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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 5 > Continuing Series > The Kontana Scroll II: Part Three

The Kontana Scroll II: Part Three

by kiwifruit487

Gyka brushed away some snow and sweat from his hair as he climbed up the mountain with his friends. It wasn't easy for no one had built a route to go across it. The friends met first a very steep mountain which they have to climb to the top of the cliff. TrailMixed was imagining herself buying Levren the sweater which she promised to buy last year but still haven't bought. Flamie_500 was thinking about returning to his training and Sahe was thinking about his girlfriend Areita. Yamakarasu thought about a pool of delicious grubs while Chelses turned her thoughts to her sisters. Exlund was still thinking about Vivarosa and this trip and Gyka was just thinking about the mountains. As their thoughts wandered, TrailMixed grabbed the wrong rock and fell landing on Gyka, who almost fell, but they were still saved.

"Thanks, and sorry," said TrailMixed grabbing a better rock to climb.

Gyka kissed her on the nose and said, "it's OK, just as long no one gets hurt, but do be careful."

The day turned into night and as soon as they reached the top of the hill... it was almost midnight. Sahe surveyed what's ahead of them. To his disappointment, he saw nothing but mountains after mountains covered in snow. The snow on the top of the mountains made them look likes giant cakes that made everyone's stomach rumble. True they didn't take a rest and ate anything for the past 8 hours; the NeoPets were very tired.

Exlund took off his backpack and dug inside for food, but he only bought weapons and accessories for mountain climbing and hiking. Flamie_500 and Sahe all only bought weapons and mountain accessories too along with some water, but no food. Chelses took a 'Candy Peas' out and smiled, "Straight from the Haunted Woods."

Flamie_500 watched Chelses throwing chunks of the candy into her mouth and pleaded, "Some of us didn't bring any food, so would you be so kind and spare us some?"

"Boys," muttered Yamakarasu chewing on a Banana Grub, "I like all my grubs though, but, aye, I guess you may have some of my cherries."

Chelses also spared some food to the boys. At the cliff edge, Gyka and TrailMixed were sitting together sharing food. When everyone finished eating, it was late into 1 am NST and the NeoPets doubled off to sleep. However, they forgot to have someone watch for the night.

There was a small movement in the grass. Sahe stirred and the movement suddenly stilled. There was another movement and a tiny squeak too this time. They were heading for the backpacks.

Exlund suddenly sat up and flashed his Magic Torch yelling, "THIEVES!" which woke everyone up.

There were two small Meercas by the backpacks and they stood frozen scared when Exlund yelled out. Sacred out of their minds, they kneeled down on the ground crying, "Please forgive us!"

"We are very poor and hungry!"

"I'm so sorry!"

"Enough, enough," said Chelses tiredly, "now why didn't you ask us for food during daylight? We would have -"

"No, we wouldn't," hissed Flamie_500.

Yamakarasu banged Flamie_500's mouth shut and said, "No need to sneak around, hehehe, just be honest and ask us during daylight, or erm, wake us up."

The blue Meerca sobbed, "Ah, I'm so sorry! My wife and I are a very old couple and lived our lives on scraps. We beg you on our scabby knees if you could spare some food!"

TrailMixed took out some bread and handed them to the couple of Meercas, "Eat well an' doncha sneak us up again, Ah woulda be glad ter just give you sum food."

"Thank you, misses, thank you all," said the two Meercas gratefully and then with that and the bread, they fled out of sight.

"Aurgh, we forgot to have someone watch," yawned Gyka, "and it's already 3 am NST, but I'm really sleepy."

"Come on, someone's gotta watch," said Exlund pulling Gyka up, "and I seem to remember that it should be you and Yama's turn now."

"Hey, don't include me in," said Yamakarasu grumpily.

"It is your guys' turn, so just do your job," said Chelses and with this, everyone but Gyka and Yamakarasu went back to their 'sweet dreams'.

The sun was already up shining brightly and the light annoyed Flamie_500's eyes. He blinked and stared straight ahead. Gyka wasn't very far from him and he was asleep. Yamakarasu was asleep too near TrailMixed. He sat up and shook Gyka up. When Gyka opened his eyes, Flamie_500 did not look pleased. "I thought you guys were watching!"

"We were," moaned Gyka, "it's 7 o'clock, mister smarty pants, you and Sahe's turn since 5 am. He let you sleep on because you won't move."

Flamie_500 turned and there really was Sahe standing guard looking at the mountains ahead. His face flamed, "Oh sorry, but anyway, everyone should wake up. We need to move on. It's snowing again..."

When everyone was woken up, Exlund said, "We are going to be crossing much larger mountains today, and they'll be covered with snow... we should move quickly."

"Ah can't see through dis blizzard," complained TrailMixed.

"We'll get through," said Yamakarasu firmly.

The friends got their bags and started moving again. The weather was very bad and the snow only kept falling faster making it difficult for the pets to concentrate on where they were going. However, they decided to head for the left of the biggest mountain as an aim. After about an hour, the blizzard still didn't seem to be stopping, and the friends had to rest and settle down somewhere till the blizzard passed. They looked for a cave to hide in, but couldn't find any, and then suddenly, Yamakarasu cried out, "Hey, a cave for us to hide in!"

Everyone followed where she was pointing and was relieved that it was really a cave. Small, but enough to fit them all. Exlund noticed something very strange about the cave... it went on into the darkness. He motioned everyone to follow him, but Chelses stopped and said, "We don't know what's in there, Exlund, and - and what if we get lost?"

"scaredy-cat cat," TrailMixed stuck her tongue out.

So without further adieu, the friends walked on with their Magic Torch on if they have the ability. Inside, there came a dripping sound of water and it felt very ghostly and creepy. A movement ran past them; it was a rat. Flamie_500 shivered and shook himself. Then, after walking through what had looked like an endless tunnel, they finally reached a stop. There was a way up through the ceiling of the cave, but it was very dark so they couldn't see what was there. Gyka stood on top of Exlund and climbed up into the top. Lay before him was a nice clearing and at the end was a tiny flickering of light which he supposed was the outside. "Hey it's cool," announced Gyka and helped pulling everyone else up.

They looked around the place and decided that it was the perfect place for a nice little nap. After a small snack, they all went to sleep. Sahe started dreaming. He heard a creak, first very quietly, and then louder and louder. Finally, BOOM! Everyone woke up to the loud noise. It was a real noise. The ceiling on the right apparently fell and the hole back into the cave was buried up. There was a bit of a panic, but then they remembered the flicker of light, so they quickly got their things and started moving. When they reached the light and climbed out, they found themselves still in the mist of blizzard, but it looked like a room, sort of. They were in the bottom of a hole that was deeply into the snow and there didn't seem to be a way out... they had used all their power for the Magic Torch.

"I don't want to be buried alive," whispered Yamakarasu trembling.

The army that Queen Kihalai sent out were marching across the snowy mountains with Pozialle, Gotenks79, and Kikugoku as the leaders. They had gotten tired of arguing about whether the Village was going to be there or not, and started talking about the weather. "We should take a break, really," said Gotenk79, "all our pets are suffering like crazy."

"Hm, I think they can take a bit more road," said Pozialle, "after all, we must complete this mission as soon as possible! If we stop and rest, it won't be easy to get them started again."

"How do you know?" said Kikugoku angrily, "I'm cold and hungry and I need a rest."

Pozialle narrowed his eyes, "I know from experience. Everyone will go wild if we stop."

"Well, maybe we do need a wild time," said Gotenks79 through his teeth brushing off snow.

"Just look at everyone, they are practically starving!" cried Kikugoku.

Pozialle did look and frowned. He knew that he himself was right, but the fellow generals also had a good point. He sighed and signaled to stop. The whole army cheered and started running about looking for a cave. It was an absolute mayhem and Pozialle gave Gotenks79 and Kikugoku a look that said 'I told you so'.

In the meantime of the break, they decided to look for a place to shelter themselves, but according to army rules, everyone had to be in groups and never step more than 3/4 of a mile from each other. Kikugoku noticed a rock and said, "We could dig a hole by the rock and rest under it--"

"If the rock won't break our neck," continued Gotenks79.

"The rock isn't too big and it seems to be steady and stuck," said Pozialle laughing, "we can even depend our neck on it."

They headed towards the rock and dug a hole using the ability Burrow. Then they squeezed themselves in under comfortably. As they enjoyed hot chocolate and watched the soldiers and knights huddling in under other rocks and so on, they started chatting merrily too about things that didn't have anything to do with army and battling life. "Teehee, remember the last dance we went to?" Gotenks79 was saying, "it was hilarious... our owners showing us how to do the electric slide..."

Kikugoku frowned and said, "I hear something... it's coming from there." He pointed towards the left of the rock.

Pozialle frowned too and said, "The rules say that 3/4 mile apart for everyone is the maximum, we can't go on."

"It's all right," said Kikugoku, "we can afford to go there because everyone seemed to be around here somewhere huddled into giant groups and no one is farther than half a mile!"

"All right," agreed Pozialle.

They headed towards the cries and then arrived at a hole. It was a very deep hole and the three generals bent down and looked inside. There was Exlund, Gyka, Sahe, Yamakarasu, Flamie_500, TrailMixed, and Chelses at the deep bottom.

"Well, well, look who's here," said Gotenks79, "the troublemakers from our village."

"We still have to rescue them though," said Kikugoku, "they were the winners actually from last time."

"All right, let's see, ropes, ropes, ropes," said Pozialle throwing one end of them down for the pets below to catch so they could climb up.

When they reached the top, Pozialle narrowed his eyes and said, "I don't recall you guys signing out." He blew a whistle towards a group of soldiers and they quickly hurried towards him. "Arrest them," commanded Pozialle.

"Hey, this is a bit unfriendly after just rescuing us," said Exlund.

"Hey everyone!" cried TrailMixed aloud and everyone looked at her. She gave a nod and then a back kick at the soldiers who held her and then the other friends started following suit. They fought their way out successfully because they were all stronger than the basic soldiers, and were 7 against 3 with the generals.

The seven playful friends called out with a smirk as they ran, "Thanks for helping us!"

To be continued...

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