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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 72 > Continuing Series > Scorchios and Superstars: Part Two

Scorchios and Superstars: Part Two

by ridergirl333

Poor Ruby. Emerald's jokes had really hurt her feelings.

     I don't remember ever seeing Ruby cry before. She has always been the strong, spirited one.

     My name is SapphireCloud777.

     My role in the family is the "pretty, wimpy little sister." I'm afraid of nearly everything, Spyders, ghosts, and glowing NeoPets. Emerald is the "tough older brother" and Ruby is the "smart eldest sister." Amethyst is the "quiet, thoughtful artist." Ridergirl is the "responsible parent".

     In my opinion, everyone in the world has his or her own role to play. Their own special something that they can add to the world. Emerald is a talented actor, but a bad brother.

     I then saw Ruby storming out of The Golden Dubloon in a bad mood. I followed her, trying to comfort my hurt, dejected sister.

     "He shouldn't have told those jokes!" Ruby raged. "He knows how I feel about the 'dumb Uni' jokes!"

     "Relax, Ruby. He must have had good intentions."

     "'Small salad and hair spray'. Great intentions, Sapphire."


     "How would you feel if he stereotyped Eyries?"

     I thought for a moment. Eyries like myself are usually stereotyped as being valiant and brave. As flattering as this stereotype was, it wasn't true. I had proved this time and time again whenever I cowered about monsters under my bed or ghosts in my attic. Ruby had always given me comfort, though.

     If labels like that were true, I'd be the one comforting Ruby. For some odd reason, the idea didn't appeal to me. It was as if I were taking Ruby's place.

     Everyone has his or her own role to play. I am no more a brave soul than Emerald is a shy coward. In the same sense, Ruby isn't vain and self-absorbed. Amethyst isn't hyper and talkative. Ridergirl isn't stupid and careless.

     On the other hand, being a comedian is Emerald's destiny. It's his own gift to give to Neopia.

     But is destiny more important than family ties?

     I pondered these questions for a long while before I answered Ruby's question. "I guess I would feel... not right."

     "Brilliant answer, Sapphire." Ruby rolled her eyes.

     "That doesn't matter now," I said. "Won't you at least talk to Emerald? See what he has to say on the matter?"

     "No. I refuse to speak to him."

     "Not even for me?"

     "Not even for you."


     If I had been braver, I would have forced Ruby to talk to Emerald. But I wasn't brave. I guess I'll always be a coward at heart.


"Lights, camera, action!"

     "I had a great time on our date last night, Bethany. I really like you."

     "I r-really like you too, Nick. But p-please, next time we date, d-don't invite your p-parents."

     "Whatever you say, sweetheart. Just don't forget that tomorrow is our anniversary."

     "It's been e-exactly one year since our f-first date."

     "You make it sound so long."

     "A-and you make us sound l-like an old couple."

     "Cut! Excellent work! Emerald, I'll see you tomorrow at callbacks. Beth, sorry, but you stutter too much. We'll have to send you on your way, pretty one."

     Beth burst into tears and fled from the room. Ah, the entertainment dealings aren't for everyone.

     I smiled to myself ironically. I sang that song to myself. "There's no business like show business."

     My name is AmethystSkye111 the purple Peophin. My brother had made callbacks. I was thrilled for him. It seemed like he was well on his way to starring in a major movie!

     On the other hand... er, hoof... er, flipper... whatever! The fact is; Emerald wasn't very kind to Ruby. Tension in our Neohome was rising like mercury in a thermometer. Slowly, gradually, things were heating up. Sooner or later, thing would boil and spill over. Something was going to burst. Sapphire, Ridergirl and I did our best to cool things off. We tried playing family games with Ruby and Emerald, we tried going on family trips, and we even tried talking to Kauvara about our family problems. That Kau is a wonderful counselor. However, not even she could fix this awful disaster.

     A week ago, Emerald and I talked about the situation with Ruby. "I didn't know it would upset her this much," he said. "She's never complained before when I make dumb Uni jokes."

     "You should talk to her," I suggested.

     "She won't talk to me! Why should I talk to her?" he asked angrily.

     Things weren't going to get much better.

     Now he had made callbacks.

     The next day at callbacks, Emerald paced around the room nervously, staring at his lines as though he could force himself to memorise them. Ruby sat in a corner, reading All About Air Faeries. Sapphire stared into a red mirror, straightening her feathers. I sat in an uncomfortable plastic chair, trying to sketch the scene of anxiety. Quick strokes of my pencil put worried lines on Emerald's face. A few more strokes, and Ruby was scowling. A few more strokes and Ridergirl was gazing at a blank wall, lost in thought.

     "You know, Em," I said. "We are in Hollywood. Maybe someone will discover my artwork!"

     "It's possible," Ridergirl said. "Now please don't talk to Emerald. He's trying to study his lines."

     I slumped in my seat, staring at my picture. It was a modestly drawn sketch, and yet it looked lovely to me. You could feel the nervous energy in the room, the NeoPets who were afraid of rejection. Afraid that the movie business would chew them up and spit them out. But such is the way of life. I decided that someday, I would turn this modest sketch into a painting.

     Steven Steinberg entered the room, dressed in his usual splendour. Rings sparkled on the chubby little Mynci's fingers and a silk top hat was perched jauntily on an angle on his furry head. He seemed awfully cheerful. And why shouldn't he? He wasn't the one whose life would be changed that day.

     "Emerald, you're up next. I look forward to seeing your performance."

     I noticed the crafty gleam in Mr. Steinberg's eye. He was favouring Emerald!

     "Well, wish me luck." Em took a deep breath and stepped into the room to act out the scene that would change his life.

     Or so he thought.

To be continued...

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