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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 138 > Short Stories > Moyshiori's Surprise

Moyshiori's Surprise

by cloudlesssky63

"Mother! Mother!" Moyshiori, a little green Wocky cried, tugging at her owner's shirt. "What are we gonna do for Easter?! Huh? What are we gonna do?"

     RellyNelly3000, a tall baby blue Eyrie, looked down at his little sister. Poor Moyshi, he thought. It would be her first Easter, perhaps not her happiest. Relly's first Easter was happy and joyful. He ate for than half his weight of chocolate Cybunnies and had fun at a Sticks N Stones concert while his owner held an Egg hunt at the park.

     But things changed over the year. Cloud was now saving her money to add to the Neohome and probably had no money for eggs or chocolates. Moyshi would probably receive a Cybunny plushie and a bar of chocolate. "Oh, I don't know," Cloud replied. It was all Moyshi heard every time she asked.

     Moyshi was always like that. Impatient. She couldn't wait for anything. Though she could easily wait for school to come. Moyshi loved Easter. Perhaps because she loved fuzzy Snowbunnies, chocolate, and neggs. She loved going to the beach and playing outside. And she loved getting dirty. Playing in mud was one of her favorite things to do.

     RellyNelly3000 was very different. He spent his time locked away in his lab experimenting on healing potions. Relly was a peophintologist. He was very interested in Peophins and had read all about them. If he went to the beach, he'd spend his time studying tide pools or diving underwater in search of Peophins.

     He knew, though, that Peophins liked to be in deep water, where there was more space, and of course, so they could be away from other Neopets. Peophins are very shy. Relly always begged Cloud for a Peophin sibling. Another thing is, Relly looooved reading. He was a genius, which was the perfect academic level for one that kept a top secret lab in the third floor.

     Moyshi stomped over to the Living room and began playing with her purple Quiggle plushie that was threatening to tear open at any minute. Moyshiori was hoping for an Easter bunny Usuki. Ever since she saw that poster hanging on the wall a few weeks ago outside Usukiland advertising the Easter Bunny Usuki, it was all she thought about.

     Relly knew Moyshi was hoping for too much. How could Cloud afford that doll, anyway? Easter was only a few days away. "Alright kids, it's time for bed. And don't forget to brush your teeth," Cloud spoke up, directing the last part towards Moyshi. Of course, Eyries didn't have teeth.

     The two trudged upstairs. Moyshi looked at her purple Quiggle, and threw it down the stairs. Relly felt sorry for Moyshi. He patiently waited for her to disappear up the stairs, and then flew down and picked up the Quiggle. It's eye was missing, and it's belly was torn. Stuffing poured out. Relly hugged the plushie, and flew back upstairs.


Relly opened his eyes to the bright morning sun. Light poured in through the windows, waking Relly up in no time. A wave of maple syrup, scrambled eggs, and pancakes reached his nostrils. Far away, he could hear Moyshi yawning, ready to get up. "I'd better get down there before Moyshi does," Relly said to himself. He got up and flew downstairs. He could smell a strong cinnamon scent coming on.

     A few seconds later, Relly arrived, wide awake. "Good morning, Rell," Cloud greeted, flipping pancakes on the griddle.

     "Morning," Rell replied. On the table was a plate full of French toast, a bowl of scrambled eggs, and a container of maple syrup, just as he predicted. Relly took a seat and forked two french toasts onto his plate. He took the maple syrup and began to drench them.

     "I've been thinking about that doll Moyshi's been begging for," Cloud began.

     "Mmmmm," Relly replied through a mouthful of toast.

     "It's too bad I can't afford it," she continued.

     Relly felt a pang of guilt. He had a whole stash of Neopoints in the bank that was supposed to be for his books. BOOKS, he thought. Is that all I think about? Geez, I've read a lot, and maybe just this once I could make Moyshi's dream come true.


That afternoon, while Cloud and Moyshi were at the beach, Relly took off to the marketplace. He passed dozens of Neopets tricking people into buying cheap stuff, but Relly paid no attention. He read all about those Neopets. Relly didn't stop until he came up the the Shop Wizard.

     "Excuse me," Relly said politely. "I need to find an Easter Bunny Usuki." The shop wizard had tangled unruly hair and looked quite old. The JubJub grabbed a book labeled "SHOP ITEMS: E TO K". He flipped to a page and looked at its price range.

     "The cheapest one is 35,000 NP." Suddenly, in a second, he disappeared and poofed in a large shop. At the counter was a pink Uni counting her NP.

     The store was huge, and crammed with just about everything. School supplies, books, food, quest items, weapons, makeup, clothes, and of course, toys.

     There was already a large amount of people shopping around. Relly flew over to the toy section and wandered around until he found the Usukis. There were many interesting dolls, but Relly knew the only one to catch Moyshi's eye was the Easter Bunny Usuki. After a few minutes of digging through the shelves and observing the pile, he finally found it. There it lay, undamaged and in mint-condition standing in a beautiful purple box decorated with wavy swirls and bright yellow stars.

     Relly snatched it from the shelf and sprinted to the counter. "I'll...take...this," he panted, passing the box to the shopkeeper.

     "35,000 NP please," the Uni asked, reaching out her hoof. Relly dropped the NP bag on the counter. The Uni emptied it out inside a safe, and locked it. "Thank you for shopping at Neomart," she said, and handed Relly a purple and white striped bag with the Usuki in it.

     At dinnertime, Relly ate his pizza happily. Moyshi asked, "What will we do tomorrow for Easter?" Cloud looked quite pleased with herself.

     "It's a surprise," she replied.


"Relly! Relly! Wake up! Mother's ready to give us our surprise!!" Moyshi cried, shaking him. Relly immediately got up. He yawned and stretched until Moyshi couldn't wait any longer and took off downstairs.

     Good, he thought. He grabbed the shopping bag and stretched out his beautiful blue wings. Then he stuffed the bag behind his right wing and flew downstairs right past Moyshi.

     On the table lied two tickets to the M*YNCI concert that night. Also, on the table were two huge empty baskets. "Wow! Thanks mom! But what's with the empty baskets?" Relly said. "We're going on an egg hunt right now, then we're going to the concert. After that, we're going to eat half our weight in chocolates."

     Relly beamed at Cloud. "Oh, before I forget, I got you something," he said to Moyshi. He pulled out the bag from behind his wing and handed it to Moyshi. She pulled out the Usuki from the bag and shrieked. "THANK YOU!" she cried, hugging his leg.

     That day, no one felt nothing more than happiness. Relly enjoyed his first egg hunt, and Moyshi enjoyed her first concert. Cloud enjoyed everything.

The End

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