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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 7 > Continuing Series > The Kontana Scroll II: Part Five

The Kontana Scroll II: Part Five

by kiwifruit487

The seven friends looked over the village of Viemo in awe and suddenly Chelses wrinkled her nose and said, "It looks just like Strannams, our very own village."

Flamie_500 gasped and said, "It is exactly the same as our village! Just look at it, I mean... seriously... with what looks like the school over there because of the kids playing, and the important building, the town hall there, and - and the river... its like exactly..." He never finished when something hit his head. "Ouch!" He massaged his head and looked at what was threw at him. It was a piece of parchment in a scroll. He opened it. It was a map... of Viemo.

Exlund looked over his shoulder and gasped, "Wow, it's exactly the same as our village except the names are all backwards..."

"Which means we really should find out more about this village history," said Yamakarasu, "or we won't have any clue what we are falling into."

"Yeah, I agree," said Sahe.

"Okay, let's hea' down de hill an' into de village!" said TrailMixed happily because she felt like... she was home at last. A little weird and strange looking, but home nevertheless with so many Usuls running about below.

"Wait," said Gyka worriedly looking at his friends, "what if they don't accept other species?"

"Ahma sure they're all friendly," said TrailMixed, "us Usuls are vewy nice," but she looked worried too.

Nonetheless, everyone headed down for the village. As they walked through the first road they could see nothing but Usuls running about, playing happily like a nice big family. However, as they walked through, everyone Usul eyes were on them. Yamakarasu blinked, feeling overwhelmed by the attention that she and her friends were attracting. Flamie_500 shuffled his feet and looked a little embarrassed. Exlund and Sahe kept looking at each other and Gyka not knowing what to do or say. "Stop right there!" a voice boomed from behind them, "put your hand in the air and turn around!"

This isn't good, thought Chelses her face screwed into a knot with fear.

It has been three days the royal army wandered around in the sand and met nothing. All three generals were getting tired and fed up, including Gotenks79. Kikugoku gave up saying, "I told you so" now because he knew that Gotenks and Pozialle were as good as convinced that there was no such village full of Usuls. Pozialle took out his wireless laptop and spoke, "I must write to the queen to tell her the bad news."

"She'll be upset," said Gotenks79, "so maybe we should search another day."

"Another day? Then I'm quitting," said Kikugoku exasperated.

"What I'm really wondering is where are the friendship hut pets," Pozialle said slowly, "I mean, we found their footsteps in the sand, right? But the point it, we never found them. The footsteps just stops in the middle of the sand. Do you think it's possible that that is the doorway?"

"Oh my god, I can't believe you still believe all that crappy stuff," said Kiku, "we have search three days--three days and nothing came out of it."

Pozialle sighed, "Well, I guess I should tell the Queen." He started typing the message:

To the Great Queen Kihalai of Strannams,
We are very sorry to report that after three days of searching in the sand, there has been no signs or proof that the village full of Usuls truly exist. Please tell us if we should continue the search or return home.

From General Pozialle.

"OK, I guess that sounds good," Gotenks79 shrugged as Pozialle clicked on send.

A few moments later, Pozialle check his e-mail and the reply was from Stefang. The message read:

To the Honorable Pozialle,
On the Queen's order, you are to return home. However, seven NeoPets from our village has been reported missing. We think they sneaked out for the Kontana Scroll too. You are to find and bring them home with you.

From Stefang.

Kikugoku waved his hand and said, "Forget him. Those NeoPets will find their way back. We don't need to search for them, because I believe in them and would never dare to arrest them. They are good citizens and never meant to do any harm. In fact, they never did any harm, did they? Other then beat up some guards to get past, but I don't blame them when we are on their tails 24-7. When you restrict them too much, you know just like treating your kid, they get rebellious."

"You are right, Kiku," said Pozialle surprising Gotenks79 who disagreed, "but we are on orders from the higher seats. We must bring those pets back with us. Reasoning with the Queen right now is not much use as we are probably thousands miles apart."

"All right, so we bring them back," said Gotenks79 and waved a hand for the whole army to come to them so he could tell them that they will have to return back with the seven NeoPets instead of the Kontana Scroll.

The seven friends were taken to the city jail and locked in. Chelses was crying in a corner with Yamakarasu by her side looking terrified as well. Flamie_500 was green in the face, too scared to argue. Exlund's face was down and he was sitting in another corner. Sahe was going crazy walking back and forth, occasionally yelling through the bars. TrailMixed was sitting by the bars staring blankly and Gyka was just looking at the guard. No one had told them that other species were illegal to bring into this world. Well, they half knew, but were never sure. Now they were sure, however.

It was about 11:30 at night when one of the Usul Guard announced, "You have a visitor!"

Everyone looked up. Who would visit them? they all wondered, they didn't know anyone in the village... The guard took the NeoPets to a visiting room and there they waited. The door opened and someone in a hooded cloak walked in. It was a Usul (obviously in this village). He gave a bleak smile and said, "I'm Old Reed and well, sure I heard about you guys." He took out a Golden Key from under his clock and slipped into Chelses's hand, then lowered his voice, "I'll, erm, be at the back of the Marketplace. Good-bye."

"Dat was quick," said TrailMixed blinking.

"But it was a visit worth it," said Flamie_500 grinning winking, "I've been itching to get out of here." He looked at the camera on the wall corner and said loudly clearing his voice, "by good behaviour and never to enter this village again, of course."

"Anyway, the market is by the jail," said Gyka, and then lifted his voice for the camera, "that we can shop for an apple afterwards."

It would have been pretty funny if they weren't in such a serious situation, but as the guards took them back to the jail, they were already giggling and laughing making the guards think that they just had a joker for a visitor. The clock chimed outside telling everyone that it was midnight. The guards were getting sleepier.

"Yo guard!" called Yamakarasu loudly waking the irritated guards up again. The guards growled and walked up to their cell sneering, "What do you want?"

Sahe hopped around and said grinning, "Oh nothing, just you."

Right when he said that, Yamakarasu, Sahe, and Exlund each grabbed a guard through the bars and bashed them in their faces, then squeezed their shoulder knocking them out. "Poor Usuls," said Chelses mockingly as she opened the door with the golden key. With this, everyone started running out ignoring the yells from the prisoners of other cells.

They hurried to the back of the closed and quiet market. Old Reed was really waiting there. He smiled when he saw them coming and said in his small voice, "Come with me, it's not very safe here."

He took them over the river to a small hut among a bunch of trees and made them all a cup of coffee. Then Exlund asked, "Why did you rescue us?"

"Because this village is hidden," said Old Reed, "and no other species could get in except with a special something... let me explain, OK? You see, it started with a Usul named Anatnok - the mountains are named after him, and, oh yes, he is a very clever chap. He was the one who cast the Usul magic so that no other species could ever get in. One day, he was out fishing by the Nosilis River, and well, he got coloured Usul. That's why a Nosilis Fountain is there now, to paint Usuls different colours. The colour Usul, aye, I don't know really. No one has ever seen it and it's very hard to get the colour Usul. If you go to the fountain and try Usul, you may actually get that colour one in a trillionth time. Anyway, Anatnok disappeared without a trace. Ten years later, he returned as a yellow Usul walking down those hills you came from, with a Green Usul by his side. That was his son, Kontana. Anatnok was back in ruling this Village and he would never let anyone out of this village nor anyone in. Another magic was cast and a Usul spell was created. A coin Usul spell."

"Whenever the Usul glows and the coin stands, the Village of Viemo is open," whispered Gyka, "and if the Usul doesn't glow, Viemo is closed."

"That's right," nodded Old Reed, "Now you see, Kontana wanted nothing more than to meet other species. He went up the hill and reopened the doorway, then ran away. Kontana soon was strong enough to cast the coin Usul spell and then cast another magic over it allowing anyone accompanying the Usul to be able to walk into the Village as well, but it must for a special reason, a reason of helping/serving his own Village... the Strannams. He missed his old land and created the Strannams the exact same, except everything opposite. So I knew that trouble must be brewing in Strannams if you guys were able to come across the doorway. Of course, Kontana predicted that there would be only seven pets allowed to go through at one time."

"Um, Old? I mean, Reed? Uh... Old Reed," said Chelses finally, "how do you know all this?"

Kontana passed down everything to me, because he trusted me," Old Reed replied, "he wanted to make sure that since he is in the village of Strannams, someone had to make sure that the Village of Viemo doesn't corrupt. He grew stronger than Anatnok, his own father, and taught me. Yes, Kontana is still my mentor, and following his instructions, I made sure that the village wouldn't kill any other species. That's why you are still alive today, my friends."

There was a long silence before Old Reed held out a piece of cloth and continued, "This is one of the Kontana Scroll pieces you must be looking for. Now you must go to the Nosilis Fountain and-- " Suddenly, there was a loud slam. Old Reed's face went green, he said hurriedly as he stuffed the piece into Gyka's hand, "Come on, you must go through the back door. That would be my wife Gina. Now go!" Everyone was rushed out through the back.

"OK um, he did say to go to the Nosilis Fountain and, and what?" said Sahe.

"We'll just have to figure out that ourselves," said Yamakarasu peeking through the window seeing Gina asking Old Reed about what he was doing, "because he certainly looks occupied right now."

"OK, let's go," said TrailMixed.

They sneaked out to the Nosilis River successfully as it wasn't very far. The fountain stood in the middle of the river. It was made out of marble and there were two Usul head statues on the top spurting rainbow coloured water out of their mouth.

Everyone dived in and when they reached the fountain, Exlund said, "I think--I think we have to jump into the fountain."

Chelses looked at him aghast, "What?! This could be really dangerous you know!"

"Won't know till we try," said Flamie_500.

With this, everyone jumped into the fountain. Yamakarasu moved through the rainbow water and touched a piece of cloth, "I got the fourth piece of the Kontana Scroll!" Suddenly, the fountain started swirling and Gyka and TrailMixed quickly climbed out successfully. The others however with swirling in and the Usuls knew that the reason they couldn't get out was because they were Usuls. This recognition hit them hard and they stood looking at their friends not knowing what to do.

To be continued...

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