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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 31st day of Running, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 89 > Editorial


Neopets seem to be growing leaps and bounds! I am concerned it will reach a point where it will no longer be free. Do you think this will happen?
No, this is something that we feel very strongly about. We have no plans to ever make Neopets a site you have to pay money to use.

As current place holder #1 in the gourmet club, Id like to pass a question to you that I am asked frequently. Is there a certain pet or pets that has the ability to eat gourmet more frequently than other pets and is there some form of speed eating secret (some players claiming) that is unknown to the majority of players? - Adodo64
Some pets such as Grarrls and Skeiths can eat literally anything but unless it is a gourmet food (that is a food item with a rarity greater than 90) it will not count. Therefore no, all pets have the same chance to eat the gourmet foods. Of course your Neopet may not like all of them, but they are no more or less likely to like a food than any other Neopet. As for the speed eating, there is no way to do this.

Hey I was wondering if there was anyway I could work for The Neopian Times? - Sk8er_chickie_
You can submit a story, article or comic quite easily. Just email your work along with your username to

I was just wondering, what is on the other side of Neopia? On the Explore map it only shows half of the planet.
Ahh.. we actually have plans for the other side of Neopia... More will be revealed shortly...

How come my purple grundo is still the same as the old one? - Pooperscooper152
We haven't finished uploading all the different coloured Grundos yet. Fear not, it will be done as soon as we can. In fact, I think we have just finished the purple one now :)

I really like Edna in her new incarnation - will the existing collector's card with the human Edna be updated to reflect that she is now a Zafara? Or will you release a new card with her on it? - Mrferral
Yes, the collectable card has been updated. It now features the new improved Edna :) The desktop background has been updated also.

There is a 4 year shield, yet Borovan's account is only 41 months old. Is there an account that is actually 4 years old, or is Neo making the shields ahead of time? - Anonomyous
Well as I forgot to do the shields a few months ago I have prepared a few ahead of time so your shield will automatically change :)

Is Eliv Thade an anagram for evil death? - Zebamber
Eliv Thade could be evil death, or even vile death, who knows...

Ok, so I noticed that you Edna the witch is now a Zafara.... But I also noticed on the woods map, it says "Witch's Tower".. yet I see no tower.... Is she just freakishly huge and bigger then her own tower?
Its sort of a running 'joke' it was supposed to be a tower but the tower simply never got drawn. When we next update the Haunted Woods map maybe Edna will get her tower.

Could you list the names of the cheeses you can purchase at the Cheeseroller game and their prices?
No, that would be cheating.

Who and of what species killed Darigan - Cuddlyfox
There were thousands of brave Neopets who helped put an end to Lord Darigan's plans. A robot Jetsam called Majal_Kita delivered the killing blow although they couldn't have done it without the help of many other Neopets.

I won a limited edition plushie with my scratchcard. I know this isn't very important but when and where do I get it?
It will be in 'Your Items'. Whenever you win a scratchcard prize it will automatically go into your account. You don't need to do anything to collect it.

I just love the Faellie but it cant be painted any colours! Can you please make some different Faellie colours?
Yes, Faellie paint brushes are planned for next week.

How can you tell if you're account is frozen?
You will no longer be able to log in and a rather angry looking Chia policeman will inform you that your account has been frozen.

Edna fell into her cauldron and turned into a neopet, and so did the Island Mystic. Is this going to happen to the Tiki Tack Man? Please no! - Turtlekid04
No, the Tiki Man is quite safe, if he fell into the tombola he would just be covered with little pieces of paper.

What were those gold dragon-like things that were in the news after Darigan won the war saying that it looked like a new hope for Meridell? - Roya111
Those cute little creatures are called Dragoyles are are on sale in Ye Olde Petpet Shoppe now.

What is the cheapest paint brush? - Crazygurl11923
Ooh, good question... Most probably the Rainbow Paint Brush actually. It should sell for around 17,000 NP. Of course some shops will charge a lot more, you will just need to shop around.

How come the place where you turn the Krawk petpet into a Krawk Neopet is gone? - Njen1204
The Fungus Cave is still there where it has always been. You just need to know where to find it.

Why isn't there a bamboo toilet or sink to match the bamboo furniture set?
Well bamboo isnt particularly good at containing liquids. Honestly would you REALLY want a bamboo toilet?!!?

Are Krawk petpets still made? If so, which shop are they sold in?
Yes, Krawks are still sold in the Tyrannian petpet shop.

I've heard of ghost lupe battledome items in particular a "Ghost Lupe Shield", "Ghost Lupe Plasma Gun" and "Ghost Lupe Sword". The trouble is I cant seem to find these items? Do they actually exist? - Chaosweb
Yes, they exist, but they are ONLY usable by the Ghost Lupe so you will not find them on sale anywhere.

I have a pet Koi and I want to paint him but all the paint brushes you can paint a Koi with cost a bundle apart from two but I don't like them colours are you thinking of drawing some new colours for the Koi? - _Porkie_
Yes, Koi day is later on this month and you can expect several new paint brush options then.

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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