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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Collecting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 25 > Articles > Neopia's Top Seven Most Underrated Items!

Neopia's Top Seven Most Underrated Items!

by jamie_H76

Every good Neopian knows that some items have next to no value. But, what most Neopians don't see is that some of these items can be used in more interesting ways!

Yes, the time has come for a rundown of the seven most underrated items seen in Neopian recently!

So let's begin, as is customary (Or is it???), at number 7!

7. Snowballs: Now, you may argue with me saying that Snowballs are underrated, but due to my extensive research program (it's called "The Shop Wizard") I have found some Snowballs at prices as low as 10 NP!!!

Anyway, they're quite useful in the Battledome, but there are other uses for them! Why not make your pets a nice little multicoloured igloo? Although it would melt quickly, and would probably explode, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Everyone knows about the Pineapple and Strawberry Snowballs from the Advent Calendar last year. They we're food. So why not feed your pets regular Snowballs! I mean, if a Peach Snowball really tastes what I think it tastes like, then surely the others must be good? (Except Yellow Snowballs!)

Moving swiftly on…

6. Keyrings: Keyrings. Do they actually do anything? Well, apart from being a toy for your pets, no. But there are a few other uses for them, that no one has thought of yet!

Why not buy a couple of hundred, chain them together, and make a really big keyring chain?

Or, if you're feeling really adventurous, why not collect loads of them, and pelt them at the Snowager! If you're lucky, he might fall asleep with boredom! Then you can run up to his pile of treasure, and grab something! (If you get keyrings, come back another time!)

Fresh out of ideas for keyrings now? Wear them as earrings! Decorate your NeoHome with them! Eat them!?!?

5. Pickled Olives: Wow. Pickled Olives. The only food your pets can't eat. Who knows why they can't eat them. Maybe the olives are poisonous. Maybe they're not olives, and they're really a super intelligent alien race, sent to imprison us? Or maybe our pets can't get into the jars because NeoPets haven't released a Tin Opener yet (Hint, hint). On with the other uses…

Build a really, really tall tower with them! Maybe, if every Neopian chipped in, the Tower would be so big, that we could talk to the people in the Space Station, free of charge!

Or, you could build a really cool spaceship, and use the olives to power it! The only problem here is we'd have to wait for the Tin Opener (Hint, hint).

Or maybe, just maybe, if we smash the jars really hard off the ground… Then we could eat the olives! But what if they're made of plastic? Yuck!

4. Battlecards: Yes, they may just be highly volatile pieces of card with pretty pictures on them, and they may not do much damage in the Battledome (Except Gold ones), but (Yes, you guessed it!) there are more, yes more uses for these cards! Play Solitaire with them! Except this version is called, "Killer Solitaire". Fail to win, and… BOOM! Win and… Well, no one's actually won it. Probably because it doesn't even exist. Yet. (Evil laugh goes here!) Make a real house of cards! Yes, you could be the first person to own a NeoHome made from 100 % Battlecard! Don't get your hopes up though, as it will most probably fall over in light winds, or get washed away in rain :(

3. Garden Items: Were these items only created to sit around looking nice? (Yes, but that isn't the point!). They don't have any actual use until NeoHome Gardens come out, but that doesn't stop me from creating different uses!

Why not breed all the different types of plants together to create one Super Plant! It might be able to speak. And if it can't, it can replace Punchbag Bob when he retires!

Here's a constructive idea (Literally!)! Build a really tall tower of plants, and then you could boast about having Neopia's tallest tree in your own garden!

2. Other Tombola Booby Prizes: Hmmm… Well, apart from sand, the other booby prizes aren't very useful. Except the food items. My pets seem to live on a stable diet of Boxes of Trifle Mix, Omelette and Scotch Eggs. Yet again, I will unveil my intricate knowledge, and show you the money! I mean the uses!

Let's see… Aren't the toy sail boats just about the right size to fit smaller PetPets in? Next time you go to the beach, your PetPet can dress up as pirate, and sail the Seven Seas! Yarr!

Volcanic rock. Not much to do with it? Throw it, chew it, burn it, I don't know!

Palm Fans are great for making rafts with! Sail down a river, or try making a plane! Soar through the skies like a Pteri! Just be sure to pack parachutes for you and your pets! Why has nobody actually though of mixing the Trifle Mix with the ingredients it has on the packet? Then we would have NeoPets Trifle! Yay!

In the description for the Brown Sauce, does it not say that it goes great with Fish and Chips? And are there any Fish and Chips in existence in Neopia. No, there aren't any. So how do we know it goes great on Fish and Chips? Is this a mystery, or a use for Brown Sauce? Or is it both? Does anyone still know what I'm talking about? No? Good.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for (Unless you started reading here, in which case you haven't been waiting!). Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to reveal the number one most underrated item in all of Neopia!!!

1. Bottles of Sand: Yes, it's now slightly more official! Sand is Neopia's number one most underrated item! The Tiki Tack Man buys it in bulk for his shop and Tombola, and all of us Neopians try to get rid of it!

But there are more uses for it my friends! Why not combine all the colours to get a Rainbow Bottle Of Sand? Or you could use it as a top secret Battledome item! Throw it in the eyes of your opponent, and they won't know (or be able to see) what hit them!

Or you could put each different variety inside a pie crust, and… BOOM! (No, not really!) Actually, you just get lots of tasty Sand Pies! Everyone loves Sand Pies, right?

If you have a few hundred million Neopoints stashed away in the bank, and a couple of billion Bottles of Sand, you could purchase your own small island! Then you can decorate the beaches multicoloured! Everyone would want to see it!

Why seven, you no doubt ask? Well, ten is too many, five seemed too little, and seven seems to be in the middle (although some people could argue that).

Well, so ends another article in the great, almighty, planet conquering Neopian Times (some people could also argue that!), destined to become lost in the great depths of the NeoPets server, until someone pulls up the old copy (or until the Server is reset. Which hopefully should not happen. Is it the Neopian equivalent of the Apocalypse? Who knows!)

Disclaimer: This is only what I, the Author, Jamie_H76 thinks. If you have any comments / arguments / random insults about this article, you might as well Neomail me.

Disclaimer of what the disclaimer disclaims: On second thoughts, don't Neomail me!

Disclaimer of what the disclaimer does NOT disclaim: The actions mentioned in this article or not at all possible on NeoPets. In real life, yes, some may be possible. But I don't recommend them, unless you want some trouble.

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