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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 124 > Short Stories > Pet-Sitter of Doom

Pet-Sitter of Doom

by ieva_kasku

Keorin the mutant Lupe lay sprawled on his bed, reading a magazine. His Droolik, Kitch, was snoozing on a pile of Keorin's junk. Three Lost Desert Speakers played Twisted Roses loudly. But this peace was soon to be shattered almost beyond repair.

     "Keorin! Could you come downstairs?" shouted Keorin's owner, darkspiritmoon, or Spirit for short.

     "Coming, Spirit!" Keorin sighed and switched off his speaker. He hoped this wouldn't take too long, he had been in the middle of a neat article. Trotting down the stairs, Keorin's eyes met those of his owner, and the 10 year old standing next to him.

     "Keorin, this is my little sister, Ann. I'm going to be away for a month at summer camp, so she's going to be taking care of you. Ann, this is Keorin. I have to go, my ride is gonna be here soon. See you in a month Keorin!" and Spirit left Keorin standing on the stairs, looking at Ann nervously.

     "Oh, we're going to have so much fun! And my brother has lots of Neopoints, so we can do whatever we want!"

     "Ummm, Spirit might not like you using up his Neopoints…"

     "Aw, he won't care. Besides, I'm not going to use too many."

     Keorin decided that he didn't like this Ann, Spirit's sister or not. There was just something about her that bothered him. Fortunately, she didn't do anything with him that day except feed him, but he still went to sleep with a sense of impending doom.


"Wake up!"

     Keorin looked blearily at his watch; it was only 6 AM, "It's too early to wake up…" he groaned.

     "No, it's not! You have to come see the surprise I have for you! Wake up Keo-weeo!"


     "Yes, that's your new nickname! Come on, get up!" Ann threw open the curtains, letting the intense Lost Desert sunlight shine straight into Keorin's face.

     "AAAAAAAAAA!!! IT BURNS!!!" Keorin yelped as he threw his arms over his face, "Close the curtains!"

     "Only when you get out of be-ed!" Ann said in a sing-song voice.

     Keorin tried to jump off the bed, but got tangled in his sheets and hit his head rather hard on the floor. Sitting up and rubbing his sore head, he asked Ann crankily, "What is wrong with you?"

     Unperturbed by the extremely grumpy expression on the mutant Lupe's face, she answered brightly, "Well, since we live in the Lost Desert, I went to the Fruit Machine before you were awake. And guess what? I won a paint brush! Now you don't have to be an ugly mutant anymore!"


     "We're going to the Rainbow Pool, come on!"

     "Wait! What kind of paint brush was it? Tell me what kind it was before you do anything!"

     Ann didn't answer, but dragged the protesting Lupe to the Rainbow Pool, where she produced the paint brush.


     "Of course you do, any pet would rather be a pretty Faerie than an ugly mutant!" Ann tried to push Keorin into the Rainbow Pool, but he was putting up quite a fight.

     "WELL I DON'T!!! NOOOOOO-AUGH!!!" Keorin fell into the Pool with a splash. Before he could scramble out, Ann had dipped the paint brush in the water. Almost instantly, Keorin's fur turned lavender and he sprouted shiny blue butterfly wings. He clawed his way out of the pool and shook his fur free of the rainbow water. He looked down at himself, horrified at his appearance.

     "Look how pretty you are now!" Ann picked him up and hugged him tightly.

     "Gack… can't… breathe…" Keorin's face was beginning to turn blue. Ann took no notice; it was a while before she finally dropped him, and he lay, gasping, on the ground.

     "Now let's go to the Beauty Parlor!" Keorin was too winded to protest, and Ann dragged him through Neopia Central. The two walked through the fancy doors into the heavily perfumed atmosphere of the Beauty Parlor. All sorts of pets were there, trying on the different makeup and getting their hair done up. Keorin nearly gagged when he got a spray of perfume right in the face. Ann took him over to a green Uni wearing an apron with a name tag reading 'Hi I'm Stacy' in curly, flowery font.

     "How can I help you?" she asked in a high-pitched, cheerful voice that made Keorin's eyes twitch.

     "I want to give my Lupe a full makeover!"

     "Right this way please!"


Keorin exited the Beauty Parlor with eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, nail polish, mascara, and braided fur. He was mortified. And then, to top it off, he saw a group of his guy friends hanging out nearby. If they see me like this, I'll never live it down. Never in a million… Keorin's unhappy thought process was interrupted when he tripped over a rock and landed flat in a mud puddle.

     "Oh no, Keo! You've wrecked your makeover!"

     "Keorin? Is that you?" Cipher, an orange Lupe who was one of Keorin's friends, trotted over and helped him up. Thinking that it was Ann, Keorin answered in a sour voice.

     "Don't call me Keo."

     "Hey, it is you! And…" Cipher snickered, "you look like a girl, Keorin!"

     Keorin's life flashed before his eyes as Cipher called the other guys over.

     "Hey, what's with the makeup, Keorin?"

     "Since when have you been a Faerie?"

     "Who's that girl you're with?"

     Keorin whispered, "She's the pet-sitter of doom, aka Spirit's 10 year old sister."

     "Ah, tough break, man. See ya later, she might turn us into Faeries, too!" Laughing, Keorin's friends ran off. Keorin sighed, and ran to the transport for the Lost Desert before Ann could do anything else. Once there, he took a shower to get rid of all the makeup and mud, but couldn't do anything about his Faerie-ness. Even Kitch had barely recognized him when he walked in. After a long time, Ann stomped up to Keorin's room.

     "Why did you run off like that?!? Do you know how worried I was? I had to search all over for you, and finally came back here hoping you would be here!"

     "The transport was, like, five feet away, you saw me go right into it."

     "And another thing, look at this room!" Ann quickly changed the subject, "It's horrible! Get out of here while I fix it!"

     "Shouldn't I be the one to do that?"

     "You wouldn't know the first thing about decorating! Shoo!" Ann shoved Keorin out of his room and slammed the door.

     "Decorating? Hey, wait!"

     "Go downstairs and don't come up until I say so!"

     Sighing, Keorin trudged down the stairs. He was going to strangle Spirit when he got back. That was, if he didn't strangle himself first; the way things were going, that actually seemed preferable.

     Nothing much happened for a few hours; mostly Ann just ran back and forth between Keorin's room and the Item Box, and a few times the Shop Wizard. The highlight of this time was when Ann screeched and chased Kitch around the house with a broom until Keorin rescued him, explaining that he was a petpet and not a giant killer rat. Finally, Ann proclaimed herself finished. With a sense of impending doom, Keorin slowly opened the door and his eyes were thrown out of focus by an veritable explosion of pink. Pretty pink pillows covered every surface, his funky blue and orange bed had been replaced by a beauty bed, his knickknacks were now neatly organized atop a Pink table, a pink vanity desk took up the space where his speakers had been, Usukicon posters covered the walls, and he even had lacy pink curtains on his window. He moaned and covered his face with his paws; it was worse than he had thought it would be.

     Ann walked up behind him and said brightly, "Isn't it pretty? And just think, we have a whole month ahead of us!"

     Keorin whimpered in fear; he was doomed.


"Keorin! Ann! I'm back from camp!" Spirit walked through the door and stopped dead. The sight that met his eyes was his sister chasing a Faerie Lupe around the room with a hairbrush and some lipstick. He blinked a few times before the Lupe ran up and tackled him.

     "Spirit! You're back! I'm saved!"

     "K-Keorin? Since when have you been painted…"

     "You don't need to go any farther than that. Just get me a Lupe Transmogrification Potion so I can go out in public again. And for the love of all that is good in the world, please get my furniture back! I can't stand the pink any longer!"

     "Ann? What have you been doing while I was gone?"

     "I made your Lupe pretty! And I redecorated his room!"

     "How much did the paint brush cost?"

     "Nothing! I won it from the Fruit Machine the day after you left!"

     "So he's been a Faerie for a month?"


     Spirit gave Keorin a look of utmost sympathy and ushered Ann out the door. Fortunately, Ann had not sold Keorin's furniture, so it wasn't very long before the Lupe had his room back to its usual messiness. And Spirit was able to get a Lupe Transmogrification Potion within a week, and Keorin was his old, mutant self again. Right after drinking the potion, he turned to Spirit.



     "Promise that you'll just put me in the Neolodge next time?"

The End

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