw slowly dropped. Korsona, watching Arrowtak, turns to see what took his attention and howls miserably.

     "MY MATE IS A MUTANT PETPET...CAT?!?" she screams, holding her paws to her head, she feet a migraine coming on. Korsona panicked, and fell backwards into a pile of Robot Paint. She tossed her head, and looked down at her once dainty figure. She had become a bulky piece of Lupine hardware. "Great..."

     "I guess it...a....wasn't a Power-Potion, huh?" Karnivekker squeaks. "...hehe..."

     Suddenly the ceiling breaks through, and Tylali and KitaiMyou stand smirking. "Pay back time..." Kitai said, as she clapped her claws happily. The two girls cheered as they watched the horrified Lupes cower together, and a Chia laughing at a Mutant Kadoatie. Tylali fires a Poison snowball at _Sunburst___ the red Lupe, and frozen in fear and poisonous snow, she falls down limp. Taka giggles, only to find herself 'eating snow' as well. Arrowtak growled, but his 'innocent' little sister threw a potion at him, and it hit him square in the forehead. It shattered, and he found himself in the body of a Chia plushie. He was useless, a stuffed Neopet. He was no longer 'real'.

     Snowdrift gasped as she stepped out into the scene. She hadn't found any books. Suddenly she froze as Tylali shat a Snowball at her, and she fell to the ground. Korsona ran into the back, terrified at her ugly appearance. Karni stood alone amongst the frozen pets and plushies. He meowed heavily, and fell down, exhausted.

     "! Look at that cute little innocent Kadoatie, Tylali! Let's take it home! It's sooo cute!" KitaiMyou screeched as she saw Karnivekker. She placed her snowballs on the ground and hurried over to the Kadoatie-Lupe. Kitai picked up Karnivekker, and he meowed. "Can we keep him?"

     Tylali's face softened, and she nodded. Figuring that they had gotten enough fun, they flew off, Karnivekker in their arms.


Months later the pack met atop the boulder.

     "Don't worry, my sisters are taking perfectly good care of Karnivekker!" Arrowtak said to the pack, she had all been restored.

Meanwhile at Tylali and KitaiMyou's NeoHome...

     "Ooh! Lookie! I dressed out Kadoatie up as a Usuki, isn't he sooo ca-yoot?!? " Kitai said, holding a pink bow-tied Mutant Kadoatie. Karnivekker sighed, and smiled. It wasn't so bad being pampered...he liked it in fact!

The End

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