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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 89 > Articles > ZurroGuide: How to Go From Zero to Zurro

ZurroGuide: How to Go From Zero to Zurro

by sonofzeal

GAMES ROOM - As some of you may have noticed, Zurroball has recently undergone a change in the scoring system, and a few of you are probably worrying if this will affect your daily income. For those of you who haven't found out already, Zurroball used to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to get NP, if you had strong mouse-weilding skills and the patience to put up with the steep learning curve. This was rather unfair to the rest of you, so the Neopets Team balanced it out by dropping the payout from 3 times your score to double it.

But never fear! This guide was intended to be the most comprehensive and complete Zurroball guide to date (but I'd love to find out if there's a better one I've missed!). It should give you all the info you need to get that 3000 NP a day, or beat your personal top score.... Okay, so at very least it'll occupy some of your time that might otherwise be spent taking out the garbage or cleaning the bathroom, or whatever it is your mom is yelling at you for not doing. Actually, you'd better go take out that garbage first, THEN read the article. Okay, done? Great! Now down to business...

Freestyle: 1 point -
The hands-down simplest trick in the book. All you have to do is not get any other trick and still keep the ball up. The only thing that can really be said about freestyling is that control is essential. Except with the Energy Ball (see "Energy Ball" section), you need to be able to stablize your ball with freestyles so it's not going all over the place when you're not ready for it.

Left/Right Zurro: 3 points - The next simplest trick. Bounce the ball off either of the walls once. Important note: if you do a bunch in a row, you only get points for the first one, so 1 gets you as many points as 100, unless you break them up with freestyles or other tricks. Master the technique of alternating Freestyles and Left/Right Zurros, for good safe points. People have earned first-place trophies doing nothing else.

Boomerang: 5 points - A solid step up from Zurros. Do two Zurros in a row, one off each wall (i.e. a Left Zurro followed immediately by a Right Zurro). Considering this move involves the ball moving faster sideways(meaning more out of control) and gives you less points than two Zurros by themselves, I would say this move is a waste of your time. Don't bother unless you're trying to show off. (Note: in older versions, it was like the Zurro in that more than one in a row would get you no more points, but this has been changed)

Around-The-World: 10 points - The flashiest move around. You have to hit the ball off both walls before you catch it, like a boomerang except you can't click on it in between to keep it moving. Needless to say, the ball needs to be moving pretty darn fast sideways for this to work, and that means DANGER! If you can land it it's worthwhile, but in general it's not worth the risk unless you're amazing at it. Still, it IS flashy, and you hear a very satisfying "ding!" when you do it, whether or not you can collect the points. Oh, and if you do it right after a Zurro and start on the opposite side, it counts as a Boomerang and a Zurro, and you only get 8 points, which is a rip-off.

Grounder: 10 points - My personal favorite. Freestyle towards the very bottom of the screen, until you hear beeping every few clicks. Don't be fooled though - at least in earlier versions, the beeping isn't consistent and doesn't tell you whether or not you got a Grounder on that click, only that you're in the right general area. Also, it counts each at 10 on the displayer. The most important thing with this move is stability and control when Freestyling. If the ball is going off to the sides all the time, you're not going to be able to keep it at the right level, and if it drops a quarter-inch too far, you're toast. Mmm... toast... *drools* Anyway, Grounders are moderately risky, but are the fastest way to get those 500 points you need for full NP, and are amazing practice for control of the ball.

Your basic good-at-everything ball, the standard by which all other balls are measured. It takes a while to get a feel for how it moves (same with the rest, except for the Energy Ball), but once you have that it has the best handling of any ball, in my opinion.
Recommended Moves: All Rating: 9/10

Snot Ball: Ugh, don't use this one. It's a smaller target than any of the other ones, and it also flies higher than most, meaning it comes down faster, meaning an even HARDER time hitting it again. At least it doesn't fly sideways too much.... Recommended Moves: None Rating: 2/10

Metal Ball: Hard to use, but not impossible. It doesn't like to move in any direction, but once it starts, it's hard to stop. In other words, it's good if you want it to stay fairly still, but bad if you want it to be moving anywhere.
Recommended Moves: Freestyle, Grounder Rating: 6/10

Energy Ball: A popular favorite. It bounces very high, and flies sideways a lot, but when it reaches the top of its arc, it stops moving sideways at all and drops straight down. This is why many people love it, because even if you lose control and it rockets sideways, it'll calm down in time to catch it again. The only flaw is how high it bounces, which is bad for two reasons. First, you spend a longer time between clicks, which can stretch a game out forever if you're going for a high score. Second, it's falling from higher than a Zurroball would, meaning it has picked up more speed by the time you need to catch it again, meaning you have a smaller window opportunity to catch it as it passes your mouse cursor. Still, it's a good ball overall, especially for beginners. Recommended Moves: Zurro, Boomerang, Around-The-World Rating: 8/10

Eyeball: Heh... this is the ball for you if you want to show off. The bounce height is normal, but watch out - it goes stir-crazy on the horizontal. It's almost a challenge NOT to do Boomerangs and Around-The-Worlds with this ball, assuming you can keep it up. Entertaining while it lasts, which usually isn't long at all. For an extra challenge, see how long you can keep it up WITHOUT hitting a wall or the ground (my record's only 20).
Recommended Moves: Boomerang, Around-The-World Rating: 3/10

SECRET GRUNDO BALL: Click on the spinning Grundo's blue badge to unlock it (thanks again to the Neopian who told me about this, whoever you are =) ). I don't have much experience with it, but it seems to be exactly like a Zurroball, except bigger. It's hard to tell where it starts and stops because a lot of it is transparent, and it's very distracting to see that Grundo spinning and flipping across the screen, but it balances out for those with the sheer coolness factor.
Recommended Moves: All Rating: 9.5/10


- If the ball shoots up off the top of the screen, watch the shadow on the ground and you may be able to catch it. It will show you where the ball is horizontally, and when the shadow starts getting larger again, you can bet that the ball's on its way.

- These balls have momentum. That means that if a ball is moving too fast to the left and you want to stop it, you need to hit it on the left side, not in the center like in some similar games I've seen. In Zurroball, hitting it in the center merely gives it an upward boost, without changing the way it's moving side-to-side.

- Just because you can't hit the ball more than twice in a row at first is no reason to give up! I couldn't keep the ball up to save my life the first few times either, and now I'm writing an article about it. Trust me, all it takes is some time, and even with the reduces payout, a decent player can rake in the NP.

- Just so you know where this advice is coming from, my high score was 6,300 before the reset, so what I say should be taken in that context. I'm not perfect and I'm not the best out there, but what I have here can get those results, which isn't bad in my opinion. I'd love to hear from people with better if they want to correct me on something though.

In terms of balls, I recommend the Zurroball or Grundo Ball, but if you find keeping control impossible, go with the Energy Ball for a while, but don't give up on the Zurroball entirely; I found it much easier to master after I could handle an Electric Ball decently well. In terms of moves, the Freestyle-Zurro combo should be the bread-and-butter of any Zurroballist, but Grounders are perfect for getting some quick points near the beginning, when you can just restart if you bounce too low. Good luck, and keep bouncing!

My thanks go to everyone else who has made a Zurroball guide, each one made me think, and added a new perspective to the mix; also to the people who answered my questions on the message boards. Particular thanks to DJ Night Force 9, who helped me proof-read and edit this. And I'd like to give a very special thank you to whoever it was who wrote Zurroball - you have my admiration and respect. ^_^ 'Till next time! *waves*

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