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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 138 > Short Stories > It Lives

It Lives

by lolabel9

Ketalle, a kind green Shoyru, sits all alone in Neopia Central, hugging her Angelpuss and her Fuzzle. Now before I continue this sad story, let me tell you about Ketalle…


“Come on Ketalle, let’s go shopping!” yelled Zaner.

     “Coming, coming, let me just get my Neopoints!” yelled Ketalle back.

     The two of them were inseparable, Zaner had come to Neopia all alone. Zaner was a short girl, about five feet tall with soft grey eyes and flowing blonde hair. When she arrived in Neopia, she found a small abandoned egg; it was green and had a little wing symbol on it, when she touched it, it hatched. A Shoyru, which she named Ketalle, hatched from that egg. As soon as they could, they looked up Zaner’s friend, Kisa. Kisa gladly allowed them to stay with her in the Neohome.

     They only had to pay a 100 NP a day rent. The two never went anywhere without the other one. After a day of gathering NP, and paying Kisa for the day's rent, she asked Ketalle to go shopping with her. Kisa bought beds for them when they went shopping; they would stay in the petpets room. Zaner gave her the money for a bed and thanked her again. Since Kisa had gone with them, Zaner asked Kisa to watch Ketalle for her. Ketalle looked hurt and Kisa agreed.

     “Come on Ketalle, let’s go eat.”

     They walked away to the food shop in Mystery Island, since that’s where they lived. Zaner took a boat back to Neopia Central. Once there she went to the toy shop and screamed! Before anyone in the shop knew what was going on, she grabbed something from the shelf, the poor Lupe shopkeeper, who was restocking at that time, almost fainted.

     “I’m sorry, Ms. It’s just my pet would love this,” Zaner opened her hands slightly to reveal blue fuzz that had yellow stars on it. “How much?”

     “Hmmm, since you seem to be a newbie and you want it that much, only 2,500 NP.”

     “Really?” Zaner asked, the Lupe nodded and Zaner eagerly handed over the NP and rushed back to Mystery Island to give Ketalle the gift.

     She found everyone, petpets and pets seated around Kisa’s table. Kisa had apparently bought Ketalle a petpet, “Look Zan!” Ketalle holds up the Angelpuss, “Her names Seraphim!” Ketalle had taken to calling Zaner, Zan.

     “Oh that’s… nice… I suppose.” Zan said, sounding, disappointed.

     Noticing this, Ketalle walked over to Zaner and noticed she had a nice box with a card on it, “For me? Zan?”

     “Yes, for you…” Zaner answered a little coldly.

     Ketalle read the card first,

     Dearest Ketalle,

     I’m so glad you’re my pet; I hope to never loose you.


     Ketalle was shocked, she loved Zaner, and she had just been given something very special from Kisa. How must Zaner feel? How could Ketalle be so stupid? She slowly opened the box and noticed, THE BEST GIFT EVER!!!!! It was Ketalle’s favorite type of Fuzzle, a Starry Fuzzle. It was beautiful. Ketalle was speechless and heartbroken, she had just shown off Seraphim, and all her owner could afford was a Fuzzle. She couldn't believe how rude she had been.

     “I’m sorry, it’s not real,” Zaner said, tears running down her face. With her voice shaking she said, “Kisa, thanks for your hospitality, but I’m not needed here, good… good… goodbye, Ketalle.” Zaner ran out the door tears flying behind her.

     “Zaner wait… please don’t go!” Ketalle shouted. Crying now, she turned to Kisa, “Kisa any of the money we made you may keep, I’m going after her, she needs me…” Ketalle started to walk out when Kisa grabbed her shoulder.

     “Ketalle, here, at least take this,” Kisa said handing over a bag of 1,500 NP. “Since she walked out on her own Neopet, you are considered to be street abandoned. You have no owner, please don’t come back here without Zaner. I wish you much luck, farewell!”

     Ketalle couldn’t believe any of this. All she did was nod and then fly off, hours later she sat near the money tree crying. This is where our story begins...


"Oh, Seraphim! It's hopeless, Zan has fled, and we're all alone," Ketalle whined.

     All Seraphim did was cry really loud. "Oh, please don't cry, Seraphim. We have something of Zaner's -- this fuzzle," Ketalle showed Seraphim the Fuzzle. Seraphim cooed and hugged the Fuzzle.

     Ketalle giggled, "Since we're on our own now, we have to make more money and buy some food." Ketalle stood up, Seraphim in her arms, an air Faerie backpack on her back and the Fuzzle and 1,500 NP stored inside. It sure was nice of Kisa to give me this bag, Ketalle thought to herself.

     Ketalle went to every store in Neopia Central trying to get a job, finally in the Coffee Shop, the Shoyru shopkeeper took pity on her, "Poor thing, a street pet, your owner must've been really horrid -- oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that." The Shoyru shut her mouth and showed her to the machine, "This," she explained, "is the coffee machine, throw ingredients in and turn it on, put the cup near the spout and presto! Coffee, or tea, etc. etc. etc."

     Soon, Ketalle had a headache, but she could work the machine pretty well. Seraphim worked as a table cleaner. In the back of the Shop there was an empty store room, which her boss had given her to live in. She had all the food and drinks she needed and she made 500 NP a day.

     She was living large, well as large as a street pet could. She had almost forgotten about her past, but not for long, her past came back to haunt her, the fateful day Kisa stepped into the Shop. Kisa was accompanied by a friend, a girl in a long dress, with a scarf around her neck, her hair was blonde and short, her eyes grey. Shocked Ketalle went over to their table and said, "Hello, welcome to the Coffee Shop, what will you have?"

     "Hello Ketalle, don't you remember me? It's me Kisa. You work here I see. Well then, I'll have some Mint Tea," Kisa said smiling.

     "Oh, yes, I remember you. Hello. And you miss, what'll you have? Ketalle said smiling back, but on the insides her stomach was fluttering.

     The young woman didn't answer her, she just looked at Ketalle. Tears coming to the girls eyes as she spoke, "So this is what my Shoyru has been reduced to, a street pet. I'm so sorry, Ketalle."

     Too shocked to speak, Ketalle let go of all her feelings, all the emotions she hid away when Zaner left flowed out of her; she cried and flew into Zaner's open arms, "You... you're... you're really here. I missed you so much, Zan. What happened to you?"

     "Whoa! Slow down, Ketalle, you'll hurt yourself, seriously. Well, after I left Kisa's, I had no where to go but home, to my real home, my home outside of Neopia. I was going to leave forever, but I officially abandoned you first, so you'd be safe. Then Kisa came running into my room and shouted at me, 'What are you doing, how could you be so mean and stupid, Zan!' I just looked at her, and replied, 'I don't know, I felt jealous.' Feeling stupid, I wandered around here and there for a few days in my world, which here in Neopia is about a month. Then I found Kisa and we located you. Are you mad?" Zaner said slowly.

     Ketalle pulled away from Zaner, and suddenly she wasn't sad anymore she was angry, this wasn't her owner, she had no owner, she was a street pet, who was becoming delusional.

     A fire lit in Ketalle's eyes, Zaner noticed and became confused. Then she understood, Ketalle thought she wasn't really standing in front of her, and instantly she became upset. She had done this, she had ruined her pet's life and twisted her mind, she thought she was seeing things. "Ketalle," was all she could manage to say before she cried. She looked into Ketalle's eyes, her soft grey eyes shining, "I won't run this time. I'll stay here to protect you, I'll work beside you until you believe I'm back, okay?"

     Ketalle turned her head away angrily, thinking to herself, I can't believe she'd do this to me... Soon Ketalle realized she had screamed out loud, "NO! NO, NO, NO! You betrayed me. You left us all alone. This Fuzzle is all I have left of MY Zaner, who was kind and would never do this to me. Never ever ever!!!"

     "Zaner, what's going... oh!" A small Darigan Aisha stepped into the Shop, "Zaner, people are staring at us. Ketalle, isn't it? May we go to the back of the store?"

     It dawned on the Shoyru she might loose her job for distracting all the customers. "I'm very sorry for the interruption, please enjoy your drinks." She walked to her room in the back, once everyone was crammed in her room, she shut and locked the door. Pointing to the Aisha she said, "Who is she?"

     "She, would be me. Can't you be polite? I thought Zaner taught you better. Anyway, my name is Evil_Kila, call me Keyra, though. Zaner told me all about you, oh sorry, this is Minion, my Horus. Say hello, Minion." Keyra said holding up Minion on her arm.

     Ketalle frowned and said, "Well, well, well, Zaner, this is how much you care about me, you get me an evil corrupted sister with a freaky bird petpet, and you don't care enough to find me first. You used to be my best friend... now, your my worst enemy. I hate you."

     Zaner cried, and Keyra frowned unhappily at her sister, "Your Angelpuss doesn't seem to hate either of us."

     Only then did Ketalle realize Seraphim was in Zaner's arms cooing. "Traitor," Ketalle muttered under her breath.

     "Fine, since you hate us, I will curse you until you come to your senses and realize how much we care," Keyra said angrily.

     Zaner set Seraphim down and stood near Keyra, but first she took the Fuzzle from Ketalle and handed it to Keyra. Keyra started chanting,

Sister Shoyru,

What have you done?

Come now,

come now,

have some fun.

This Fuzzle here,

may it live,

show you how,

you life really is.

     With that, she threw the Fuzzle at Ketalle and stalked off, Zaner close behind. Kisa stood there shocked and frowned at Ketalle and left. Ketalle soon went back to her job after she recovered from the shock.

     Days went by and nothing happened, then a month later her Fuzzle moved and spoke to her in a kindly voice, "Miss Zaner means well, dearie. You didn't even give her a chance. Now I know you're upset, but that's no reason to shun someone who cares for you so much."

     "Yes, I know, but--" she stopped realizing she was talking to her Fuzzle! She panicked, "Oh my goodness, you can talk! Am I hearing things?"

     "Oh no, dearie, remember Miss Keyra? She gave me the power to live, it's your curse, and I will forever remind you to follow your heart and stop trying to convince yourself of untrue things. I can only speak the truth and I will keep all secrets. Tell me what you feel," the fuzzle spoke. The last line in a little hypnotic voice.

     "Well, before I tell you what I feel, you need a name, so your name is Skye, okay? Okay, good! Well, now I feel lost, like I can't find my way, but I don't know where I'm going and... oh! For Adam's sake! I'm talking to a FUZZLE! "

     This conversation went on for another few hours. Then she realized what she had to do, "SKYE! Skye I wish you didn't have to leave, I'll miss talking to you, but I'm going home now, and you'll be inanimate again," Ketalle spoke slowly and somberly.

     Then she saw her Angelpuss looking up at her with its sad eyes. Ketalle knew that her petpet wanted to return with Zaner.

     Ketalle nodded, Skye went limp, and Seraphim flew onto Ketalle's shoulder. Soon they arrived home, Zaner, I believe you. This thought ran through her head as she searched up Zaner and went looking for her. I'm coming home! Another thought, then another and more and more until she was so blinded by thoughts she didn't see in front of her. She bumped into a sad little Aisha, whose name she knew, it was Keyra, "Keyra! Hi... what's going on?"

     Shocked, Keyra turned around and screamed, "Zaner! She's back, Zaner don't go! Don't get any sicker please!" Keyra grabbed Ketalle's hand and dragged her in the house, she set her bag down and shoved her into Zan's room where Zan was lying on the bed looking frail.

     "Is that my Shoyru?" she asked quietly.

     "Yes, I'm home," was all Ketalle could say.



"Haha!" Zaner said laughing. After that day, Zaner slowly got better. When Ketalle came home Zaner had been very sick. The family got back on its feet slowly, like a baby learning to crawl then walk. Well, this family had forgotten how to walk and was crawling away, when they remembered how to walk again. They repaired their lives. Skye had a place of honor in the house and everyone was happy again.


You close the book, put down your pen and say, "Those were the good old days."

The End

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